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Noteworthy Characteristics. Pachysandra terminalis, commonly called Japanese pachysandra, is a shrubby, evergreen ground cover which grows 8-12 high and spreads by rhizomes to form a dense carpet of rich, dark green foliage.Oval leaves (2-4 long) appear primarily in whorls at the stem ends. Tiny white flowers in 1-2 long, terminal (hence the species name) spikes bloom in early spring Pachysandra terminalis is also commonly known as green carpet, thanks to its ability to form dense, bright green growth in shaded areas where many other plants will typically not thrive. It is a very popular type of ground cover, tolerant of many types of soils, pollution, and even drought tolerant once mature Japanese Pachysandra grows best in partial or full shade, thriving in all but the very darkest parts of a garden. It is very winter-hardy, and grows best in areas with good rainfall, in acid or neutral soils with added organic material. Once established it forms an impenetrable carpet, free of pests or diseases and ignored by deer PACHYSANDRA produces white fruits in autumn that contain small seeds, but it usually takes some work to even find the fruits as they are seldom produced in any great quantity. This is because PACHYSANDRA requires cross-pollination of its flowers to produce the fruits, and many colonies that fill entire beds are clonal produced by.

Sometimes known as Japanese spurge, pachysandra is a small genus of very dwarf shrubs, popular for over a century for their ability to spread into a dense evergreen carpet beneath other taller.. Origins of the Pachysandra Plant Also known as the Japanese spurge, the pachysandra originated in Japan, China and South Central Asia. How it arrived in America is disputed, but when it did take.. Pachysandra is an invasive perennial ground cover that spreads throughout the garden by means of underground stems and roots. Once it gets a foothold in the garden, it is very difficult to control. Pachysandra plants can overrun your garden and escape into wild areas where it displaces native plants. How to Get Rid of Pachysandra in the Garde Pachysandra, commonly called Japanese Spurge, is very easy to grow when planted right and in the right spot. All Pachysandra varieties prefer growing in a well-drained moist soil and shade to part shade. Pachysandra is ideal for use as a large space groundcover. It works perfectly as a mulch substitute under the canopies of large shade trees. Pachysandra, vinca minor, english ivy, don't be afraid to mix them up - and spring, summer and fall bulbs to pop up through and add delight. b. the initial problem I see, when standing where the camera is standing, is that you are thinking in detail, small trees, small shrubs. This kind of detail belongs in the back or side yard where you and.

Allegheny pachysandra grows only 6 to 12 inches tall and is a colonizing ground cover. Colonizing ground covers produce underground stems that spread out horizontally and shallowly, produce roots and then send up new shoots. Colonizing ground covers have potential to be strong growers, but Allegheny pachysandra generally is easy to manage Leaf and stem blight is the most destructive disease of pachysandra in the Northeast. It is caused by the fungus Volutella pachysandrae. Patches of wilting and dying plants often indicate the presence of Volutella blight in a bed of pachysandra. Both leaves and stems are attacked by this fungus Pachysandra is susceptible to leaf blight--also referred to as Volutella blight or dieback. Leaf blight is a fungal disease caused by the Volutella pachysandricola fungus. Overcrowded beds are generally affected. This fungal disease can kill large areas of a pachysandra groundcover bed. It generally attacks weak or. The genus Pachysandra was established by Andre Michaux, a French botanist who collected in the northeastern states in the late 18th century. His find was Pachysandra procumbens, our native American species known as the Allegheny spurge. The Japanese pachysandra (also native in parts of south-central China) was not collected until the 1880s Pachysandra is a maintenance-free ground cover that is one of the most popular ground covers. It is an excellent ground cover for shady and problem areas as it grows in any soil and is one of the few ground covers that will grow under pine trees.Pachysandra will transform your otherwise bare and ugly ground areas into attractive year-round cover

Japanese pachysandra has an American relative called 'Allegheny spurge' (Pachysandra procumbens), a plant native to the Southeast. But there are many plants with the common name of spurge that are not related to Japanese pachysandra, especially plants in the Euphorbia genus that are useful in rock gardens Pachysandra procumbens flower and leaves Elizabeth CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Pachysandra procumbens bloom Phillip Bouchard CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Pachysandra procumbens Jim, the Photographer CC BY 2.0 Pachysandra procumbens James Henderson, Golden Delight Honey, Bugwood.org CC BY 4.0 Leaves Derek Ramsey CC-BY-SA 2.0 Leaves USDA Forest CC BY 3.0 Form (Biltmore. Pachysandra terminalis is a slow growing groundcover with alternate, simple leaves, and creeping stems. The flowers are white, borne in late March and throughout the month of April. It is evergreen but the leaves may yellow in winter and is very cold hardy. When group planted, the plant forms a dense carpet of glossy green leaves to a height of. The Pachysandra Procumbens is a relatively low-maintenance plant that will help provide ground cover when used for landscaping.It can power through a drought without a problem and will come out the other side with its white flowers still blooming in spring. It can successfully grow in planting zones five through eight Pachysandra plant is a member of the boxwood family and a popular evergreen perennial. The plant is commonly used as a ground cover in landscape designs because it thrives in shaded areas of your yard. This shade plant is native across parts of Asia and North America and will grow well as long as it is planted in shade

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  1. alis Japanese Spurge 1000 Rooted CUTTINGS at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products
  2. alis and P. procumbens growing in the same general region — eastern North America. The easiest way to distinguish the two are the location of the inflorescence, the texture of the leaves, and the leaf coloration (especially during winter and spring). This entry was posted in Plant comparisons
  3. alis, commonly referred to as Japanese Spurge, is a beautiful evergreen groundcover that thrives in partly shaded or full shaded areas. Pachysandra spreads rapidly by underground stems to form a dense carpet of rich, dark green foliage
  4. g Pachysandra is virtually care free
  5. Pachysandra under stress from strong sun or drought is vulnerable to mites. To control mite infestations, spray plants with a forceful spray of water every other day for 3 days, to knock the mites from the leaves. If they are still present, spray them with a product containing insecticidal soap as directed on its label..
  6. alis, also sometimes called spurge or Japanese pachysandra, is a useful evergreen groundcover for shady spots. Native to Japan and China, pachysandra is hardy in U.S. Department..
  7. Pachysandra, occasionally called Japanese spurge, spreads quickly by underground runners and makes a superb replacement for struggling lawns in shady areas. Because of its low care needs, pachysandra is also a favorite plant for woodland gardens and as a living mulch underneath shrubs or trees. Pachysandra is deer resistant. Hardy from zones 5-9

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  1. alis) Although Japanese pachysandra is widely available at conventional garden centers, it is not a good choice for woodland gardens or stream banks as it can easily escape cultivation.
  2. alis, or Japanese Spurge, is an herbaceous perennial evergreen in the boxwood family typically used as a rhizomatous ground cover. This plant blooms in early spring. This plant does best in part shade to full shade and is intolerant of full sun as foliage yellows/bleaches in full sun or high wind
  3. Uniquely fragrant white flowers appear in early spring, repeating in autumn on this rarely encountered selection of Pachysandra, brought to Monrovia by plant explorer Dan Hinkley. Spreads by rhizomes to form a dense carpet of glossy, dark green foliage, providing an attractive and unique evergreen groundcover for shade or dappled sun
  4. Called Allegheny spurge due to its natural range, this native Pachysandra can be found in pockets of Pennsylvania and New York but truly resides from North Carolina and down along into the southeastern states. Prefers moist, humus-rich acidic soil in part to full shade but can tolerate drought once established
  5. alis along shaded paths, trees gardens, and on steep hillsides in either partial sun or shade. You will find Pachysandra Ter
  6. Anybody with some cuttings can start pachysandra with this method. Easy propagating

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  1. Pachysandra procumbens is best grown in acidic, compost enriched, medium moisture, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. It thrives in sun dappled shade under large trees. Foliage tends to bleach out when grown in too much sunlight. Established plants can tolerate drought
  2. Pachysandra Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567. Site by: Adcorp Media Group.
  3. Pachysandra / ˌpækiˈsændrə / is a genus of five species of evergreen perennials or subshrubs, belonging to the boxwood family Buxaceae. The species are native to eastern Asia and southeast North America, some reaching a height of 20-45 cm (7.9-17.7 in), with only weakly woody stems
  4. Pachysandra is a favorite ground cover plant in hardtoplant areas such as under trees, or in shady areas with poor or acidic soil. Read here to find tips for growing pachysandra in your landscape
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Pachysandra is an easy to grow, lush, shade-tolerant ground cover that many people use to reduce lawn or to fill in places where grass won't grow. My weed-filled lawn is driving me crazy—I'd work harder at it but there simply is too much of it. Glad to find that I can hope to root my cuttings in 6 weeks using plain water. I don't. Noted for its compact form and deeper green foliage, Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Carpet' (Japanese Spurge) is a shrubby, evergreen ground cover with glossy dark green, coarsely toothed, obovate leaves, 2-4 in. long (5-10 cm). Once established, it is a vigorous spreader that will form a dense carpet of rich foliage. Tiny white flower spikes appear in mid to late spring, but the real added.

Allegheny Spurge (Pachysandra procumbens) Native from southern Indiana to Louisiana and northern Florida, with isolated populations as far north as Connecticut This is the North American analog of Japanese pachysandra. This species is not as aggressive as the imported species Pachysandra's most serious enemy is a blight called Volutella pachysandrae. This difficult-to-treat fungal disease can lead to severe leaf spotting and stem canker, and can quickly despoil a whole bed. The best safeguard is to keep plants healthy, strong and disease-resistant in the first place. Avoid overhead watering since leaves that. The Pachysandra are but one example of a once connected distribution that has been fragmented by subsequent sea level rise. Fossil records of Pachysandra have been found in regions of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota and provide further confirmation of this

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Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for The Pachysandra Ranch at 9824 Brant Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Search for other Ranches in Pittsburgh on The Real Yellow Pages®. Brows Japanese pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis) and its American relative, Allegheny spurge (Pachysandra procumbens), both grow to about 1-foot by 1-foot. In North America, the Japanese pachysandra is the more vigorous ground cover and will fill in an area faster. But these two pachysandras are equally effective in deer control Pachysandra is great for filling in any unused space in landscaping beds. Its showy features are a nice contrast of dark green foliage with tiny white flowers. Pachysandra works well to keep down weeds, and grows well in shaded areas of a garden where other plants or grass may struggle. This low-maintenance groundcover helps prevent soil erosion Stress from various environmental problems such as too much sun, wet soil, or iron deficiency causes pachysandra leaves to lose their rich green color. Too much sun bleaches pachysandra foliage to a pale, washed-out appearance. Leaves will be light green to yellow, and growth is generally poor Pachysandra prefers a humid, slightly acidic soil, pH 5.5-6.5. I wonder if calcium is leaching from the concrete sidewalk pavers, raising the pH to a level that makes nutrients unavailable to the pachysandra? You can use a home soil pH test to find out. If the pH is too high, add milled sphagnum peat to the soil to bring it down to the right level

Other common names Japanese spurge 'Green Carpet' . Family Buxaceae . Genus Pachysandra are mat-forming evergreen perennials or subshrubs with creeping stems and short upright branches bearing leathery leaves clustered at the tips, and erect spikes of small flowers, the males with prominent white stamen Adding a splash of color to shady areas of the garden, award-winning Pachysandra terminalis 'Silver Edge' or 'Variegata' (Japanese Spurge) is a very popular, shrubby, evergreen ground cover. It features particularly attractive glossy, rhomboid, gray-green to dark green leaves, 2 in. long (5 cm), with creamy edges. Growing via underground runners to form a dense carpet of beautifully variegated. 20% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: Accounts Opened in Store: One-time 20% off discount is not automatic; you must ask cashier to apply discount (bar code) at time of in-store purchase.Accounts opened online, via Text-to-Apply or QR code: You will receive one-time 20% off coupon/promotional code, which may be used in store or online. Max discount is $100 with this offer The pachysandra is not diseased but showing evidence of a severe winter. It is nothing more serious than evidence of winter burn. The winter and early-spring weather has been rather weird this year Although this plant is botanically known as Pachysandra terminalis, its more common name is Japanese spurge, and it makes an absolutely fantastic ground cover plant.It's an herbaceous perennial that you can easily grow as a classic shady area cover. If you're looking to cover up an area in your backyard or a shady zone in your garden, Japanese pachysandra is one of the classic options to.

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Pachysandra, sometimes known as Japanese spurge, is a mat-forming evergreen with creeping stems and short upright branches bearing leathery leaves. Pachysandra is popular for its ability to form a dense evergreen carpet beneath other taller shrubs. Where to Site Your Pachysandra Pachysandra is often severely infested by this scale. The female scales are gray and pear-shaped, while the males are smaller, narrower, and whiter. There are probably two generations each season, and the winter is passed in a nearly mature condition; eggs are formed during May and hatch later in the month Pachysandra definition, any plant of the genus Pachysandra, as the Allegheny spurge or Japanese spurge, the leaves of which grow in a rounded clump, widely used as a ground cover in the U.S. See more Find the perfect Pachysandra Terminalis stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Pachysandra Terminalis of the highest quality Pachysandra terminalis is not particularly thick and you can easily pull or grub out weeds. It does puzzle me why so many people these days look for weedkiller solutions when it is so much more fulfilling to weed by hand. Use a weedkiller and its bye bye Pachysandra. 0 0. Tom K

We're celebrating the many important links between Asia and North America and this week, the ground cover genus Pachysandra is our connection. The first picture is P. procumbens or Allegheny spurge, native to the US Southeast, while the second is P. axillaris of China From the Nation's Largest Rare Pachysandra Grower: JW-Pachysandra offers you the highest quality plants, the largest variety of Pachysandra for the best possible price. We sell Pachysandra plants in five different varieties and offer FREE shipping nationwide for orders over $100. All plants are sold in bundles of 50 About the Pachysandra. A lustrous, evergreen groundcover that is unbeatable for part shade or full sun gardens and borders. Foliage is born in crowded clusters of 2-4″ long, toothed leaves with white spike flowers in spring. Quick to establish and spreads vigorously under dense shade trees or down shady slopes. Plant with Brunnera, Chelone. Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge) terminalis 'Green Carpet' (Green Carpet Japanese Spurge) Attractive, shiny, green leaved groundcover for shaded locations. Competes well with tree roots. Thin and prune regularly. A more compact form of Pachysandra. Relatively slow to moderate growing form. Tiny white bottlebrush flowers appear in spring Pachysandra Plant Care Grows in any well-drained soil. Self-sustaining - can be used as a lawn substitute in shaded non-traffic areas. Can be divided in spring

'Green Sheen' is a cultivar or Pachysandra selected for its extremely glossy, slightly curled leaf. It thrives in partly shaded or full shaded areas. Pachysandra spreads rapidly by underground stems to form a dense carpet of rich, dark green foliage. Common Name: Green Sheen Pachysandra Pachysandra procumbens. Genus: Pachysandra. Species Epithet: procumbens. Common Name: Allegheny Spurge. Plant Type: Herb/Wildflower. Life Cycle: Perennial. Plant Family: Buxaceae (Boxwood Family) Native/Alien: NC Native. Size: 0-1 ft. Bloom Color(s): White, Pink. Light: Part Shade - 2 to 6 hours of sun per day, Less than 2 hours of sun per day. Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Carpet', Japanese Spurge. Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Sheen', Japanese Spurge. Pachysandra terminalis 'Silver Edge', The best way to find and locate wholesale plants. Source plants faster than ever with our revolutionary plant search engine. Find plants by name, distance or feature Friday, 2 April, 2021, / Sir, Your pachysandra yesterday came safe to my hand, and by the Dragoon who was the / bearer of it I send you Ten guineas for pachysandra. -- / pachysandra's successor (whose name I have no desire to be / informed of provided his pachysandra is good, & / seasonably transmitted) should endeavor to / his upon some certain mode of conveying his / pachysandra quickly, for.

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Pachysandras—Japanese pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis) is a common groundcover for part to deep shade, especially under trees; but the native pachysandra, also called Allegheny spurge (Pachysandra procumbens), is a taller, slower-spreading, interesting alternative that blooms in very early spring when so many pollinators are in need of nectar and pollen Shop online for all your home improvement needs: appliances, bathroom decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, bbq grills, carpeting, lumber, concrete, lighting, ceiling fans and more at The Home Depot Pachysandra Variegated Ground Cover.. Pachysandra terminalis 'Variegata', is a hardy and easy to grow evergreen groundcover. This variegated cultivar is quickly becoming one of the most popular ground covers.As a maintenance free ground cover, Pachysandra Variegated thrives even in the dense shade of evergreens!. Plant this shade loving plant under lower growing trees and shrubs Find Plants; Find Companies; Find Services/Supplies; Resources; Having trouble? Let us help. Call the OAN office - 503.682.5089. ©2021, The Oregon Association of Nurseries Mobile Site Designed by PivotMobile Site Designed by Pivo Find the answer to your gardening question! Search through previous questions or post your own gardening questions online so that the experts at Gardening Know How as well as garden experts from around the world can help you find the solution to your gardening problems

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Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge) also flowers nicely about this time of year, grows to about 25-centimetres tall and — get this — it survives dog traffic! We had a rambunctious mid-sized dog that. Also called Japanese spurge, pachysandra thrives in full shade and stays evergreen through the winter. It forms tidy mats of green leaves that will spread to fill a large area like a slope over time. It's easy to keep this well-behaved perennial groundcover in bounds by digging it up if it starts to wander too far, though THERE is a lot of pachysandra growing in these parts. It is planted under shade trees, beneath shrubs, along paths, at edges of the lawn. It is a groundcover that appears to be enveloping the land... Allegheny spurge, scientifically known as Pachysandra procumbens, is an easy-growing plant. Blue-green foliage provides a beautiful shrubby ground cover for all terrains. A bit slow to get started, it becomes a vibrant carpet over time and spreads to fill available space. This shade-loving semi-evergreen is a native plant in the United States Common Pachysandra is the Pachysandra that most people will have. The other varieties of Pachysandra are mutated from Common Pachysandra. This plant does very well in shaded areas and will eliminate lawn work from your busy schedule as it requires hardly any maintenance

Pachysandra terminalis or Japanese Spurge is a shade loving stoloniferous perennial with a spreading habit that creates a dense carpet-like cover of leathery dark green leaves that are arranged in tight bunches at the end of short stems. Tiny white flowers are borne in spikes, however they rarely appear in cultivation Forest Green Allegheny pachysandra performs well in a variety of soils from moist to dry and a range of soil pH as long as it is growing in partial to full shade. This woodland plant is also considered by many to be very deer and drought resistant Q. Pachysandra - I have pachysandra and don't really care what variety it is. I do know that it propagates very easily, Q. Kill Grass - I have unwanted grass growing through an area of pachysandra ground cover. I do not want the grass. How can Q. Pachysandra - I am growing pachysandra (Japanese spurge) in a shady area at 4, 000' elevation in CA. . The planting is abou

Pachysandra spreads by rhizomes (underground stems). To start a new plant, you must plant a portion of the rhizome. The easiest way I have found to obtain a section of rhizome is to gently tug on. Home › Find Plants › Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Sheen' Plant Details. Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Sheen' Japanese Spurge Zone: 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b. Exposure: Light/Bright Shade. Plant Category: Groundcovers & Climbing Plants. Height: Maximum 6 feet Report a problem. White flowers.. #12 Pachysandra. Pachysandra. This evergreen perennial ground cover stays under 1 foot in height. It is tolerant of clay and dry soil and gets delicate white flowers in the early spring. New: Video Reveals a Simple Way to Root Plants from Cuttings (Watch Now!) #13 Bunchberry Dogwood Pachysandra is a shade-tolerant ground cover that will develop an overall yellow cast in too much sun. There can also be some burning at the leaf edges, but the plants will typically not wither.

How to Grow Pachysandra. Meet one of the best groundcovers for shade that delivers evergreen color year round. How to Grow Giant Leopard Plant. Wake up a shade garden with this bold and beautiful clumping perennial. Shade Perennials. Replace annual impatiens with shade loving perennials for a low maintenance landscape Japanese pachysandra: USDA PLANTS Symbol: PATE11 U.S. Nativity: Exotic Habit: Shrub or Subshrub Forbs/Herbs Pachysandra terminalis Sieb. & Zucc Pachysandra. We should be planting more of it. Many of you reading this are repulsed by the thought of someone wanting to plant Pachysandra. And you should be. Before you close your browser I want you to know I'm talking about the good kind, Pachysandra procumbens, Allegheny Pachysandra, not the non-native species that you're most familiar with, pachysandra terminalis, Japanese Pachysandra Volutella leaf blight and stem canker on pachysandra is a significant problem in landscapes this Spring. When serious, this disease may call for a renovation of the bed, including mowing, debris removal, and consideration of protective fungicides

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Pachysandra. 8 /12. If you have a shady spot in need of groundcover, pachysandra is your best friend. Evergreen and low maintenance, pachysandra produces pretty white flowers in early spring. A: Don't cut back the pachysandra unless it is looking rather tatty or has encountered a pest or disease problem. One of the reasons for growing a ground cover such as pachysandra is that you.

- Hard to find (unlike the widely-distributed and occasionally invasive Japanese Pachysandra - P. terminalis). You'll probably have to find a nursery or plant society sale that specializes in native plants or resort to mail order Our native pachysandra, Pachysandra procumbens, lacks the aggressive nature of the more common Asian species. And that is good! The Allegheny spurge has marbled, deep green foliage that is much prettier too Pachysandra Terminalis This listing is for 500 plants of the ground cover pachysandra terminalis. They come bare root with minimal soil and water absorbing crystals. We have produced quality rooted stock for the last 12 years. We take all of the cuttings from our nursery location. We do not order in plants to root

If the pachysandra is moderately growing, looks healthy but dull know that it's time to find a balanced overall health booster. In this case, Schultz all-purpose water-soluble plant food(20-20-20) , Seachem flourish tabs growth supplement, Seachem flourish advance growth supplement is highly recommended for the betterment of pachysandra Pachysandra terminalis 'GreenCarpet. SKU: TL-1pagr2. USDA Zone: 4 to 8. Watering Needs: Let dry between waterings. Sun Needs: Partial sun or shade. This improved variety with darker green foliage that forms a tidy evergreen mat. Great understory groundcover for part shade. White flowers appear in summer above the leaves This tool will help you find Preen products that are recommended for use with over 200 of your favorite flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables. Product Recommendations. Selected plant: pachysandra. Products found in Flowers, trees and shrubs. Preen Southern Weed Preventer. Recommended for use with pachysandra. Preen Southern Weed Preventer Plus.

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3762 Pachysandra Pl , Eugene, OR 97402-2986 is currently not for sale. The 1,528 sq. ft. single-family home is a 3 bed, 2.0 bath property. This home was built in 2015 and last sold on 11/23/2020 for $395,000. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow Volutella blight is a common and potentially lethal disease of Japanese pachysandra (Pachysandra terminalis), an evergreen, semi-woody groundcover that is grown in shade gardens throughout hardiness zones 4 and 5 in Wisconsin. Volutella blight can severely limit the aesthetic appeal of pachysandra wherever it is grown Japanese pachysandra can stand very heavy shade and is widely used under trees; it is also an excellent filler for those difficult spots where lawn grass won't grow. Luxuriant-looking, top-choice ground cover for shade in the Upper and Middle South

Pachysandra Removal Tips – How To Get Rid Of PachysandraBuy Japanese spurge Pachysandra terminalis Variegata: £6Pachysandra - 50 Bare Root PlantsPachysandra terminalis | Japanese spurge/RHS GardeningPine Trees For Your Home | Shade garden, TraditionalEricaceous compost explained | lovethegarden

Allegheny spurge (Pachysandra procumbens): Ok, so remember when I said that I wasn't including pachysandra on this list of evergreen groundcovers? Well, even though Allegheny spurge is in the genus Pachysandra, it's a good bit different from the thick, glossy pachysandra most gardeners are familiar with. Allegheny spurge is a native of the. 3747 Pachysandra Pl , Eugene, OR 97402-2988 is currently not for sale. The 1,510 sq. ft. single-family home is a 3 bed, 2.0 bath property. This home was built in 2014 and last sold on 2/8/2018 for $308,000. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow Late spring and early summer are the most common times to find active Volutella blight on pachysandra after winter stresses plants, followed by lots of moisture in spring and early summer at the. Pachysandra procumbens . Bluish green leaves are slightly mottled and are held on upright stems that slowly spread on rhizomes to form sizeable colonies. Pinkish-white, fragrant flowers cover stem tops on 2 to 4 spikes in mid April attracting a host of early nectar seekers. Thrives in shade and provides great cover There are many better ground covers. There is a native pachysandra, Allegheny spurge, but I actually prefer a number of other plants, especially white wood aster, as a replacement. Positive: On May 13, 2012, rickc304 from Niles, OH (Zone 6a) wrote

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