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A Scientific Method for Determining the Correct Head Tension For Your Banjo Banjo Setup File #2 The first critical adjustment in banjo setup is the head tension. No matter what kind of banjo you have, this is the one place where you can make the most difference in the sound of your instrument with the least amount of monetary investment The head tension of a banjo is probably the biggest driver in the tone of your banjo that you can easily adjust. It is the soundboard of your banjo. When comparing it to an acoustic guitar, people pay a lot of money for quality acoustic guitar top woods as they have different hardness levels and tonal properties The Drum Dial is the way to go for the most accurate and easy banjo head tension adjustments. We recommend a head pressure of 88 to 89 with the Analog Drum Dial readings and 90 to 91 with the Digital Drum Dial head tension meter

The best head tension for my banjo seems to be somewhere in the 88-90 range; obviously this may differ banjo to banjo but its interesting that the ideal value for my 12 banjo is roughly similar to what worked for my 11 banjo Banjo Head Banjo Torque Wrench for Precise Tensioning of Banjo heads You can us this for balancing the head tension on your banjo by equalizing the amount of torque on all 24 brackets. It gives you precise tensioning of banjo heads. It adjusts head tension evenly all the way around for maximum tone. Practical and effective -- it removes the guesswork. It comes with an adapter that fits over. The banjo head is held in place by a tension hoop which sits around the perimeter of the banjo head, and anywhere from 16-24 brackets/j-hooks around the edge, held in place by hex nuts at their base. These hooks and nuts are the tension producers. When you tighten the hex nut, the hook pulls down on the tension hoop, tightening the head. 3 in-lb is very, very low tension. That is below the lowest reading on the Neary Drum torque wrench. I have my plastic rimed Rover at 4 (kg-cm) but that is an abnormality. Typical readings for my banjos are 7-9 kg-cm The resistance of the head to the motion of the pin is overwhelmingly due to the tension in the head. To be sure, mylar and dry skin have their own stiffness. However, for the small displacements and large tension appropriate for banjo music, the stiffness is negligible compared to the tension in the head's resistance to bending

Banjo Builder Steve Huber explains how to properly tighten your banjo head for great tone and response Drum Dial: https://store.banjobenclark.com/products/drum-dialA banjo's head tension is one of the most important factors contributing to its tone, and improp..

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The banjo head is held in place by a tension hoop which sits around the perimeter of the banjo head, and anywhere from 16-24 brackets/j-hooks around the edge, held in place by hex nuts at their base. These hooks and nuts are the tension producers. When you tighten the hex nut, the hook pulls down on the tension hoop, tightening the head Step #2 - Checking head tension. Heads will need tightening on a new banjo more often then on a seasoned one. Because of seasonal changes, a head on an older banjo may even need to be loosened. Before you adjust your string height, make sure your head is at the desired tension Head tension set at 89 to 91 pounds. Light strings. The Bridge will be layed down to shipping. The buyer will be responsible for bridge placement and intonation. Note: New banjos require a settling period where the head tension will relax through time as the banjo head stretches to static form This is critical for a banjo to sound up to its full potential. We like to set the tension of a head anywhere from 88-91 pounds depending on how mellow or bright the desired sound is. If you've got questions, shoot us a message or give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN (833-226-5623) Head Tension. There's a lot of advice on how to get your banjo head tightened to the best tension. Although there is general agreement that tighter is better, within reason, and that too loose is bad the methods to determine whether the head is tight enough vary greatly

For most banjo applications, this configuration gives the banjo player optimum consistency in the tension of the banjo head. For the top coordinator rod nut, testing has shown that a pressure range.. The banjo head is tensioned like a drum and gives a different sound to the banjo throughout its tension range. In general a slack head is plunky with more depth of tone, whilst a tight head is brighter with a sharper tone. The choice of banjo head and the tension that you apply will influence your banjo's tone and volume level. Clear plasti Our Vintage Style Banjo Hook Nuts are reproductions of the prewar style nut, with the same 8-26 thread design to match the original 30's thread style. The Vintage Style Coordinator Rods are made in Brass or Steel. Our Vintage Style Resonator Angles duplicate the vintage style size and bend radius. The square cut of the Vintage Style Resonator. I found a few surprises while experimenting with banjo heads. For instance, one consequence of changing head types was a drastic change in string action (string height). If my banjo was setup for a regular frosted head (a relatively loose tension),a switch to a fiberskyn head (high tension) would cause a hugh rise in string height Banjo head tension is a very subjective topic however you generally want a tight head with roughly 1/16″ head deflection at the bridge. This means if you lay a straight edge across the head, there should be a 1/16″ depression at the bridge with the string tension on. If there is more than 1/16″ deflection, the strings may be too low along.

Take the Guesswork Out of Head Tuning with a Banjo Drum Dial! A banjo's head tension is one of the most important factors contributing to its tone, and improper head tension is often why banjos do not sound to their potential. There are various methods used to properly adjust head tension, including the tap-tuning met Banjo heads effect the sound projected by the banjo. We carry a wide variety of Deering and Remo replacement banjo heads. You will find top frosted banjo heads, bottom frosted banjo heads, clear banjo heads, and a few specialty banjo heads. We keep many sizes and types of banjo heads in stock and can get them to you quickly

Remo Clear Banjo Head, 8 Inch Diameter, Medium Crown (7/16 Inch) SKU: B800-M-CLR. $22. Remo Renaissance Banjo Head, 11 7/8 Inch Diameter, Medium Crown (7/16 Inch About This Item. For adjusting banjo head tension. Our traditional nickel-plated steel bracket hooks are used with bracket hex nuts to adjust the tightness of a banjo head. #0088 has a round cross-section and fits a notched tension hoop. #0096 is flattened at the top to fit a grooved tension hoop. Our bracket hooks are 2-1/2 (63.50mm) long

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At about a 15° string break angle the average set of banjo strings pushes down on the head with a load of about 28 pounds, and this is typically the sweet spot for most banjos. Old time frailing banjos have a very low string break angle that reduces the down pressure at the bridge, and this is a major attribute that contributes to their warmth. The Clear Banjo Head brings a unique look with a transparent tone and long sustain. Clear film brings out more mid and high frequencies than the frosted heads. Its smooth top surface is preferred by tenor and plectrum banjoists so it is quieter when strumming. 11 low, medium and high crown available..

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The banjo's thin membrane head, like an ear drum, is one secret to the expressive nature of a banjo. The lightest touch of a finger on a string makes a beautiful, delicate, musical sound. A strong attack on the strings makes a very powerful, driving tone that can be heard over long distances 4. If the head is stretched out and even with the top of the tension hoop, or seems to be broken, it's time to change it. I recommend Remo medium crown frosted heads. Even head tension is perhaps the most important step to professional sound. During re-assembly you may want to look out for sticky or rusty nuts and lubricate if needed Being relatively new to minstrel banjo, I was wondering how to go about adjusting the tension on a banjo head. Mine seems to be rather flexible and lately I have noticed a buzzing when playing. I am guessing this has to do with the humidity and the head needs to be adjusted once in a while to compensate The bevel at the edge of the head was gone, and this new design became known as the flat-head tone ring. It continued to evolve, too, from a lightweight low-profile style to a higher profile and finally to a heavier weight (about three pounds) An article in Banjo Newsletter, How a Banjo Works by Thomas Rossing and Jim Rae renewed my interest in banjo drum head tuning. The surface of the banjo is actually a drum head stretched over a tone ring. The bridge rests on top of the drum head and the strings, when tightened, press down on the bridge and hold it in place

Banjo Head Tuning using a DrumDial. Covers both top and bottom head tuning. Discusses multiple frequencies caused by the resonator, bridge and string combinations. How to quickly tune a banjo head with a Drumdial, perfectly matching each lug point The Remo White Top Frosted is the most popular head made for 5-string banjos. This head brings a crisp dry tone without too much sustain providing great clarity and note distinction. Remo banjo heads are trusted by every major banjo manufacturer worldwide (including Sullivan Banjo Co.) due to their quality of constr Different banjos take banjo heads with different crown heights. Find out what your Deering banjo takes here. A high crown head is ½ and a medium crown head is 7/16. Not much of a difference but it is a critical one. It is measured from the top of the mylar edge to the top of the aluminum rim of the banjo head The Stewart-MacDonald tonering is an excellent ring, and I'd still rather have it than most on the market today. Some banjo critics didn't like the Stewart-MacDonald ring. I've found one thing in my 30 or so years in dealing with banjo parts and the players. Banjo players always want whatever they can't get

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Everything is well made and tight, and the instrument arrived with the setup 90% complete -- neck angle, action, head tension -- were all within a range that required only minor adjustments. One caveat was, the banjo apparently shipped with the bridge attached -- not a good idea, as the bridge had fallen off and was rattling around in the box For most banjo applications, this configuration gives the banjo player optimum consistency in the tension of the banjo head. For the top coordinator rod nut, testing has shown that a pressure range between 30 and 45 pounds is optimum for most banjos T = tension in pound force (lb f) These measurements of course will depend on the type of wood and tensioning rod of your particular banjo. Head tension. Push down new skin with 4 opposing hooks without the tension ring to 'center the head' to compensate for wobbly tonering

Tension Hoop. The tension hoop holds the head on and gives the hooks something to grab onto. Most tension hoops are made from brass. A lot of them are plated with nickel. There are two basic kinds of tension hoops: grooved and notched. The grooved type has a groove that runs around the top edge of the hoop, flat hooks are used with this type of. Head tension. Depending on whether you like a bright or a mellow tone, you will need to tap-tune the head and adjust the tension to between G or a B. New banjos tend to need to be tightened more often than old banjos. In fact, some older banjos will need their heads loosened every now and then. Banjo bridge adjustmen

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A banjo with a flathead tone ring (or a flat-topped banjo) requires a medium or high crown head. A banjo with an archtop tone ring requires a low crown head. The correct crown height prevents the banjo's tension hoop from pulling down too far, and ensures the hoop won't be so high as to impede the strings Remo Renaissance banjo heads have a semi transparent amber color, similar to slunk calfskin banjo heads. They are the thinnest of Remo's banjo heads, with a thickness of .008. Though thinner than standard Mylar, the tone is fuller and is a popular choice for Old Time Banjo players needing a slightly brighter sound in a band situation.

I have been asked a lot of questions about banjo setup over the years. Some questions are from professional musicians and other setup artists about my approach to a common setup topic like head tension or tailpiece adjustment. There is usually a strong knowledge base attached to questions from this audience. When a person who is just starting their journey down the path of banjo setup the. The Dannick NASA aluminum flat head 20 hole tone ring weighs about 17 ounces as opposed to the 48 ounces for a traditional flat head tone ring. As an option, we can include our Copperhead™ aluminum top tension hoop and special cast and machined Copperhead™ reinforced aluminum flange, which makes for an even lighter banjo

This head will be a loose fit on your banjo body but the tension ring should pull it tight. This is particularly common with modern Far Eastern banjos which often have an 11 body and an 11 3/16 tension ring - you have to either fit an 11 1/8 head or replace the tension ring with a correctly sized 11 1/16 type Banjo terminology varies among player communities, so you might see or hear things called differently. The part that the drum head stretches across and that the neck connects to has a number of names: pot, body, shell, etc. The tuners are sometimes called tuning pegs or some such. The head with the tuners is often called the peg head It is a banjo that weighs just over five pounds and yet possesses the volume and resonance of a 12-pound instrument. The Kunkel Banjo is built more in the manner of a guitar; with a thin outer rim with a head and tail block. It has no heavy inner rim or cast bronze tone ring, but a high-tech plywood flange and a turned wooden tone ring Introduced by Gibson in 1937, top-tension rims allow the player to adjust the head's tension from the top, rather than requiring the removal of the resonator to gain access to the lug nuts. The design offered convenience and a modified tonality. he demonstrated his Hawthorn Top Tension banjo for us..

Tension hoop type. The cut-out for string clearance at the neck can determine how high the tension hoop can or should rise above the top of the head.. Other hardware. For example - some tailpieces - particularly those that rest directly on the tension hoop - may work best if the hoop rises above the top of the head. Player preference For individual strings on a tenor Banjo I'd recommend not going less than 14 pounds tension or more than 19 or 20 pounds per string on the heavy side. Some people use a device made for drums that measures the tension of the head although I haven't used one. I do remember a fellow saying he had 90 pounds on his banjo drum head, 11 & mylar Higher-tension strings and fiddling with the tension on the head can fix some of those issues. Overall, though, most tenor banjo strummers look to other, higher tunings like CGDA or Chicago tuning. With GDAE tuning, popular folk music keys like G, D, C, and A are easy to play in

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  1. DrumDial™ drum tuners accurately tune all drums by measuring drum head tension NOT tension rod torque. Measure drum head tension directly from the drum head faster than ever before. Get the tuner that really works, get a DrumDial™ drum tuner and make it possible for your drums to consistently sound great
  2. Banjo.com 20 Main Street South, Wedowee, AL 36278 10:00am - 5:00pm CST, M-F Please make an appt. to meet with Barry. Site By STEL
  3. Bracket Shoes: Bracket shoes are metal pieces that are secured to the side of the banjo rim. The tension hooks pass vertically through a hole in the shoe head, hooking over the top of tension hoop. The tension hooks are tightened by a nut that is threaded onto the hook below the bottom of the shoe head

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On the head, you will come across an 11 inch Remo Weathering covered head, steel circle tension w/24 pc section, and chrome banjo tuner. The steel circle adds weight to this This 5 string banjo to 12 pounds. If you are a beginner, you should play this banjo on the lap while sitting. To play this 5 string banjo for a long time can be tiring If you have chosen to use a grooved tension hoop you can choose your own spacing. The layout procedure for the grooved hoop follows. The spacing between each shoe depends on how many hooks are called for. 10 on each side of the rim is a good number that will allow for even tightening of the head The head was torn and I had never replaced a banjo head or tried anything like that before, but I figured what the hell, how hard could it be? It is not hard to do once you know how, but finding out how ro replace a head of an in-line banjo ukulele compared to a regular banjo head with the outside brackets proved to be impossible Tone Ring: The tone ring sits above the rim, but below the banjo head. Again the price of the banjo will depend on what material is used, but rolled brass is very common. The tone ring adds volume and sustain. As the banjo head vibrates it transfers the sound waves to the loop and the rim. Banjo head: The sound you make after plucking a string.

Get the best deals on banjo head when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices YES We are OPEN !!! But we are also virus-aware. Please order online from website whenever possible.Items purchased can be shipped to you, or available for curbside pickup here at our store.. Instruments for repair, appraisal, or consignment sale may be delivered to our door, or shipped to us.. We offer Curbside Pickup of accessories, instruments purchased, strings, repaired instruments, etc The hardware of the Morgan Banjo is chrome plated that adds a touch of style. The banjo weighs about 7.5 pounds, this makes the banjo lightweight. You can play the instrument without straining your shoulder. The dimensions of this banjo are 42.2 inches x6.4 inches x 16 inches. Moreover, you can protect your banjo by keeping it in a case the head. A banjo with a flathead tone ring (or a flat-topped banjo) requires a medium or high crown head. A banjo with an archtop tone ring requires a low crown head. The correct crown height prevents the banjo's tension hoop from pulling down too far, and ensures the hoop won't be so high as to impede the strings. Title: Microsoft Word. If your banjo sounds dull and can use a tune-up, the Drum Dial is the right tool for the job! It will also ensure that you don't over tighten your banjo head. PBCO recommends a head tension range between 85 - 93 lbs

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  1. Banjo Stands will support a 12 pound banjo on any wall if properly installed. Price: $150.00 Quantity: New! Stelling Banjo Head. Our new Stelling Banjo Head is 11'' with a medium crown, and is made by Remo. This is now our standard head for all Stellings. Price: $15.00 Quantity: Stelling Bridge (Old Wood) - 5/8 inch - Normal
  2. This banjo was introduced in 1922 with nickel plating, an ebony fretboard with pearl dots, and a trap door resonator. In 1925 the fretboard was changed to rosewood with fancy inlay shapes, the resonator was deleted, and a 10-1/2″ head was featured
  3. Owners of drums and bracketed banjos have a mechanical means to re-tension their heads in order to compensate for excess moisture in the air. The mountain banjo was obviously designed and perfected by individuals who would rather spend their time making music than tinkering with their instruments

The Vangoa 5 string banjo has high quality steel strings for a more audible sound. The tension in the head panel is kept uniform using the twelve brackets, so that percussion timbres are created easily. The brackets are plated with chrome for greater durability Back to the task at hand: to get both fingers on the head, the player splays them out and then pushes on the banjo with the pads of his fingers in an attempt to stop the squirming. This way both fingers do touch the head. This result has built up into being the right way for many banjo method books and videos over time Checking head tension Occasionally, you will need to check the banjo's head. Suppose the bridge sags, you would need to tighten it with the help of the tool that comes with it. What you do is remove the resonator, if your banjo has one so that it does not get scratched. Then, tighten the brackets uniformly and carefully Imagine a 15 inch banjo made of Oregon White oak, Massaranduba and Honduran Rosewood. A long story is attached to this banjofinding the rosewood while working in Honduras, hand carrying it home. The White Oak wood that you see in the mid-section of the pot was harvested in our forest, while cutting our yearly firewood* -Newly installed fiberskyn head-Replaced treble-side tuners-Repaired fretboard inlays-Dressed and conditioned fingerboard, reglued bottom end-Repaired rim (separations vertical and horizontal, piece in-cap, etc.)-9 hooks and nuts, vintage -- matching design, non-matching thread-New 6-string tension tailpiec

Repeat process, turning banjo over between complete head rotations. Stop tightening just below desired head tension, Remembering the strings via the bridge will add a fare amount of pressure. Over tightening can stifle the low end of the banjo tone. It is always easier to tune the head up, than trying to reduce an over tightened head. Step 1 Banjo Setup with Steve Huber- Head Tension Banjo Head Tension. Added 8 months ago. Banjo Beginner. Members Only. Watch Later Store Lesson Offline Discuss Save Bookmark. Learn to get that head tension JUST right...not too tight, and not too loose. Instrument Care. TODO: Reviews indicator of the head tension. It can be measured with a straight edge and a coin. A quarter is about .04 in. thick and just fits under the 10 straight edge. Position the straight edge somewhat parallel to the strings so it runs near the bridge. If the head were tighter, the quarter would bind between the straight edge and head

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  1. Heads with a high crown are a problem for some banjos in that they allow the upper edge of the tension hoop to be tightened below the plane of the head. 12. Gently press the new head down over the tone ring (or over the rim if your banjo doesn't have a tone ring)
  2. Some use depth gauges, some torque wrenches, but most use the pitch of the banjo head after tapping or brushing the head. I'd like to use the tapping/brushing method to tune my head to G# (this is what I've read is generally accepted and a safe pitch to use on any banjo), but I don't trust my ear, and my electronic tuner doesn't pick it up
  3. top tension bolts : misc. armrests: small arm rests: banjo mutes : vega flanges: resonators. b&d banjo arm rests banjo necks (updated inventory) banjo mutes . paramount resonator attachment brackets . banjo shoe brackets . hooks and nuts tuners: banjo head wrenches: vintage b&d. resonator screws resonator attachment hardware. $45 each.

the clifford essex weaver banjo. deposit £500 required. bmg magazine: subscription. wegen hand made picks - the players first choice. price range £3.75 - £25.00. classical/clawhammer banjo pure gut tie-on. for the connoisseur. plectrum playing for modern banjoists by emile grimshaw. the banjo and how to play it. by alan middleton Home Made 5 String Banjo, Low Budget Built From Parts and Some Scrap.: This project was to build my own 5 string banjo on as low a budget as possible, yet still making something that looks good and sounds nice. I have recently taken up the Ukulele after over 20 years of struggling to learn guitar and failing because

In bluegrass music, this has become integrated into the sound of the music and the sound of a plastic head in a 20-pound Mastertone snaps more than it rings. Many clawhammer banjo players like to mute the back with a cloth, effectively cancelling the ringing of the diaphragm bell of a banjo head As discussed above, the head assembly 300 of banjo 10 consists of the banjo head 320 and tension hoop 330. The banjo head 320 can be any commercially available banjo head, and is fitted over the tone ring 460. A tension hoop 330 is snugly fitted over banjo head 320 and engages banjo head 320 along its periphery. In one embodiment, the tension. Head Tension The head tension is probably the one adjustment you can make that will make your banjo sound good. There have been a lot of things written about this, but the easiest way to determine if your head tension is good is to listen to the banjo as you tighten the head. It is a mistake to make large changes in head tension. Once the head. The banjo head snugly fits over the tone ring, and is tensioned via a plurality of bolts that secure the tension hoop in the drum assembly to the flange ring in the resonant tone chamber. A sound port cut into the rim assembly provides sound to a player

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Head tension really affects action, so I'm sure to check that while I'm at it: Just a couple more items. First, look at the complex joint where the neck fits the banjo shell: The neck contacts the shell at three different levels on this Gibson Mastertone. It's important that the neck fits tightly and can't be shifted while the banjo is in use The Gold Tone AC-1 banjo gets its name from the Acoustic Composite its body is made of. The composite is a molded material that feels quite sturdy and will withstand the elements better than wood. It's also very lightweight. The AC-1 weighs less than 4 pounds, which makes it a great choice for anyone who finds other banjos too heavy Sometimes called the vellum, the original banjo heads were made of calf skin. Here I'm holding two of them: On the left, the standard white skin head is the one preferred by most banjo players before Mylar heads became available. Some players would specify a translucent snare drum head which was generally thinner, providing the brightest sound Banjo Capos JAX Black Luthiers Apron String Swing Old-Time Banjo Strap Armrests Banjo Bridges Banjo Tools Banjo Strings Banjo Method Books Banjo Heads PBCO Hats Banjo Cases Banjo Rims Bracket Shoes Dowel Stick Hardware Fingerboards and Veneers Gotoh Tuners Rim Bolts Tailpieces Tension Hook Tension Hoops Tension Nut

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The tenor banjo has a much shorter scale when compared to other banjos and it is very much suited to Irish music players however it is also suited to country music. 5 String Banjos. Unlike other instruments, the banjo doesnt go from lowest to highest with the strings. Instead, they are set in the following layout: 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 5th The Dannick NASA aluminum flat head 20 hole tone ring weighs about 17 ounces as opposed to the 48 ounces for a traditional flat head tone ring. As an option, we can include our Copperhead ® aluminum top tension hoop and special cast and machined Copperhead ® reinforced aluminum flange, which makes for an even lighter banjo truss rod tension coord rod tension neck dowel angle string gauge - heavier strings make the head cave in deeper string gauge - heavier strings behave differently than lighter strings weirdly tight or loose tunings overtightened strings warped or twisted nec

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A 4-string banjo comes in two sub-types, which are plectrum and tenor, and they are used for playing the lower notes in music. A 5-string banjo has one short thread and four standard-length threads. The shortest one is tuned to make higher musical notes. A 6-string banjo was designed as a novelty instrument by British musician William Temlet in. Three variables at play here: bridge height, tail piece pressure and head tension. The ideal overal pressure/tension gets you the maximum sound. If the increased bridge height made your banjo sound louder it means that your banjo was not tweaked to the max in the first place, simple as that This exotic wood banjo features a solid wood, braced cocobolo resonator, a mahogany, tunneled fifth string neck, an african madagascar fingerboard, and a three ply maple rim with a cocobolo tone ring. It is accented by a powder coated flange and tension hoop and a cocobolo heel laminate, back of the headstock laminate and armrest The one I have has a larger head. One issue is that 8 high-tension strings is a lot of downpressure at the bridge, so it is helpful to change the 'breakover' angle to shallower. Banjo things usually allow the neck angle to be changed at the tail end of the stick or rod. In my case, that involved adding a little adjustment gizmo

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Banjo #271, Stella This banjo is simply amazing.fantastic sound and playability and will sing for generations. The wood recipe has some of our favorite woodsBilinga, Ebony, Wenge and Oregon Big Leaf Maple The Banjo: the Science Behind the Sound Joe Dickey - Joe@JoeDickey.com 3960 Birdsville Rd. Davidsonville, MD 21039 Popular version of papers 3aMU4 and 3aMU5 Presented Wednesday morning, April 21, 2010 159th ASA Meeting, Baltimore, MD Heres how a physicist looks at a banjo Today, the banjo is the only stringed instrument made with a belly made of vellum or calf skin. However, many heads are made with plastic as it isn't affected by humidity as is the case with vellum. Clean the Instrument Daily of Smudges and Fingerprints. Maintaining a banjo is typically easy as long as you clean your instrument daily

***Sold*** 2018 Heartland Appalachia Mahogany Banjo by1936 Gibson RB-3 Original 5-String Flathead FON 1288-1Liana | Banjo #240 - Doc's Banjo

Now introducing the 5-string Firefly Banjo, a lightweight 19 scale banjo. The 5-string features the same solid maple components & adjustable drum head tension as our Tenor Firefly Banjo Ukulele. Taking a cue from traditional banjo construction, this model incorporates an adjustable coordinator rod to affect neck angle The metal hoop inside the skin is called a flesh hoop. You can remove the old skin from it and attach a new one. Here is one of several web pages describing the process. Or, you can take the banjo to a music store that specializes in drums, where often one of the techs will have experience in replacing natural-skin drum heads (that's what I did long ago, when the process of head replacement. Five Star heads provide clear, crisp tone. The patented design locks .007 inch Mylar plastic into a special mounting hoop for extra strength under high tension. There is no epoxy adhesive to fail or pull loose. Five Star heads will fit standard ii inch flathead or archtop tone rings on most banjos. Three styles This banjo has a walnut rim, neck and Romero-style armrest. I will sell the banjo without the armrest for $35 less. This banjo has a Renaissance head on a 12″ block rim with a brass Whyte Laydie/Electric type tone ring and a walnut rim cap. The fretboard is ebony, the scale length is 25-1/2″ and Property Class 8.8 10.9 12.9 Socket Head Cap Screw Torque in Pound Foot or (Pound Inch) Torque in Newton Meter - Nm Lubed means cleaned, dry bolts, lubricated with standard medium viscosity machine oil. Lubricate all contact areas of the bolts and washers. Lubricating the bolts is the suggested method

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