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The national average cost of materials to install an exposed aggregate concrete patio is $2.04 per sq foot; raging around $1.90 to $2.18. The Basic aggregate concrete patio material price for 100 square feet area can cost around $125 to $150 while the Best aggregate concrete patio material price for 100 square feet area can cost around $200 to $235.. Feb 7, 2016 - Explore Tracy Joras's board Exposed Aggregate Concrete Patio on Pinterest. See more ideas about exposed aggregate concrete, concrete patio, exposed aggregate Exposed-Aggregate Patio Slab - 16-in x 16-in. Article #4208003. Model #33010687 Format 16x16 This item is not currently available for immediate purchase, but can be ordered by visiting the selected store. Exposed-Aggregate Patio Slab - 16-in x 16-in. Add to wish lis Exposed aggregate concrete is an ideal decorative concrete composed of bare stones obtained from river beds, which is perfect for any given walk away and also patio. It changes the appearance and texture, which is incomparable with a white plain concrete slab. An exposed aggregate function is factored as decorative concrete Using a surface retarderToday, most contractors expose aggregate by spraying a chemical surface retarder onto the slab surface immediately after placing and finishing. This delays the set and gives them the flexibility to remove the cement paste up to a day or so later, either by scrubbing or pressure washing

How to Build an Exposed Aggregate Patio shows from framing to finish how to build and exposed aggregate patio. For information on many other parts of landsca.. Exposed Aggregate Concrete is used as large bays for footpaths or low-speed traffic areas, as decorative vertical walls, and in dozens of different pre-cast units, ranging from block pavers, to decorative patio flags/slabs and to large pre-cast construction sections for multi-storey buildings

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The 16 in. x 16 in. Square Exposed Aggregate Concrete Step Stones by Mutual Materials are great for making bold and beautiful statements for your outdoor areas. Now you can add your own custom look to your patio or pathway with this step stone that features a traditional gray color with an exposed aggregate finish Call and ask for exposed aggregate concrete. They will inform you on what it is and different options they offer. As for amount, concrete is purchased by the yard. If you have trouble figuring out how much is needed, tell the concrete company your square footage and thickness Patio Exposed Sidewalk 24X24 Inch Gray CCI Century Slate and CCI Slabs offers both colours and texture to enhance any landscape design. Whether your project is a large patio/driveway or a step stone path, CCI Century Slate and Slabs give you the design to fulfil any backyard drea http://www.adaptitcairns.com.au Patio's, Deck's, Carport's and more!! This is an exposed aggregate concrete slab for a patio in Smithfield Cairns. Call Adap.. Mar 9, 2017 - Explore Jean Ou's board Exposed Aggregate paving on Pinterest. See more ideas about exposed aggregate, exposed aggregate concrete, concrete patio

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  1. An exposed-aggregate surface is obtained by placing concrete and then removing the outer 'skin' of cement paste to uncover decorative coarse aggregate (either batched into the concrete mix or seeded onto the surface). Because of its durability and skid resistance, an exposed aggregate finish is ideal for most flatwork including: Sidewalks.
  2. Get the Expocrete 24x24 Exposed Aggregate Patio Stone at your local Home Hardware store. Buy online and get Free Shipping to any Home location
  3. Decor Precast Titan Slab 16x16 Avalanche Blend-Compare Interlocking Cobbled Stone Look Garden Pathway Tiles, Floor Grass Pavers Anti- Slip Mat, 5 pack . Compare Patio Sidewalk 24X24 Inch Gray . Oldcastle Patio Sidewalk 24X24 Inch Gray (44) $11 And. 48 Cents / each

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Shop Patio Stones & Pavers top brands at Lowe's Canada online store. Compare products, read reviews & get the best deals! Price match guarantee + FREE shipping on eligible orders The cement in a concrete slab usually holds the surface layer of aggregate in an exposed aggregate slab securely in place. Sometimes, though, this hold fails, and pieces of the aggregate break away. With the loss of the aggregate, the slab develops surface bald patches or depressions Elevation Architects designed the home, patio, and landscape for this charming modern house in Healdsburg, California. The concrete slabs were poured in place and acid washed. Those stripes of green ground cover are Elfin thyme, which grows quickly, stays compact, and can be walked on. The patio is framed with white, gray, and black pea gravel Exposed aggregate patio slab 33010687 rona apollo concrete 12109013 stone hydrapressed paving slabs bc brick master interlocking ltd 12 x sharecost als s square block country blocks hardscape round stepping natural 15 12010 1 triple h kool breeze farms mutual materials 16 in step pv05016sqgre the home depot expocrete 24 x24 hardwar Beautify your outdoor spaces and create durable walking surfaces with the right patio stones and pavers.Precast concrete slabs in an assortment of colours, sizes, and shapes provide easy installation for walkways, patios, curbs, and edgers.Cobblestone-style patio pavers with tumbled edges offer an Old World look to retaining walls, driveways, or walkway applications

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This patio cover-up will save you the cost of that gravel. More important, it eliminates the backbreaking drudgery of breaking up concrete, digging up soil, hauling it all away and hauling in gravel. On this 12 x 14-ft. patio, a patio tear-out and new gravel base would have meant more than 12 extra tons of wheelbarrow work Finishing a slab or walkway with exposed aggregate takes some practice to master. It is all about timing. And timing depends a lot on the temperature and humidity. Basically, once the concrete has just lost the watery sheen on top, the aggregate is spread evenly over the slab surface Belgard Portland 21-in L x 15-in W x 2-in H Concrete Patio Stone. Portland Stone™Â provides homeowners with a natural-looking stone for their patio or walkway. Its irregular share and texture give any outdoor space a comforting and welcoming appearance. View Mor Many people want to install pavers over concrete. Perhaps they have an old installation built on a concrete slab, or perhaps they want to avoid doing the work necessary to rip up an old concrete patio or driveway. Installing a base of aggregate may be the best option, but perhaps the best is not needed in this situation Exposed Aggregate Driveways, Patios, Slabs, Sidewalks Call (317) 961-7041 You may not recognize the name Exposed Aggregate Concrete, however it's probably a material you are well acquainted with - you just never knew its name

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Stafford installer of exposed aggregate. A great alternative to tarmac, block paving and paving slabs. Exposed aggregate concrete is a form of decorative concrete achieved by removing the top layer of cement paste and revealing the underlying aggregate. A free-flowing driveway, pathway or patio with no joints and therefore no weeds Seal Your Slab. The best way to keep your concrete looking good is to seal it. You can test your concrete to see if it is sealed by dribbling water onto it. If the water beads, your slab is sealed. I have a 60 year old exposed aggregate patio and looking to find out if res...Read More. Hidden aggregate in driveway concret 38700 Loggers Lane Squamish, BC Canada V8B 0K7. Tel: 604.892.0191 Fax: 604.892.0170. M-F: 7:30-4:00 Sat/Sun/Hol: CLOSE The above photo features our Exposed Aggregate patio stones used in the patio and our Holland Pavers are used in the walkway. The Holland Pavers can be used as an accent border, a pathway or even as the entire patio surface. They are versatile and colorful. The Exposed Aggregate comes in several different sizes and shapes

Create your own price list in Homewyse Lists For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install an Exposed Aggregate Patio starts at $11.20 - $13.65 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project An exposed-aggregate surface is obtained by placing concrete and then removing the outer 'skin' of cement paste to uncover decorative coarse aggregate (either batched into the concrete mix or seeded onto the surface). Because of its durability and skid resistance, an exposed aggregate finish is ideal for most flatwork including If your concrete is badly stained, you can acid etch it clean again. Pour a solution of muriatic acid and water over the slab and work it in with a broom. Avoid skin and eye contact with the acid. Let the acid work into the concrete then hose it off

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Exposed aggregate concrete is an excellent installation material. It is inexpensive and provides a home or property owner with unlimited design options. However, there are some negative aspects to it as well, including difficulty installing for anyone who does not have experience working with the material. Should someone decide on using exposed. Exposed Aggregate paving slabs maintain their beauty and colour over time. Various granites are brought in from Ontario, Quebec and the US to create the natural aggregate finish for creative landscaping. Combine them with other Triple H paving products for beautiful and playful streetscaping projects. 50 x 50 x 4.5 c Existing concrete (including exposed aggregate) can be used as a base for mortared and dry laid applications of pavers or stone. The structural integrity of the slab is the main issue. It must be solid and not shifting and settling Exposed Aggregate Crack Repair in a Concrete Patio. Over the past 15 years we received numerous phone calls and emails from people who are looking for a good way to repair exposed aggregate concrete slabs. Traditional methods of cut and fill with concrete patching compounds or epoxy always left the slab looking worse than when they started Repairing exposed aggregate concrete. Q. We have just had a concrete pathway done in the exposed aggregate finish. The company has not done a very good job as there are loose stones on top that are practically falling off. We have asked an expert who seemed to think they have washed the concrete off too soon before it dried properly

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Semicircular exposed aggregate concrete patio just after final wash. This is a lifetime frost-resistant patio slab suspended on piles and cardboard void form. Layout, prep and forming. Key to any concrete project lasting is prep; this is if anything more important with exposed aggregate because of the visual attention it receives. An overlooked. Make a big impression. Techo-Bloc's oversized patio stones add a luxury and richness rarely achieved with outdoor concrete slabs. Add eye-catching elements to patios, create statement walkways, and highlight outdoor entertainment areas For homeowners looking to add a concrete patio or replace a pre-existing patio, the best bet is the surface-seeding variety of exposed aggregate concrete. That's because the home may not permit the drainage necessary for chemically-retarded exposed aggregate. And homeowners will certainly want to minimize exposure to toxic chemicals Can Pressure Washing Damage Concrete or Pavers? Cleaning your hardscapes is a fast, easy way to immediately increase your home's curb appeal or improve outdoor living areas without spending a lot of money. You will notice an even more significant difference if your concrete, bricks or paving stones are dirty from years of neglect or if they have mold or algae growing on them If you're using any natural stone products, like patio slabs for a driveway, we recommend you use our 50/50 mixed building sand. Soft building sand is used as mortar for walling. Our aggregate calculator helps you estimate how much aggregate you'll need for your particular project. By simply adding the width, length and depth of the.

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  1. g in between $9.11 to $11.18. A typical 120 square foot project costs $1,217.61, with a range of $1,093.65 to $1,341.57
  2. We are southern Ontario's leader in concrete design, installations of custom or regular concrete pouring,and finishing with over 40 years' experience in concrete driveways, walkways, floors, ramps and more
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  4. Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concrete that has natural stones from river beds and quarries hand seeded into a concrete base. A touch of class combined with durability makes exposed aggregate an ideal choice for pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, commercial entryways and more

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  1. A poured concrete patio can be a gray, utilitarian slab or it may be a highly decorative focal point of your backyard living environment. By including a decorative finishing technique in your plans, such as exposed aggregates or etching with acid stain, your design options are virtually unlimited
  2. Aggregate is the sand and gravel part of the concrete mix. It's what the cement bonds to, and it gives the concrete substance and strength. Smooth, stamped or broomed concrete hides the larger pieces of gravel below the surface. The exposed aggregate method removes the top fine layer so individual gravel pieces are visible on the surface
  3. us or 5/8
  4. My question is would I be able to do he same sort of thing on very old exposed aggregate concrete? I have phoned different Stain companies who have said Stain wouldn't work as the stain wouldn't take on the stones in the concrete. I am on a tight budget so can't afford to replace paths and patio and the whole area really spoils my garden
  5. Next Level Concrete Ltd is an Edmonton area concrete patio design and construction specialist. Whether you are contracting us to build a broom finish, exposed aggregate or stamped concrete patio in the Edmonton area we use the same high standards of construction to make sure the job is done properly
  6. Explore laura yoders board exposed aggregates pool deck on better aggregate concrete patio walkway and path outdoor living, a concrete printed patio can be designed by you to compliment your outdoor landscape or may water and aggregates are the pattern patios
  7. 16x16 square 16-in L x 16-in W x 2-in H Concrete Patio Stone. Model #72678.DSL. Compare; Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 52.

Patio Concrete Slab Floors. Beautiful exterior slab floors installed in just a few days! Give your driveway a unique look and the perfect curve appeal! LEARN MORE. Services. Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Specialized in stamped, colored, exposed aggregate concrete. Residential. Patios, driveways, sidewalks. Commercial. Curb, gutter, handicap. Exposed Aggregate Exposed aggregate is a style of concreting that incorporates stones to create a distinctive rough surface pebble look finish

Exposed aggregate is the preferred concreting option for many homeowners nowadays because of its stunning looks and durability. Ballarat Pro is one of the region's most sought-after concreters with a reputation for innovative exposed aggregate surfacing in a variety of applications Exposed Aggregate Pavers These pavers are made to match landscaped areas or to provide contrast to extensive concreted areas. Using a variety of pebbles and chip we can provide a product that will give a unique look to your property and create the point of difference that everyone wants around their propert Concrete Driveways, Foot Paths, including Polished, Exposed Aggregate and Coloured Surfaces; Building Foundations, House Slabs, Shed Slabs, and Patio Slabs; Pool Surrounds; East Coast Concrete Solutions is a family owned business providing residential and commercial concreting services in Logan and the Gold Coast for over eight years

Concrete slabs can often be very slippery when wet. This can cause cars to lose traction and leave tire marks on a newly installed concrete driveway. Additionally, a slippery pool deck or patio can be very dangerous if someone were to fall on the hard concrete deck. Pavers are manufactured to be non-skid and non-slip Exposed aggregate concreting is a highly durable and wears extremely well. Perfect for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic and/or has furniture on it. Driveways are also ideal for laying aggregate concrete because you get durability and street appeal

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Exposing the aggregate layer under your concrete's surface gives it a beautiful finish that resembles thousands of tiny stone pebbles. When installed properly, an exposed aggregate patio, driveway, walkway, or interior floor will add interest to your home and increase the value of your property Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Vancouver is sometimes compared to a marble or granite which has been changed by polishing. through the polishing, a once plain and unremarkable surface is removed to expose the natural beauty found underneath. This technique works well for Concrete Steps In Vancouver Keep Good Concrete looking Swell. We offer maintenance and recovery options for your decorative concrete. We can clean and reseal your concrete as part of a maintenance program. We have options to refresh stamped concrete (called antiquing) that has been poorly maintained, and we can disguise defects and cracks with acid stain and other tricks Concrete Contractor Proudly Serving Carmel Driveways, Patios, Slabs, Stamped, Exposed Aggregate and More Call (317) 961-7041 Looking for a reliable concrete company in to hire for your project? Need repairs, resurfacing, new installation or replacement done? Live in Carmel, Indiana? We can help. Call and get your free estimate today. Call (317) 961-7041 If you Carmel Read More

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Our Residential Division has many diverse types of projects from Structural Vertical to Retaining walls. Building custom homes from the ground up to room additions including front sidewalk, driveway extensions, back patios and decorative overlay to stamped concrete An exposed aggregate floor utilizes the decorative qualities of a concrete mix's aggregates and the strength and longevity of the structural slab. It requires an aggressive cut on the floor. Exposed Aggregate Enhancements. A exposed aggregate slab is a good mid range option for those customers that are looking for something other than a traditional white concrete slab. You can further enhance the exposed aggregate slab by adding one of our concrete fire pits and concrete tables

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Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of decorative paving for your driveway, sidewalk or patio and other outdoor spaces. This style utilizes a concrete base with an exposed top layer. This top layer can be your desired mix of sand, cement and decorative elements like stones, pebbles, granite or gravel Please note that production for Exposed Aggregate has been suspended for 2020 and we won't have stock for the remainder of 2020. Triple H Family owned and operated since 1975 Once the exposed aggregate concrete is acid washed and dried. allow the concrete to cure for a min. 7 day's. before applying a DECORATIVE sealer, yes this is to beautify only. I use a product call C.P.D. Acrylic concrete & paver sealer

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  1. Concrete Patio Makeover Outdoor Patio Pea Gravel Patio Backyard Covered Patios Patio Slabs Raised Patio Gravel Patio Concrete Patio Pebble Patio. Laying a Pebble Patio. Give an old concrete patio a complete facelift with an overlay of pebbles mixed with epoxy. The result is a patio that looks like a sandy beach, giving the feel of an island.
  2. Aggregate concrete is a great choice for outdoor surface installations. It consists of concrete mixed with gravel or small pebbles to create a decorative effect. You can apply the aggregate with excellent results on your driveway, patio or sidewalk
  3. imal cracking, exposed aggregate is laid as a slab
  4. Concrete Applications. Concrete is a composite material composed of aggregate and cement. Over the years, concrete has established itself as a sturdy building material used for both structural foundations and architectural visual aesthetics
  5. The Saxon textured concrete paving slab from Marshalls is a practical and tough contemporary paving choice, commonly used in residential applications. Blended with a hard Yorkstone aggregate to deliver a unique surface finish, it enhances any garden or patio. Comes with a 1 year guarantee

Because of its durability and skid resistance, an exposed aggregate finish is ideal for most flatwork including patios. There are various ways to create special effects with the aggregate. One idea is to use contrasting aggregates side-by-side or combine areas of smooth concrete and exposed-aggregate finishes Benco Concrete Inc. put in an exposed aggregate driveway for us with stamped concrete borders and walkways leading to the front and side doors. We had a hard time finding any other contractors that were comfortable doing 2 types of concrete for one job. When we did find a couple others that would, the pricing was very high Textured paving slabs boast the perfect balance of style and functionality, and are both practical and durable offering a degree of slip resistance. with its surface having a distinctive fleck taken from the exposed aggregate. For further garden landscape design ideas, view our patio feature kits,.

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Stamped and broom finishes conceal annoying pieces of gravel in the concrete while exposed aggregate finish eliminates the smooth part on top of the surface, leaving pieces of gravel on the surface. Make an order today for exposed aggregate finish on your patio space The 'exposed' surface of exposed aggregate concrete reveals the natural textures of numerous aggregates. Pebble beening the most popular. An extensive range of aggregate/mix/colours are suited to residential application, though a bold new modern range is available for contemporary and commercial styling Exposed Concrete. Exposed concrete is a concreting finish most popular for driveways and paths, that looks fantastic for any area. Aggregate for exposed concrete can be purchased either as a river stone or a crushed rock, in a variety of tones. Different applications are used depending on the elevation of the particular job at hand Choice Custom Concrete - Located in the Snohomish River Valley. Serving the Greater Seattle area. We offer stamped and decorative concrete,foundations, driveways, patios, walkways, garage slabs, sports courts, retaining walls, and more CARPORT, PATIO & VERANDA SLABS There are many creative possibilities when laying a new carport, patio or veranda slab. Coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, Stylepave spray or even diamond cut control joints can create an amazing finished result. We also custom design floor patterns and features to suit your design goals

Decorative aggregate exposed in concrete offers an attractive surface. On an exposed aggregate driveway, colorful stones are laid on top of wet concrete to add a decorative, unique touch. Over time, pieces of aggregate can dislodge if the concrete becomes brittle or water damaged, leaving unsightly ruts behind We carry specialty finishes that utilize the use of concrete coloring, exposed aggregate finishes, and concrete pattern stamping. We possess the diligent and tireless work ethic that ensures your next construction project far exceeds your expectations — and helps increase your home's curb appeal Control of Alkali-Aggregate Reactions in Concrete, IS413. Crazing Crazing, a network pattern of fine cracks that do not penetrate much below the surface, is caused by minor surface shrinkage Concrete Slab Surface Defects: Causes, Prevention, Repair Figure 3. Drying-shrinkage cracks like these often result from improper joint spacing. (A5271)

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Exposed aggregate concrete (otherwise known as washed aggregate) is a rugged, textured, and yet attractive flooring that fits perfectly with any landscaping designs. Once you have chosen your desired aggregate, our team of specialists pour and lay the mixture, we then remove the top layer of concrete exposing a one of kind and visually striking. I want a large exposed aggregate patio, but in order to break up this monolithic slab, i want to add a border. I have seen plenty of examples of a stamped border around exposed aggregate but I'm wondering how it was done. Is it done with separate pours - one for the exposed agg, and then another for the stamped border If you are in Bunbury and are looking to lay an Exposed Aggregate Driveway, House Pad, Shed Slab or any other concrete service, DUNSBOROUGH CONCRETE CONTRACTORS offers a complete range of Contracting Services.. Whether you are a Bunbury home owner, builder or business owner, rely on our expertise and no-nonsense advice to deliver outstanding results Exposed Aggregate Driveways - Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Gold Coast We specialise in create Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway that's visually impressive and adds value to your property. We have a range types and sizes of decorative aggregate are available to achieve color and texture variations with reasonable cost Exposed aggregate specialist! Shed slabs! Driveways! Pathways! Pool surrounds! Call us today!! Freshly finished cantilevered pool surround and pa. 160m2 Full house surround in a stipple finish with. Out with the old in with the new! It's been a pl. What a difference for this front yard transformati

Exposed Aggregate Concretes; Decorative Concrete Surfacing Techniques Concrete flags or slabs were the mainstay of public footpaths and many a driveway for decades before being superseded by other materials, but they still have their uses, as will be explored on this page. Read more. Patio Paving. Patio flags tend to be smaller and thinner. Snow Plowing - Paver Driveway / Exposed Aggregate / Concrete Driveway Aggressive plowing using a metal blade can cause noticeable damage your pavers or decorative concrete driveway. Using a rubber or vinyl-edged blade for snow removal goes a long way toward preservation of your driveway

Concrete Slab Cost. A typical concrete slab costs $4 to $8 per square foot with most homeowners spending between $5.35 to $6.17 per square foot, or $113 to $126 per cubic yard for both materials and installation. Your final cost will depend on the slabs size, thickness, and if you any special reinforcement such as wire mesh or rebar C & R Concrete Contractors are experienced commercial concrete contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are considered a great residential concrete contractor in Indianapolis. Our concrete prices can make your home or commercial job a success SNS Concreting has been locally operated by Garry Smith for 10 years. We specialise in driveways, patios, shed slabs, carports, exposed, plain, stencil and coloured concrete. We offer a friendly service available for quotes 7 days . Our Services. We specialise in all types of concreting technique

Concrete patios | DunedinPool Decking, Pool Patio, Pool Plastering / ResurfacingGallery - Pool Surrounds | City-Link Concrete ConstructionPreventing Mosture Problems with Sealers - Sealer SeriesConcrete Driveways in Brisbane - Concreting Brisbane
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