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Free 2-day Shipping On Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today When comparing moissanite vs diamond, moissanite is the clear winner in the price category. Check out the moissanite sizes you can get for the following budgets, compared to diamonds of different color grades. Choosing moissanite will mean significant savings Moissanite vs. Diamond While diamonds are created from the compression of coal and minerals over many hundreds of years in the earth, moissanite actually comes from the stars. Originally, this rare gem was found in fragments of meteorite in pieces so small that cutting a gemstone from them was impossible

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Both moissanite and diamonds are some of the hardest gemstones out there. Of course, diamonds are the hardest known mineral and are rated a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Moissanite is right behind diamonds at a 9.25, this means they are also incredibly hard. In fact, this makes it one of the hardest substances on the earth Moissanite is actually more brilliant than a diamond! Brilliance, which refers to a stone's ability to reflect white light, is a good measure for how much a gemstone will 'sparkle'. Moissanite's brilliance is higher than diamond's due to its higher refractive index (Diamond's is 2.42, whereas Moissanite's is 2.65) Moissanite weighs less than diamond. Moissanite has lower density and specific gravity compared with pure diamond. What this means is that if you compare the weight of a moissanite and diamond of the same size, the moissanite will be lighter. Moissanite is much cheaper than diamond Moissanite is often marketed as a cheaper alternative to diamond, but it's an inferior option given the pricing and availability of 'real' lab-created diamonds. Moissanite doesn't have anywhere near the same brilliance or clarity as a real diamond, and it has none of the fire

Though it closely resembles a diamond, it's actually quite hard to tell apart a diamond from moissanite with the naked eye. They come as durable and brilliant as diamonds; however, moissanite are not diamonds. Moissanite is its own gemstone occurring in the form of silicon carbide Moissanite vs. diamond — size While Moissanite is sold by the carat, similar to diamonds, not all carats are created equal. Moissanite is about 15% lighter than a diamond. This means a 1 Carat Moissanite will be bigger than a 1 carat diamond The occurrence of moissanite (silicon carbide) in nature is very rare, but it can now be manufactured in factories to be used as an imitation for diamonds. Other than price, a big difference between diamonds and moissanite is that diamond is a great electric insulator, while moissanite is an electric conductor Diamond is much harder than moissanite, as such diamond can cut into moissanite with little resistance. Moissanite is amongst the hardest gems know to man. It has a rating of 9.25 on the Mohs scale which makes moissanite very suitable to be worn as a jewelry item everyday. Diamond is Harder Than Moissanite

Moissanite doesn't try and simulate a diamond, it surpasses it in many important ways including brilliance, fire, luster, toughness, resistance to heat, without even mentioning the obvious: price. Explore the many differences between Moissanite and Diamond, below is a chart which compares their properties Compared to diamonds, moissanite is rated lower on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Although it comes in at 9.25 (making it a very durable stone), the diamond receives a perfect 10. The.75 difference is not enough to discount the high durability of the moissanite. Both stones are suitable for everyday wear as an engagement ring A moissanite of similar appearance and size can cost up to 90% less than a diamond, with a 1 carat moissanite only setting you back about $400. Whatever your views may be on this, moissanite is clearly a more rational, practical choice. COMPARING THE APPEARANCE OF DIAMONDS AND MOISSANITES

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Diamond Prices vs. Moissanite Prices. Where diamond prices vary depending on the stone's unique characteristics including cut, color, and clarity, moissanite prices are usually determined by the size of the stone and whether it has been enhanced. In general, the price of moissanite is a mere fraction of the price of a similarly sized, shaped. In the moissanite vs diamonds debate, one of the biggest factors to consider is their price. Moissanite is far less valuable than diamonds. While a nice one carat diamond can easily cost you over a thousand dollars, a comparable moissanite will only cost a few hundred. If you are considering buying a fancy colored stone, the price difference.

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Moissanite Vs Diamond . As we all know, Diamonds are some of the rare and expensive stones possessed by very few people in society. Moissanites are almost as precious and exquisite as diamonds and do not cost as much as diamonds. In some cases, Moissanite is preferred over the diamonds because of certain advantages that these diamond. Moissanite will test as diamond using a thermal tester however closer examination will usually reveal the double refraction aspect and usually small needle shaped inclusions. Moissanite is a beautiful gem, it's is more sparkly than diamond as it has a higher refractive index Moissanite Vs. Diamond Price. When it comes to luxury goods there's one question that's on everyone's mind: price. And there is a big difference between natural diamond prices and moissanite price points. Diamond: The cost of a mined diamond is determined based on shape, carat, cut, color and clarity Comparison between White Sapphire vs. Moissanite vs. Diamond. There are durable and often more sustainable gemstone options like moissanites and white sapphires for a great and often more affordable alternative to diamonds. Let's look at the differences between white sapphires vs moissanite vs diamond side by side

For more details on diamond stimulants, go to: https://beyond4cs.com/faq/how-to-spot-a-fake-diamond/identify-a-moissanite/In this video, we compare a 0.5ct m.. GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael tests both Diamonds and Moissanite with 3 different hand held Diamond Tester. Check out to see what we find o.. Guides to Help You Choose the Perfect Diamond. Free Shipping & Free Returns. Learn What Makes a Diamond Sparkle With Blue Nile's Diamond Education Guide Moissanite vs Diamonds When trying to decide between moissanite and diamonds, you have a few different factors to look at. Depending on your priorities, one might be more ideal to you than the other

Moissanite vs Diamond: Brilliance. Brilliance is a way to measure sparkle factor. It refers to the appearance of light reflected from the interior of the gem. A diamond and moissanite appear similar from afar. But looking closer, you'll notice two completely different sparkles. Moissanite. The moissanite facet pattern emits a rainbow sparkle Moissanite jewelry has become a popular diamond alternative in recent years. Even jewelers can struggle to tell apart a moissanite ring from a diamond ring at a distance, making it an attractive option for stunning jewelry at an affordable price. Now that you understand the differences between moissanite vs. diamond, which is better for you Moissanite is a white silicone-carbide based stone that is commonly associated with the synthetic variation that has now become a popular substitute of the diamond. Moissanite may be visibly similar to a natural diamond but, chemically, it is very different. Diamonds come from carbon and moissanite comes from silicon carbide 6. COST. LAB DIAMONDS Diamonds are usually the more expensive choice. However, lab-created diamonds are the affordable diamond option, allowing you to get a 30% larger stone for the same cost as earth-created diamonds. MOISSANITE Moissanites are a cheaper option, though buyers must take into account the lifetime costs of maintenance like jeweler cleanings Moissanite vs. Diamonds - 4Cs. While diamonds are graded by cut, color, clarity and carat, moissanites are graded by color only and are not measured by the standards of the 4Cs. For diamonds, cut is the most important factor as it brings out the stone's brilliance

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Moissanite vs Lab Diamond Ring Comparison When shopping for jewelry, sometimes people like to look for diamond alternatives that still offer a similar look to diamonds, at a more affordable price. Due to this rising demand, lab made diamonds have become increasingly popular, as well as alternatives like moissanite, which looks similar to. Developed by the GIA, the diamond color chart gives each diamond a color rating ranging from a completely colorless D to yellow-tinged Z.. Moissanite cannot be directly graded on the diamond color chart, however, natural moissanite is comparable to a GIA-certified K-color diamond.To the untrained, non-jeweler eye, differences in diamond color are not perceptible up until about this point

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  1. 4.) Moissanite costs at least 50% less than actual diamond rings of the same size, cut and style. 5.) Moissanite shines brighter, than other stones and are very durable. 2.) Diamond. Diamonds are popular, naturally-occurring pieces of carbon compound in the earth that has aged over the years to become brightly-shinning, high-reflective stones
  2. erals, materials, and substances is measured on the Mohs scale. It is based on how effectively one substance can visibly scratch another and is measured on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest)
  3. And, Lab Diamonds vs. Moissanite refract light differently. For you gem geeks out there, Diamond is singly refractive , and Moissanite is doubly refractive . For the rest of us, the important thing to note is that because of the way Moissanite treats light, if you look into it at a special angle, all the facets are going to look doubled (like.

Diamond vs Moissanite Like Diamond found naturally and deep-side on the Earth, similarly, Moissanite is another diamond substitute which is a rare mineral that hinges naturally in small quantities. Although jewelry made with Moissanite processed artificially The lab diamond, like the real diamond come in at an RI of 2.42 and rates a 0.044 in terms of fire dispersion, putting moissanite much closer to cubic zirconia than a real diamond in terms of fire and brilliance, while the lab created diamond is totally identical to a naturally occurring one Moissanite vs Diamond - Final Thoughts. It's easy to understand why a majority of people lean towards buying a diamond when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring. But the hefty price tag and issues of sustainability make some people reluctant to buy them. More and more people are searching for a solid alternative that is both high. Moissanite vs. Diamond Moissanite is a beautiful gem in its own right. And truly telling a diamond from a moissanite would require an electrical conductivity test, but it's tricky, so we leave it for the professionals to figure out Its aesthetics are still very similar to a diamond! Another reason why some people tend to gravitate towards this gem is because of its sparkle! It's known to shine even brighter than a diamond! Moissanite is a very hard substance so it can be compared with a diamond in durability, as well! The final stop on the ethics trai

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Moissanite vs Lab Diamonds. Thread starter Made in London; Start date Sep 15, 2020; Made in London Brilliant_Rock. Joined Sep 11, 2020 Messages 554. Sep 15, 2020 #1 Hi,this is my first post on the lovely PriceScope forum.It is more of a question really. I know that Lab diamonds are real,they are made of carbon the same as earth diamonds except. Moissanite is known for its high refractive index (RI) of 2.65, which is notably higher than diamond, sapphire, CZ, and other gemstones known to be very brilliant. Brilliance is the flashes of white light exiting the top and sides of a gemstone

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Moissanite VS Diamond. Close. 10. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Moissanite VS Diamond. Hi there, got a good one for you all. Going to be asking my girlfriend to marry me at some point in the future. Thinking about rings, costs, etc. I asked a friend what she thought about a moissanite ring and she went ape on me on how I was making the girl. (One difference between a moissanite and a diamond: Moissanite has a higher refractive index) If you love sparkle, diamonds and moissanite are both great options. Sparkle is measured by brilliance, which is relative to a stone's refractive index and moissanite has a slight edge on diamonds with a refractive index ranging from 2.65 to 2.69 vs a diamond's refractive index at 2.42 Moissanite is a clear winner in terms of having a higher refractive index with 2.65, which is also higher than a diamond. Conclusion With the comparison table, we can see that the Moissanite attains a more prominent place in all the parameters and comes out as a winner Moissanite vs Diamonds. Traditional mined diamonds are created from the compression of coal and minerals over hundreds of years, whereas the precious stone moissanite was originally found in miniscule fragments of meteorite. While initially thought to be diamonds, scientists later discovered they were instead composed of silicon carbide HARDNESS: MOISSANITE VS. DIAMOND. Moissanite is very rare in nature. It is an ethical diamond alternative and is winning hearts worldwide. Durability is a factor that plays a vital role when considering moissanite. While diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale, moissanite is a strong 9.25 with a smidge of difference

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  1. eral; polytypes: 10R, 15R, 33R, 5H and Diamond is a allotrope of carbon. ADVERTISEMENT. Moissanite
  2. Moissanite Vs. Cubic Zirconia: which one should you choose? Diamonds, aside from being forever and being a girl's best friend, are valued for both their incredible hardness and stunning shine. Diamonds are clear and colorless, and the more colorless the diamond, the more valuable
  3. Moissanite vs. Diamond Price Comparison Moissanite is more expensive than the average cubic zirconia, but you are also buying a man-made gemstone (hand cut) that is going to keep its beauty as well as diamond does, unlike your average cubic zirconia, which clouds and scratches after a relatively short time
  4. e in South Africa in 1870's that diamonds became widely available, and not until.
  5. Moissanite vs Diamond Nexus. Moissanite: One of the most beautiful gems in the world. Moissanite is an exquisitely beautiful gemstone, and can be a good choice for an affordable engagement ring. First, it's nearly as hard as diamond and will last a lifetime. Second, it has much more fire and brilliance than a diamond, which makes it an eye.
  6. Moissanite vs. Cubic Zirconia - Value. Compared to diamonds, both moissanite and cubic zirconia are much more affordable. However, moissanite is often much more expensive than cubic zirconia. A high quality moissanite carat can retail for around $400 while a similar sized CZ will cost around $20 to $40

Lab grown diamonds process it still expensive demanding a higher price vs Moissanite but cheaper than natural diamonds. A Diamond is priced on the grading of 4 base Properties of a diamond known as the 4C's(Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat). Diamond prices can vary across hundreds and thousands of dollars Moissanite vs diamond; the sustainable choice. For the past few years, diamonds have had a bad press. The numerous bloody conflicts associated with diamond extraction, pollution around the mines, workers health and security concerns have tarnished the diamond reputation

Moissanite vs Diamond Price Comparison. Being a simulant, moissanite is obviously less expensive than the real thing. Let's do a cost comparison between diamond and moissanite to give you an idea of how much they cost. In general, you can expect to pay less than a tenth of a diamond's price for a loose moissanite Visual Characteristics of Moissanite vs. Diamond. Characteristic Moissanite Diamond; Refractive Index (brilliance) 2.65 - 2.69: 2.42: Dispursion (fire) 0.104: 0.044: Luster Index: 0.204: 0.172: I wrote another article that you can review if you want a more detailed description of the terms 'fire' and 'brilliance'. Luster has to do. Charles & Colvard made the process extremely easy and answered all of my questions. We went over the environmentally friendly benefits of moissanite vs. a diamond, that is mined from the ground, and the fact that you could probably get a larger gem for a better price than a diamond, while still keeping - if not exceeding - the quality Looking for an affordable diamond alternative? Shop our collection of stunning moissanite engagement rings ranging in styles from classic to vintage-inspired Simulated Diamonds vs Synthetic Diamonds. Many customers are aware of the difference between natural mined diamonds and lab diamonds. However, many shoppers are unaware of moissanite. This gemstone, unlike a lab diamond, is a considered a simulated diamond. This means that moissanite is distinctly different in make-up and physical characteristics

Moissanite is one of the hardest gemstones with a Mohs hardness of 9.25. Like a diamond, it won't scratch easily. Additional qualities moissanite is known for are clarity and brilliance. This gem usually has a clarity rating of VS and higher. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds, leading to more brilliance In this article about moissanite vs diamond, I'm going to reveal a few simple tricks to tell if your stone is diamond or moissanite. Moissanite is often used in imitation jewelry. The price of moissanite is 10 - 15 % of the diamond's price. Secret Ways To Identify Fake Diamonds Moissanite will often be misidentified as diamond by basic diamond testers because they only test heat conductivity and Moissanite is very similar to diamonds in that area. Testing electrical conductivity is a more certain way to distinguish the two stones moissanite vs diamond price When it comes to price, diamonds are pretty expensive stones. Many young couples are willing to spend up to two months' salary on their ring, thanks to social pressure and media influence

Forever One Moissanite solitaire with diamonds on the shoulders, set in platinum. It sparkles like a flawless diamond. Not only is it more affordable than a diamond, I don't have to participate in the diamond trade, known for its exploitation and price fixing. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 9 of 25 (1,843 Views) Reply. 2. Moissanite vs. Diamond. When comparing a moissanite to a diamond, be sure to consider several aspects of each stone. Both are mineral gemstones that appear white or clear and shimmer with reflected light. On the Mohs scale of hardness, a diamond is the only gemstone harder than a moissanite, so moissanite wedding rings and engagement rings are. Moissanite, also known by its chemical name, silicon carbide (SiC), is a naturally occurring mineral found in very limited quantities or as minute particles in the earth. The rarity of natural moissanite crystals large enough for jewelry prohibits their use.For years, scientists tried to re-create this extraordinarily brilliant material Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia & Diamonds. Interestingly, Moissanite is harder than Cubic Zirconia, coming close to a real diamond in hardness measured on the Mohs scale, rating a 9.25 vs 8.5 for a CZ. One of the key differences is its much higher level of dispersion Choose from Over 100K Diamonds to Find the Perfect Diamond for You and Your Budget. Free Shipping & Free Returns

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Emerald-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring . The moissanite brings together brilliance, color, durability, and price, into a late created, ethically sourced, conflict free gemstone. Whichever you choose, diamond vs moissanite, the moissanite is more than just a fake diamond and should be a strong contender as you search for the ring of your dreams Moissanite vs Diamond: brilliance. When a gorgeous urbanite like yourself enjoys a diamond's sparkle, it's made possible by the gem's ability to refract—bend—rays of light. As these rays hit the angled surfaces on the bottom segment of the diamond, they are refracted through the diamond's table, the top, flat surface, to your urban. moissanite vs diamond: brilliance Brilliance is defined as the ability of a precious stone to reflect white light, commonly known as sparkle. Surprisingly or not, moissanite has proven to disperse light more intensely than diamond On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite is rated as 9.25, which is higher than any gemstone used in jewellery other than diamonds. Diamonds, which are the hardest known material, score a 10. Both moissanite and diamond make superbly resilient stone choices, especially for a ring worn almost every day. Colour

The bigger the moissanite, the more likely it is that the difference will be noticeable. Moissanite has a refractive index from 2.65 - 2.69, which is higher than a diamond. A different type of brilliance is what makes it possible to distinguish a moissanite from a diamond. Diamonds reflect light in three different ways Moissanite: Durability. When compared to diamonds, moissanite scores a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Only a diamond has a 10 on this same scale, making moissanite more durable than most any other jewel or gemstone

References: The Diamond Pro, Princess Bride Diamonds Moissanite vs Diamond 1. What Stone Looks Most like Diamond? 2. Which Moissanite Is Most like Diamond? (U're ) 3. Is Moissanite a Good Diamond Substitute? 4. What Is the Best Alternative to a Diamond? 5. Is Moissanite as Good as Diamond? 6. Should I Buy a Lab Created Diamond? 7 To minimize the difference between moissanite carat size vs. diamond, our expert gem cutters examine each Moissanite stone brought in-house and determine the cut that would enhance the Moissanite gemstone's beauty. Our specialized cutting techniques prime factor is to make anyone wearing Diamondrensu Moissanite stones shine

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Here, we take a closer look at moissanite vs. lab-grown diamonds. Moissanite What is moissanite? Made from the mineral silicon carbide, Moissanite is commonly used as a diamond alternative in jewelry due to its shimmering appearance, durability, and lower price tag. But the history behind this mineral is quite fascinating Moissanite vs Diamond - Buying Experience. Hi guys, sorry for the long review. Thought I'd give an honest review of my experience. If you want the moissanite part, scroll down to Now Moissanite!! Fiance normally doesn't wear rings. And if she does, it's very subtle. I still wanted her to have something nice Moissanite diamonds do not exist. While Moissanite and natural diamonds may look nearly identical, they are two very different gemstones. With a nearly flawless clarity and crystal clear color, Moissanite often causes buyers to do a double-take especially when rings showcasing a Moissanite centerpiece are a fraction of the price of diamond.

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Clarity Comparison. Clarity refers to the imperfections within the gems and internal inclusions of a gemstone. As for diamonds, there is grading system which is been followed by different laboratories for example, VS, SI, etc. are the grades given to a diamond but when it comes to moissanite there is particularly no grading systems Moissanite vs. Diamond Two Distinctly Unique Jewels. Brilliant, durable and near colorless, diamond and moissanite are often compared. However, under closer examination, you can see that these two unique stones have several key differences. The most obvious difference is that moissanite and diamond are two entirely different jewels with.

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Moissanite is an amazing stone that resembles a diamond in nearly every sense. When comparing diamond vs. moissanite with the naked eye it appears just as, if not even more, brilliant than it's expensive natural counterpart. In a simple traditional thermal probe, moissanite even shows up as a mined diamond Moissanite VS Diamond VS MW CVD Diamonds. May 14, 2020. When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds are most people's first choice but they come with a steep price tag and are beyond the reach most of us. The best way to have the diamond look without the cost is to opt for a diamond simulant Hey hot stuff! Moissanite is going mainstream, and you, my sweet, are in on the ground floor. The Today Show just did a piece on moissanite, and they called it a GAME CHANGER. Mm-hmm, you heard that right. Sooooo, you can spend $23,000 for a diamond engagement ring that is a bit pricey (#understatementoftheyear) an The moissanite vs. diamond debate continues to shape public opinion about the diamond simulants. The telltale signs suggest that the future is bright for moissanites. Here is why. Moissanites, just like lab-created diamonds do not fuel devastating conflicts. Moissanite vs. diamond is understood in a positive light from this perspective Summary - Moissanite vs Diamond The key difference between moissanite and diamond is that moissanite has a higher light refraction and appear more brilliant than diamond. Diamonds are extremely rare and take years to develop and, therefore, are much more expensive than any other stone

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Moissanite Vs Diamond. Moissanites are incredibly sparkly and remarkably similar to how diamonds look. With the cost of moissanites being a fraction of the cost of diamonds, we will help you choose which suit you best. Read on to learn about the differences between diamonds and moissanites. This guide will help you decide which is right for you Moissanite is another diamond substitute which is a rare mineral that can be found naturally in small quantities although jewellery Moissanite is artificially made. It's made from Silicon Carbide which means it's able to withstand high temperatures and is very hard with a Mohs scale reading of 9.25

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One of the main differences between moissanite and diamond is that moissanite has a grade of 9.25 on the Mohs scale and diamond has a grade of 10. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a way to essentially test how tough minerals are on a scale of 1-10 (1 being soft and 10 being the hardest). The harder the mineral, the more resistant it is to. Moissanite VS Diamond(Why choose Moissanite): 1,Moissanite has more brilliance than diamond. 2,Moissanite has more fire 3,Moissanite weighs less than diamond. 4,Moissanite is much cheaper than diamond.For example, a moissanite can sell at 10-15% of the price of a diamond with similar clarity, color, cut, and size Moissanite vs. Diamond. While moissanite has a very similar appearance to diamonds, they have many key differences. Moissanite weighs much less than diamonds - 15% lighter, to be exact. Because of this, moissanite is usually sold by length and width in millimeters rather than carat weight

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Moissanite vs Diamond. All-natural diamonds create throughout countless years. Composed of carbon, diamonds are created under extreme pressure as well as warmth after that brought up to the surface through the violent geological task. In contrast to what many individuals believe, diamonds are not uncommon in any way Moissanite. Lab-made moissanite is a diamond alternative that offers a very attractive price point with nearly the same beauty and durability as a diamond. While an expert could tell the difference between moissanite and diamond, your friends will never know the difference Moissanite will cost you a fraction of the price of a diamond. A simple moissanite ring can be around $2000 whereas a comparable diamond ring for the same size can be around $6000. Even if you get an intricate ring design with a 3 carat moissanite center, it may cost you $6500, while a comparable diamond ring can easily cost you $30,000 or more Moissanite - approximately $500 and up per carat. Moissanite is visually going to be the closest to a diamond. Moissanite has as much sparkle as a diamond, but it also has more fire (rainbow flashes) than a diamond. If you love sparkle, moissanite is a great choice

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Moissanite VS Diamond Structure : Moissanite : It is created in the labs from silicon carbide. Diamond : To make it, temperature should be above 2000 f and pressure exceeded 7,25,000 pounds per square inch and brought to the surface through violent geological activity The carat is the traditional unit of measurement for a diamond's weight. Moissanite is not measured in carats because it weighs approximately 10 percent less than diamond. For example, a 6.5mm round diamond would weigh 1.0ct, while a 6.5mm round moissanite would weigh 0.88ct. The two stones would be the same size - 6.5mm in diameter MOISSANITE COLOR Gemorie's line of moissanite GEMODA offers moissanite stones in the colorless range. The GIA has developed a color grading scale which is commonly used in diamonds, and the same scale can be applied to Moissanite. Grades D, E, F are the colorless options we offer. MOISSANITE CLARITY Clarity is an important metric t Moissanite has a greater hardness than CZ and white sapphire, so it's the most durable for a clear stone (aside from diamonds). People do think my stone is a diamond, but I like to take the time to educate others about moissanite when they ask about it Moissanite vs Diamonds. Shop Our Moissanite. Platinum Plated Silver Halo Moissanite Ring 1ct, 1.5ct, 2ct Options. $264 $809. Platinum Plated Silver Unique Moissanite Ring 0.8ct & 1ct. $214 $769. White Gold Plated Silver Stud Earrings 3ctw (multiple moissanite colors) $339 $. MOISSANITE VS DIAMONDS. Moissanite. Diamond. Durability. Gemstones are measured on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which assesses a gem's ability to withstand surface scratching. On the Mohs scale, moissanite scores a 9.25, a very good score that makes it one of the hardest substances on earth, and very suitable for everyday wear as an engagement.

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