Explain ways in which own professional values influence own practice in an area of specialism

My own professional values do influence my practice in a number of ways which include Meeting organisation policies and procedure my professional value is to Conform to legal requirements to provide inclusive learning environment to promote equality which is set in the organisation policies and procedure for example demonstrate good practice throug Explain ways in which own professional values influence own practice in an area of specialism : Learning Outcome-2: Understand the policy context of education and training: Feedback: 2.1: Explain ways in which social, political and economic factors influence education policy: 2.

Understand professionalism and the influence of professional values in education and training You can: Portfolio reference a. Define the concepts of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training b. Explain ways in which professional values influence own practice in own area of specialism UET11 1.2. Explain ways in which own professional values influence own practice in an area of specialism 2. Understand the policy context of education and training 2.1. Explain ways in which social, political and economic fac tors influence education policy 2.2. Analyse the impact of current educational policies on curriculum and pra ctice in own. 2 Explain ways in which professional values influence own practice in own area of specialism. 2. Understand the policy context of education and training. 2. 1 Explain ways in which social, political and economic factors influence education policy. 2. 2 Analyse the impact of current educational policies on curriculum and practice in own area of. d) explain key aspects of the following in an organisation • policies • codes of practice • guidelines Introduction This report defines the concepts of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training and explains ways in which professional values influence the author's own practice area of specialism: ESOL. It briefly.

Explain ways in which professional values influence own practice in own area of specialism (My own area of specialism is childcare) 3. Use initial and diagnostic assessments to agree learners' individual goals and learning preferences 4 HOW MY OWN VALUES, BELIEFS AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCES MIGHT AFFECT MY WORK PRACTICE Everyone has different values, beliefs and preferences. What you believe in, what you see as important and what you see as acceptable or desirable is an essential part of who you are. [pic] The way in which you respond to people is linked to what you believe in. Professional values into action. The professional values are at the core of the Standards. The same values are reflected across the Standards and are relevant to all registered teachers regardless of post. Values are complex and they work to shape who we are as professionals. The values are demonstrated through all our professional.

By being aware of your own values, you will not find it difficult to decide what job you should pursue, whether to accept or decline a promotion, or even whether you should keep or leave your job. Needless to say, these issues can have a huge and negative effect on how we perform at work 5.1 Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice 5.2 Explain how reflective practice has led to improved ways of working 5.3 Explain why continuing professional development is important 5.4 Record progress in relation to personal development Duty of Care in Care Settings 1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work rol Explain ways in which own professional values influence own practice in an area of specialism. Learning Outcome-2. Understand the policy context of education and training. Feedback. 2.1. Explain ways in which social, political and economic factors influence education policy. 2. Explain ways in which own professional values influence own practice in an area of specialism Understand the policy context of education and training Explain ways in which social, political and economic factors influence education policy Analyse the impact of current educational policies on curriculum and practice in own area of specialism

Explain ways in which professional values influence own practice in own area of specialism ; Explain ways in which social, political and economic factors influence education policy ; Analyse the impact of current educational policies on curriculum and practice in own area of specialism ; Explain the roles of stakeholders and external bodies in. Melanie Kirk 1 Understand the concept of professionalism and core professional values for teachers in the lifelong learning sector. 1.1 Discuss key aspects of professionalism in the context of the lifelong learning sector Professionalism in its broadest terms relates to the skills, knowledge and attributes required of tutors, and provide benchmarks for performances in practice of the variety. Explain ways in which own professional values influence own practice in an area of specialism ; Understand the policy context of education and training. Explain ways in which social, political and economic factors influence education policy; Analyse the impact of current educational policies on curriculum and practice in own area of specialism

Dual Professionalism in Education and Trainin

This is the winning Social Work entry in the 2016 Critical Prize for Writing. It was written by Brendan McDaid, a final year student at Ulster University. Brendan was nominated by his lecturer Denise MacDermott. Critically evaluate possible tensions, conflicts and collusions within and between your personal and professional value system as related to social work practice Thi Values and beliefs are learnt in a national culture, and they may be unconscious. You may not be aware of your own values and beliefs until you are confronted with someone different than you, e.g. working with a colleague from another country (and it may be quite a challenge). Values vary enormously, especially across national cultures

ASCD Customer Service. Phone Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 1-800-933-ASCD (2723) Address 1703 North Beauregard St. Alexandria, VA 22311-171 Addressing social ills and helping others is a primary goal of all social workers. Service is the value from which all other social work values stem. Social workers regularly elevate the needs of others above their own personal interests and use their skills and knowledge (from education and experience) to help people Professional Values and Ethics. Values and ethics are the cornerstone for both personal and professional success. The way an individual or group interacts with others exposes their genuine character because actions speak louder than words Anti-discriminatory practice refers to social work that serves a range of diverse social and ethnic backgrounds, and does not limit service based on any of these characteristics (Alcock et al., 2008). Impacts of Social Processes. Social learning and other social processes can impact health and social care services in varying ways

Definition of Professional Values . professional values are the guiding beliefs and principles that influence your work behaviour. .your professional values are usually an extension of your personal values such as honesty, generosity and helpfulness. .while these values may change over time and around different life events, your cor Relating philosophy to pedagogy - how my personal values influence my way of teaching Within any early childhood education (ECE) setting the pedagogy of the educators will have great impact on the programmes and philosophies which the children within that setting will be influenced by. Teachers have a responsibility to build and maintain authentic, open, reciprocal relationships with. Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people's development (CYP 3.2 -4.1) Introduction: As a practitioner it's your duty to observe and maintain correct procedures to ensure that the children are offered a stimulating environment which will further allow optimum possibilities for development

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training English ESOL

  1. The Principles for Ethical Professional Practice Committee is in place to provide leadership in the ethics area and facilitate the ongoing dialogue on ethics-related issues. The committee also provides advisory opinions to members on the application of the Principles, acts as an informational clearinghouse for various ethical issues, and.
  2. Standard 19: The curriculum shall incorporate human services values and attitudes and promote understanding of human services ethics and their application in practice. Standard 20: The program shall provide experiences and support to enable students to develop awareness of their own values, personalities, reaction patterns, interpersonal styles.
  3. b) Explain ways in which professional values influence your practice area of specialism. c) Explain ways in which the following factors influence educational policy. For SOCIAL this may include culture, employment status, social mobility, educational history and demographical area
  4. Write a report in which you: a) define the concepts of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training (ref. 1.1) b) explain ways in which professional values influence own.

Effective leadership can influence the organizational values such as honesty, respect, ethics and tolerance etc by demonstrating an ideal attitude in the workplace, establishing a vision among the employees, reinforcing accountability, motivating the employees, making a vision plan for the culture and values and by coaching the co-workers. 1 professional colleagues, to innovate and learn from the best national and international practices through professional body membership. Individual teachers and trainers have a responsibility for their own professionalism. They shape and influence their own development often in collaboration with peers and with the support of their employer Practice Behavior Content Examples in Chapter 1 of Ways for Students to Demonstrate Practice Behavior 1-Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior Use reflection and self-regulation to manage personal values and maintain professionalism in practice situations. Definition of social worker and Role Time to Think Box 1.1 play based on a case stud Holloway separates this relationship into seven different aspects of function, tasks, client, trainee and supervisor and institution. 1.3 Explain the requirements of legislation, codes of practice and agreed ways of working influence professional supervision I am going to explain the requirements of legislation, codes of practice and agreed.

Pedagogical Principles - My Assignment Tuto

  1. Practice using language that is appropriate for the workplace in your everyday conversations so that you get into the habit of sounding professional. The way you talk says a lot about you and your level of professionalism. Everything from the words you use to the topics you talk about leads people to form an opinion about you
  2. Paula Ingram and Marianne Murdoch with advice on how to reflect on your practice for revalidation.. What is reflection? Reflection is the process of making sense of an experience in order to learn and improve as a practitioner. 1 Often, we reflect as part of our everyday practice without being aware that we are doing it - for example, on the way home from work
  3. conflict between my personal values and the structure I am required to work within. This an example of a 'living contradiction' as described by Whitehead (1993), in my professional life. I shall explain how I have attempted to find a way of retaining and promoting my personal values of what education is about, within a very structure

Core values are personal ethics or ideals that guide you when making decisions, building relationships and solving problems. Identifying the values that are meaningful in your life can help you to develop and achieve personal and professional goals Learn how to get your needs met in new ways—ways that don't conflict with your values. To identify any potential value conflicts, take a moment now to reflect on what the upside is when you go. As a leader, choose the values and the ethics that are most important to you, the values and ethics that you believe in, and that define your character. Then live them visibly every day at work. Living your values is one of the most powerful tools available to you to help you lead and influence others

How My Own Values, Beliefs and Personal Experiences Might

will have high levels of skill in their own area of specialism. They are not expected to be specialist teachers of literacy, language, numeracy or ICT. However, there will be many naturally occurring activities for developing these skills within all areas of learning. Therefore they also need the knowledge and skills to identif Your values will influence your decisions related to your relationships, career, and other activities you engage in. Yet despite this importance, few people choose their values

Lead 7 Ways to Build Influence in the Workplace Influence has countless benefits, and is a particularly lucrative asset in the business world. Here are seven ways to build your influence If you'd like to experience the most success in both your personal and your business work life you will live them based on the values that are most important to you. To know what you value most, it is extraordinarily useful to spend some time identifying your key personal life values

However, factors which may not have been internalised as beliefs and values can still influence a person's attitudes at the point of decision-making. Typical influences include the desire to please, political correctness, convenience, peer pressure, and psychological stressors In effect, reflective practice is a form of experiential learning which enables the professional as the student or learner to move from their own concrete experiences to abstract conceptualisation of an idea, on which further action, leading to further experience, the education and training 3.3 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with employers and other stakeholders in education and training 3.4 Analyse the impact of being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies on curriculum design, delivery and assessment in own area of specialism 4 Understand the organisational context of education and training 4.1 Explain key aspects of policies. Person centred practice are ways of commissioning, providing and organising services rooted in listening to what people want, to help them live in their communities as they choose. These approaches work to use resource flexibly designed around what is important to an individual from their own perspective and work to remove any cultural and.

Our values are a reflection of the way each of us sees and addresses the world. Although values can and do change as people grow and learn, there are some basic values that most people hold: the need to protect and preserve human life, for instance, or the responsibility of adults to care for children Effective, ethical leaders use different approaches in different situations, choosing carefully when to influence people with appeals to the head, heart, or hands. Leaders need to understand why they are doing something — and be clear about their own values and goals when applying their influence skills

Professional values into action General Teaching Council

  1. Formative assessment of this assignment was received. The tutor felt that I had covered regulation and requirements but didn't make specific details and provided dates. I updated the document with the following. Specific legislative requirements that I needed to be explicitly aware of included: The Equality Act 2010: This act consolidated much of the pre-existin
  2. The problem is that his core career values clash with the core values of your team. This divide is causing infighting and bad feeling within the group. We all have our own workplace values. And, while you can't always make sure that each person's values are perfectly aligned, you can try to hire people who fit
  3. Lead 9 Ways to Reinforce and Live Your Company's Core Values Every Day Values define your company at its core. Here are 9 ways you can bring your values to life to attract top talent and set you.
  4. practice of professional counselors. 2. The . Professional values are an important way of living out an ethical commitment. The following are core professional values imposing—their own values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Counselors respect the diversity of clients, train - ees, and research participants an
  5. The components of our code of professional ethics: We base our business code of ethics on common principles of ethics [Note: Modify this list based on your own organization's values]: Respect for others. Treat people as you want to be treated. Integrity and honesty. Tell the truth and avoid any wrongdoing to the best of your ability. Justice.

How Your Personal Values Can Affect Your Life and Caree

  1. The way in which practitioners view, describe and explain their role impacts on how it is seen by others. This image and sense of identity as a professional can, in turn, influence how practitioners feel about their own role, carry out their work with children on a daily basis and interact with parents and other professionals
  2. Lichtenstein and Dade (2007) refer to a chief executive's motives for action and values as Reality 1.1. This is because it is the lynchpin of aligning the existing culture. that we refer to as Reality 1.0 with the vision - the future state of the organisation - that we refer to as Reality 2.0. Sustainable above average performance and value creation is achieved through.
  3. Global Business Ethics. The field of ethics is a branch of philosophy that seeks virtue and morality, addressing questions about right and wrong behavior for people in a variety of settings; the standards of behavior that tell how human beings ought to act. is a branch of philosophy that seeks to address questions about morality—that is, about concepts such as good and bad, right.

Describe how your own values, beliefs and personal

  1. Personal values, belief and attitudes. As human beings, we all have our own values, beliefs and attitudes that we have developed throughout the course of our lives. Our family, friends, community and the experiences we have had all contribute to our sense of who we are and how we view the world
  2. ed to do quality.
  3. Family is the foundation of society. With the breakdown of the family in recent decades, has come the breakdown of family values. The beliefs and ethics that were brought down from grandparents.
  4. Imposing values Forcing counselor values on client Exposing values Helping client to recognize his/her own values and discuss Encouraging different perspectives Offering a bouquet of flowers Knowing when to discuss values conflict between therapist and client Use of professional judgmen
  5. A few examples of lifestyle values include living in a big city, traveling extensively and living simply. Some people's core values may have been obvious to them for a long time. For others, a recent event may uncover a set of personal core values. Recognition of your own core values may come to you naturally, or the process can be a struggle
  6. Reflect on your own practice . 1 1A Undertake self-evaluation in conjunction with supervisors and/or peers 2 1B Reflect on and recognise the effect of values, beliefs and behaviour in practice 9. 1C Share two-way, open and evaluative feedback with co-workers or peers 16 1D Actively seek and reflect on feedback 22. Summary 2
  7. Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors in the Decision-Making Framework In the News Values and Behaviors in Family Purchasing Decisions Brand Preference Quality Preference Price Preference Design Preference The Marketing Profession's Interest in Family Values Impact of Culture on Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors Worldview Consistency Over Time and.

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Teachers have their own preferences on which strategies and methods work best in their classroom and the way their student learn best. Although we are given standards for the curriculum we must cover by the Common Core, teachers are able to choose the way in which they approach these objectives The Relationship Between Beliefs and Values in Social Work 13 can form purposes and act in the direction of those purposes. Our be-liefs about the nature of the world, other persons, and ourselves inter-act in a fundamental way with how we perceive reality, how we define our own identity, and how we act To be truly effective - in good times and in times of great challenge - leaders must master the ability to influence others. We've identified influencing others as one of the 4 core leadership skills needed in every role. (Communicating, learning agility, and self-awareness are the other 3.

Impact of Current Educational Policies - Political and

Leadership skills can influence the values of an organisation by ensuring the team meet the standards and implement the Codes of Practice, particularly the requirements to protect the rights and promote the interests of people who use services and of carers, promote the independence of people who use services and protect them as far as possible. Nurses and nursing staff take responsibility for the care they provide and answer for their own judgments and actions - they carry out these actions in a way that is agreed with their patients, and the families and carers of their patients, and in a way that meets the requirements of their professional bodies and the law apply to all aspects of life and influence how a person behaves in different situations. Here are some examples of the values and behaviours you might need to work in social care. Dignity and respect Learning and reflection - (thinking about what you do and why you do things in a certain way) Working togethe

1 Understand the concept of professionalism and core

Developing your professional identity is going to unfold in the exact same way, as a process. It may be filled with excitement, frustration, success, and failure. But at the end of the day, you will be able to look back and be grateful that you ultimately stayed the course. My Own Journe This guidance is split into four sections which describe the professional values and behaviours we expect from any doctor registered with us. We expect you to use your professional judgement and expertise to apply the principles in this guidance to the various situations you face. This guidance came into effect 22 April 2013 Every day, people are inundated with decisions, big and small. Understanding how people arrive at their choices is an area of cognitive psychology that has received attention. Theories have been generated to explain how people make decisions, and what types of factors influence decision making in the present and future 15. You must provide a good standard of practice and care. If you assess, diagnose or treat patients, you must: a. adequately assess the patient's conditions, taking account of their history (including the symptoms and psychological, spiritual, social and cultural factors), their views and values; where necessary, examine the patient b. promptly provide or arrange suitable advice.

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The primary difference is that a personal set of ethics refers to an individual's beliefs and values in any area of life, while professional ethics refers to a person's values within the workplace. An example of a personal code of ethics is as follows: A person chooses to return a wallet that they found on the ground to lost and found rather. Culture, Race, & Ethnicity. As a sociology student, Janice has become very interested in the different factors influencing people's identities and behaviors over time Core values are important because they act like a compass to help you lead the amazing life that you want, no matter where you find yourself in this world. Not only that, having the right core values can improve your decision-making, your productivity, your achievements and perhaps most importantly, your ability to love and be loved 1.2 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities. All Teachers are required to abide by a number of legislative requirements, passed in Parliament, such as the Children Act, the Data Protection Act, the Equality Act, the Health and Safety Act, as well as other acts

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self-awareness is the ability to identify own strength, values and preferences. It helps us to understand our own emotions, thoughts and insight. To develop self-awareness, try to give sometime every day to think about own preferences, have a positive attitude towards own beliefs. Following this practice can help to achieve the goals in future. The nurse must have an inner peace with her own mortality. The nurse must be comfortable with death and dying and possess a deep understanding and acceptance of all life cycles and be prepared for their own death (Watson 2002). Caring is directed to a pain free death with dignity and a belief of a spiritual transformation or journey after death Over the course of the early twentieth century, the influence of psychoanalysis grew. It was not, however, without its critics. Despite its flaws, psychoanalysis continued to play a key role in the development of psychology. It influenced our approach to treating mental health conditions and continues to exert an influence on psychology today Human service professionals and those who educate them promote and encourage the unique values and characteristics of human services. In so doing, human service professionals uphold the integrity and ethics of the profession, promote client and community well-being, and enhance their own professional growth Core values is a broad phrase to describe the standards by which we characterize a person, profession, or organization. Throughout the course of brainstorming and analyzing my professional experience, I have settled on a set of five values that are most important in public administration

critical thinking to those frameworks in practice, research, and policy arenas. Social workers recognize personal values and the distinction between personal and professional values. They also understand how their personal experiences and affective reactions influence their professional judgment and behavior When most people think of ethics (or morals), they think of rules for distinguishing between right and wrong, such as the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you), a code of professional conduct like the Hippocratic Oath (First of all, do no harm), a religious creed like the Ten Commandments (Thou Shalt not kill...), or a wise aphorisms like the sayings of Confucius The Code and practice guidance The Code is the primary document setting out the standards for conduct and practice. It also forms part of the wider package of legislation, practice standards and employers' policies and procedures that social care workers must meet. We may also publish additional practice guidance. Practice The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice (The Competencies) as Technical Assistance Publication (TAP) 21. Developed by the National Curriculum Committee of the It entails transmitting scientific knowledge in a way that makes it understandable, feasible to implement in a real-world setting, and supportable at a. A theory is a logical system of concepts that helps to explain why something happens in a particular way and to predict outcomes. By grounding their practice in theory, social workers can better understand his or her own task, orient goal setting, and anticipate outcomes. Click on each theory to jump to it's section below

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