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An easy step by step video tutorial on tying a loose alternating square knot. You can use this knot to give your hemp macrame jewelry a lacy look DIY How to Tie an Alternating Square Knot - 8 Strand Loose Version: An easy step by step video tutorial on tying a loose alternating square knot. You can use this knot to give your hemp macrame jewelry a lacy look Just the basics - use your own creativity for stopper knots and decoration Instructions for an 8-strand Round/Square Braid. This common braid is basically an 8-strand expansion of the 4-strand round braid. When worked without a core it has a square cross-section, but if worked with a core, it will conform somewhat to the shape of the core, tending to be round in cross-section. To begin, hold four strands in each hand Eight strand braids look both complex and impressive, but they are actually quite simple to make. Once you know how to make a basic, flat, eight strand braid, you can move on to more complex ones, such as the round or square braid. Paracord works the best for this, but you can also use thin, flat leather lacing or even embroidery floss! Method

DIY How to Tie an Alternating Square Knot - 8 Strand Loose

See how to tie an 8 strand square sennit knot below. Eight Strand Round. You can make an eight strand round knot after practicing the 4 and 6 strand tutorials. Ocean Plat Mat. The Ocean Plait Mat is a member of a large family of symmetrical mats made by weaving the ends Watch and learn how to tie a square knot for your macrame or knot tying projects This is a How to video for making an eight strand round crown sinnet keyfob/ lanyard

The Square Knot is also known as the sailor's knot, macrame knot and reef knot. It may look complicated, but it is quite simple because you only have to work the two outside strands. If you started with the Lark's Head Knot, you should have two pieces of string, folded in half and attached to your holding cord Square knot variations with eight strings. This is easy to make and looks good. You only need to know a square knot. With this macrame pattern you can make: belt, band, bracelet, strap for guitar or ba Warning: This picture demonstrates how even a Stack of Square Knots can capsize and pull undone. These photographs were created by pulling on the ends of the red rope. There have probably been more lives lost as a result of using a Square Knot as a bend (to tie two ropes together) than from the failure of any other half dozen knots combined The very second I heard about Kumihimo I was online ordering a starter kit for myself. The. Very. Second. When it got here I jumped around the living room like a loon clutching my bubble mailer. I hadn't even opened it yet. When I opened it, I jumped right in. The directions were on the backside of the product card and it was easy enough to follow, though I did get a bit irritated

Select a strand, call it strand 1 (even if it's strand 2, 3 or 1), sticking out from under the crown knot and begin the backsplicing at that point by placing your right thumb partially under it and at the same time upon the strand it is passing over or lying upon. Grasp the rest of the crown knot with the tips of your fore and middle fingers 731 (Multi-Strand Matthew Walker) 3001 (8-Strand Square Sennit) 761 (Sennit) 2920 (Crown Sennit) 731 (Multi-Strand Matthew Walker knot - with an additional tuck) 954 (Octagonal Knot) Nana's Bell. Found this on Craig's List. Nana's Bell needed a new home when Nana passed. Some Brasso and a new Bellrope. Great sound These knots are worked as the flat square knots above were. Starting with at least 8 strands, divide them into 4 strand groups and complete a flat square knot on each. Then the core strands become the working strands and vice versa, so a second knot can be formed centered between two knots above it An easy video tutorial that teaches the 8 strand Alternating Square Knot. This knot can be used to create lacy hemp bracelets, necklaces, and chokers

8 strand square sennit - made with 2 strands - YouTub

  1. imum of five complete tucks is required. For mooring, towlines, and other long term or critical applications, seven tucks are recommended. The animation only shows the threading of two complete tucks with the final image.
  2. one-half of the strand is purple and the other white. The purple working strand is initially held in the right hand. The left-handed person may choose to study the photographs in a mirror. 1. Simple knot: incomplete basic unit 2. Square knot: completed knot 3. Surgeon's or Friction knot: completed tension knot
  3. A square knot, also known as a reef knot, is a simple way to bind 2 ropes, strings, or lines together. Because it is simple to make, durable, and can be undone quickly, the square knot is a staple of camping, pioneering, and sailing. Take..
  4. For an 8-strand braid, typically one or two colors are used to create patterns, but you can use as many as eight different colors for each strand. 2 Tie strands together at the end. Tie the pieces of material you will use for your braid together at one end
  5. Technique: Making the Four Strand Square Sinnet is better visualized from above the sinnet as it is being formed: the radial symmetry is much more obvious. The formed Sinnet is held in one hand with the four strands at the top; the other hand is used to tie the Sinnet. One pair of strands rotates clockwise and the other rotates counter-clockwise

Instructions for an 8-strand Round/Square Brai

8 Strand. 8 Strand. Sort By: Quick view. Compare Compare Items. Blue Steel Poly 8 Strand. Other. Quick view. Compare Columbia Basin Knot Company, LLC 17015 E. Washington Road Valleyford, WA 99036 509-291-3024 cbknot@cbknot.com. 509-291-302 Make another knot on the top portion, but before you tighten it, wrap each strand counter clock-wise (to the right) and just after it passes the first strand, bring it up through the middle. Do this for all four strands. Tighten the knot and make sure it is right up next to the braids

Fig. 8- Fold strand E over the first guideline, and under the next. Fig. 9- With strand F, fold it Over the closest guideline, and Under the next. Again, you do not want strand E and F to cross, or this will make a mess. Fig. 10- Grasp all (8) loose ends and tug evenly to tighten and complete the first stitch An 8-Strand plaited rope made with 100% nylon. This rope has superior shock absorbency and abrasion resistance as well as excellent strength. A sta..

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Begin by tying Square Knots with cords 1 - 4, 5 - 8, and 9 - 12. Step 2: Row 2 is made by combining cords 3 - 4 from the first knot (in row 1) with cords 5 - 6 from the second knot More knotty stuff on my blog: Stormdrane's Blog This video will show how to tie a single strand star knot. I followed Fred Creativ'Knots photo tutorial for tying the knot, but had comments from others that they were having trouble following the path of the cord, so between the video and the photos, this will hopefully help those that needed to see more Pass left thumb under white strand. 3 4 Square Knot (Two-hand technique) First throw 01-si m2 3/7/08 09:28 Página 3. 5 6 Place blue strand over white strand and hold it between left index finger and left thumb. 7 Pass the rest of blue strand under white strand

The Figure 8 Knot is one of the first knots that every climber will use. It is easy to tie and you can use it in many situations. The simple Figure 8 Knot has formed the basis for an entire family of Figure 8 Knot variations. Here I shall discuss the 6 variations, their uses, and their pros and cons The 8 best knots to know for your boating life are: the figure 8 knot, two half hitches, square knot, bowline, clove hitch. anchor hitch, sheet bend, and cleat hitch. We've provided a complete how-to

Overhand Knot Figure of Eight Knot Reef or Square Knot Sheet Bend Bowline Knot Fisherman's Knot Fisherman's Bend Two Half Hitches Timber Hitch Short Splice Eye Splice. Knot Strength % 45% 45% 50% 50% 60% 65% 65% 65% 70% 90% 95%. Strength of Knot Chart Additional Tighten the knot by holding the bight in one hand while pulling on each strand. 3. Figure 8 On A Bight. A fancier alternative to the overhand on a bight knot, the figure 8 on a bight is essentially the same knot, but with an extra twist in the rope

Square Knot (1=1) 44-51 2. Surgeon's Knot Square (2=1) 52-61 3. Slip Knot (S=S) 62-69 IX. One-Hand Technique 1. Square (1=1) 70-77 X. Instrument-Tie Techniqu Polypropylene is a linear hydrocarbon polymer that consists of a strand of polypropylene, a synthetic linear polyolefin. All polypropylenes begin with a base resin and then go. To see some of the square knot's antics, tie a firm square knot, then pull on one tail until the knot flips (or capsizes in knotting language). One strand will turn into a lark's head knot, or girth hitch, feebly grasping the perfectly straightened second strand. Off belay! 7 The Square Knot a binding knot used to tie a rope around something to secure it. It can also be used to tie two identical ropes together, but the MUST be of the same size, material, age, and condition, or the knot WILL slip. For joining two ropes, a sheet bend is superior Step 8. Undo the Square Knots Next, you'll want to visualize the diamond shape in the center of the square knot V pattern. I wanted the diamond to be 5 square knots high, so that's how many I undid until the top of the diamond shape was formed. I get the work was just put in with doing the square knot V only to undo half of it

Knots: A Preppers Guide To Tying Knots With Paracor

Granny Knot A granny knot is most often created by incorrect knotting technique and is more likely to slip when compared to a square knot. A granny knot consists of two simple throws, with one throw beginning with the instrument between each strand of suture and the other beginning with the instrument outside of the strand of suture Flogger Forge - A Cored Square Knot can be a great way to create a rope strap or unusual texture for your Falls 1-Strand Diamond Knot (DK1) Flogger Forge - This knot can be used to add mass to the end of your Falls May 9, 2018 - Explore Gina Deinhart's board Paracord braiding instructions, followed by 115 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about paracord, paracord projects, paracord knots Oct 6, 2017 - Single decorative knots and how to tie them. These will form a reference of choices for knot combinations that might go into larger craft knot work pieces. See more ideas about decorative knots, knots, paracord To make the alternating square knot as I did above, start with 4 Lark's head knots (there will be 8 total cords). Make a square knot with four left side cords. Make a square knot with the four right side cords. Make a square knot with the four middle cords. (Push away the outer two cords on the left and right side to make it easier.

Knotty Square Tutorial, Kits, Strands, Chain! Tomorrow at noon CDT we'll be hosting a Facebook Live Show at noon that will include our newest kits, new Czech beads and specialty chain. #diyjewelry #diyjewelrymaking #macrame #macramejewelry #czechglassbeads #bohojewelry #visitstoughton #visitstoughtonwi #diakonosdesigns #thestonescryou In 1998, Winters et al 26 reported in an in vivo study that the 8-strand technique has significantly greater strength than the 2- and 4-strand techniques. Therefore, other 8-strand tendon repair techniques were introduced, such as the new half-hitch loop suture, 27 surface locking Kessler techniques, 28 and 8-strand cross-locked cruciate repair.

SURGICAL SQUARE KNOT 1. One square knot requires two mirror image overhand knots (two throws). 2. Two hand technique uses the thumb, index fingers (pinch) to push ends through loop. 3. One hand technique uses the index, middle fingers to pull ends through the loop. 4. Throws may start from either the crossed or uncrossed positions. 5 Square Knot (AKA: Reef Knot) A very quick knot to tie, the square knot is used to join two ropes together in a simple and effective way. However, you should be aware that this knot is not reliable for heavy weights or critical situations. The square knot has been used for centuries to join two ends together for bandages or shoelaces or belts Prepare two base knots with 4 strands hanging out. Again, make a figure 4 with the first strand. Step 2. Make a half square knot, the first time. Make the first half of the square knot. Step 3. Continue tying a series of half square knots. Continue making half square knots, still on the side where you originally began. Step 4 Results A square knot and a half-hitch knot with only one additional throw more than the square knot have equal security. For many suture materials, half- hitch knots and square knots are equally secure with equal numbers of throws. The number of throws needed to achieve knot security for various suture materials is shown in Figure 8

(This is a half knot.) Pass strand 4 over the anchor strands then pass strand 1 over strand 4, under the anchor strands and up through the loop (created by strand 4) then pull snug. Note: You must alternate starting with strand 1 then strand 4 to get a flat pattern. If you start consistently with the same strand, the pattern will twist Square Knot. How to tie the Square Knot. The Reef Knot or Square Knot is quick and easy to tie; it is a good knot for securing non-critical items. Not to be trusted to join two ropes together. This knot was used for centuries by sailors for reefing sails, hence the name Reef Knot, and tying things aboard ship

Step 8: Create one square knot using the four middle strands of cord. Then continue the double half hitch knots so that it creates a circular shape. Step 9: Repeat three times. Then create the same pattern on the opposite side of the wall hanging. Step 10: Pull the decorative strand over so that it aligns with the triangle. Line up the. Strength (Figure 5.3) - Tie a knot in a rope and it will immediately lose 1/4 to ½ of its strength. A figure eight retains roughly 75% - 80% of its original strength. In contrast, a square knot retains only 43% - 47% of the rope's original strength (Figure 5.3) Make a square knot by taking the right-hand working strand and bringing it over the top of the 2 filler strands and underneath the left-hand strand. Bring the left-hand working strand behind both.

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Fill in 3 more equally spaced square knots, aligned with the ones at the bottom of the scallop. Set 3 strands off the the right, coming from the square knot at the bottom of the first scallop. Tie 4 light grey strands onto the remaining strand from the square knot, using lark's head knots, as before To finish this knot and make it a square knot, we do the same 2 steps as for the half-square knot, but rather than beginning on the right, we begin on the left. Therefore pick up the left hand strand, and pass it over the 2 middle strands, and under the strand on the right First, tape down the cord. This will keep it in place as you create your knots. For a typical square knot, you need 4 strands. But because the loop knots attached to your cording were created out of two strands of yarn, you will actually have 8 strands available to create your square knot. For each single strand needed, group two strands together

Fig. 3- With strand #1, bring this behind strand 2 and 4, and fold it over strand #4. Fig. 4- Repeat steps 3 and 4. Continue this pattern until you have achieved the desired length. To finish, tie off with an overhand knot. Trim the ends leaving a small tail so that the Rexlace will not unravel Reef Knot, Half and Double Hitch. The reef, or square knot is a classic, used by sailors to bunch up sails, also for tying up your karate belt. It is used for tying two lines to bind things together. It is easy to tie, untie and adjust. Another way to tie this is tie two ends together as an overhand, then tie the two ends together a second time Take the left outer strand and place it under, over, and through the right outer strand; Pull Tight; Repeat the four strand braids and the square knot on all three groups of rope. Leave about 6 to 8 inches of rope and string a bead onto the inner two strands of rope. Secure with a square knot 1. Simple knot: incomplete basic unit 2. Square knot: completed common knot 3. Surgeon's or Friction knot: completed tension knot *Trademark B ASIC K NOTS The knots demonstrated on the following pages are those most frequently used, and are applicable to all types of operative procedures.The camera was placed behind the demonstrator so that each step of the knot is shown as seen by the operator

The Square Knot Supplies Needed for Square Knot Macrame Friendship Bracelet. Hemp: 40″ String: 20″ Scissors; Tape; I used this hot pink yarn because I loved the color. I think neon juxtaposed against the natural hemp fiber makes a really cool color pop. You can use any type of thick string you like The Overhand Knot is the simplest of the Single-Strand Stopper Knots. It can also be used to prevent the end of a piece of rope unraveling. Square Knot. Square Knot. Take two ropes and cross them (red over blue) to form a half knot. the experience of tying a Square Knot teaches the fundamental process of tying a Half Knot or Half. (To create a square knot take the far left strand of the four and place it over the others creating what looks like the number 4. Then take the far right stand of the four and place that over the far left stand and under the the two center. Then pull through. To finish the square knot repeat these steps only this time placing the far right over. For an 8-strand construction, mark every 3rd left and right strand for 2 strands. Tie them together with a square knot and reinsert back into braid. For double braids, re-insert the knot between the cover and core. B A A B 3 2 1 A B 3 2 1 A B Step 1 Pass stitching twine through spliced area near throat o Then knot a 25cm length with a square knot, once again for all the groups. separate the strand into 4 pairs with 2 pieces each. Measure 4 inches down from the large knot and tie each set of two strands with a square knot. Repeat with the other sets of 2. Second row

The 6 strand braid tutorial. Similarly to the 4 strand braid, the top cord passes behind the braid to the other side, where in a over-under-over sequence it returns to the bottom of the side it came from. After that, take the cord on the opposite side and repeat the process, by going behind the braid, then over-under-over and back to the bottom Tie the following: square knot, bowline, sheepshank, sheet bend, and roundturn with two half hitches. c. Demonstrate the following: tripod and round lashings. 3. Explain why it is useful to be able to throw a rope, th en demonstrate how to coil and throw a 40-foot length of 1/4- or 3/8-inch rope. Explain how to improve your throwin Tie Square Knots. To make a square knot: Cross the left hand strand over the two middle strands. Pass the right hand strand over the left hand strand, under the two middle strands, and up through the loop formed by the left strand. Pull to tighten. Repeat this process on the opposite side: Cross the right hand strand over the two middle strands

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Thread the end through the loop and pull up on the strand at the top. This will pull up the loop and secure the wrap. Trim excess yarn. Step 6. Separate the strands of cord into sections of 4. Step 7. About 8 inches down, make the first knot. This uses a square knot DIY: Easy 8-Strand Flat Arrow Braid in 3 colors. How to Make a 6-Strand Flat Arrow Braid in 2 colors. It's easy to make and suitable for kids and beginners. This braid can be used for making nice bracelet o.. Pull right and left strands to tighten. Step 8. This is a spiral knot. To make a square knot, you will repeat the steps above for a spiral knot using the right strand The Figure 8 Loop Knot is a loop knot. The knot forms a loop in the rope which can then be secured to an anchor. The knot is also used when a heavy load needs to be secured to the middle of a rope. You can also tie the knot at the end of the rope for hauling equipment

above the horizontal spar and the other strand is below the horizontal spar. (6) Lead the frap-ping strands in opposite directions. (7) Make two complete frapping turns; pull each turn tight as it is made; tie the first half knot of the ending square knot. (8) Tie the second half knot of the square knot to complete the lashing. (9 Alternating Square Knots require 4 cords per knot. In your design, there will be 40 cords to work with after mounting, since you plan to fold them in half. Divide 40 by 4 = 10 (whole number). That means you have the correct amount of cords to make Square Knots.. Scoubidou (Craftlace, scoobies) is a knotting craft, originally aimed at children. It originated in France, where it became a fad in the late 1950s and has remained popular. It is named after the 1958 song of the same name by the French singer Sacha Distel.. Scoubidou returned to fashion in various countries, including the United Kingdom, in 2004 and 2005

Take the outer right strand and cross this over the middle two strands in the figure of four shapes. Bring the outer left strand over the top, looping underneath the middle strands and through the loop of the right strand. Pull the two ends until this knot meets the first half of the square knot To make a box knot scoubidou, start by placing 1 strand horizontal and the other vertical on top of it. Make sure the strands intersect in the middle. Next, put your finger on top of the intersection, take the ends of the horizontal strand, and cross them over your finger to bring them to opposite ends Designer's Tip: As you make these Square Knot sennits, when you tie a left SK, you first move the working cord on the left. The head of the knot will face left. For a right SK, you move the working cord on the right first, so the head will face right. In the image above the black lines indicating the left and right SK are pointing to the head.

Macrame - How to Tie Basic Knots & Make Chains, Braids

flip the blue strand through the center of the circle and pull it upwards while pulling down on the yellow strand; steps are alternated until sufficient throws have been placed to form a secure square knot NOTE: Can begin knot with either throw depending on where the needle is and how the suture is positioned in the tissu STEP 8: Twist the right loop and extend it to the left side so that it is over the first extended loop. STEP 9: Weave the right strand to the left in the pattern shown. STEP 10: Weave the left strand to the right in the pattern shown. This completes the 7 bight form of the prolong knot 8 A, 8 B, 8 C, 8 D, 8 C, 8 B, 8 A. Knot cords *Working from left to right, tie left square knots in 4-strand groups across—14 knots. Working from left to right, skip first 2 cords, tie square knots in 4-strand groups to last 2 cords—13 knots. Repeat from * until belt measures 38 [96.5 cm] from knot or to desired length. Trim ends Splitting the four strands from the first square knot in half and take the first two strands of the second knot. You should have two strand from each of the above square knot, 4 strands total. You will now make a square knot below and in between the above square knots. Do this all the way to the end, leaving the last two stands of cord unused 8. We are now going to take one of the 4 sections, and make a square knot, which will start 4cm/1.5inches below your last Josephine knot. The steps are similar to when you make a half square knot, but slightly longer. Arrange the 4 strands, and taking the strand on the right, pass it over the two middle strands, and under the strand on the left

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Square Knot How to tie a Square Knot using Step-by-Step

How to Tie a square knot with eight strings in two colors. This is easy to make and looks good. You only need to know a square knot. With this macrame pattern you can make: belt, bracelet, band, strap for guitar or bag and other decorations. Step 7: Make a square knot. Unpin holding cords and make one Overhand Knot (using all 8 strands of cord). This takes a little practice. Using the pin (I am using a long hat pin) and your thumb, slide Overhand Knot up near the Square Knot previously made. If you find that some of the strands are loose, don't worry Then we looked at loop knots. For three-strand we looked at a round turn and two half-hitches, a bowline and a spliced loop, all popular mooring options. For the Dyneema and Marlowbraid polyester we tested a bowline, splice, figure-of-eight, anchor bend, double fisherman's loop and a splicing nut The surgeon's knot is begun just as one would begin a square knot. The thumb of the left hand is positioned behind the long strand and moved to the right to initiate formation of the first loop. The right hand has brought the short strand across the long strand toward the surgeon to form the first loop

Mar 2, 2021 - Explore Flora's board Square knot bracelets on Pinterest. See more ideas about diy bracelets, bracelet tutorial, bracelet crafts Make a square knot about 3 inches above the first row of knots. Make a knot with the remaining strand from knot #2 and a strand from knot #3. Repeat two more times. Step 4. Make one more row of knots with alternate strands to continue the pattern. Step 5. Measure about 8-inches above each knot and make ten sets of right knots When you get down to about 5 inches from the end, you will tie a square knot with the third strand and the second strand. The square knot will sit neatly into the groove of the rope, hiding it from view. The tails of the square knot will then be tucked into the lays of the rope at least 3 times

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  1. The Square Knot. The overhand knot is the easiest knot to tie, tied in a single strand. The square knot tied in two strands. The square knot morphed from a humble working knot into an art form in the court of Queen Anne of England. The ladies of her court would tie intricate patterns of square knots in the fringe of woven material
  2. Separate the cords in four sections of two. Make a square knot in each section. To do this: There are four strands in each section. Separate the strands left (A) strand, right (B) strand and two in the center are the base strands. Cross the A strand over the base strands to make the shape of a 4
  3. Place the left strand over the centre strand, then thread the right strand under the centre strand and into the (backwards) D-shaped loop you've just made. Step 8 - Macramé square knot continued. Pull both the left and right strands away from the middle stand to complete your first complete macramé square knot

How to Make a Crown Knot (with Pictures) - wikiHo

  1. Step Two. Make Square Knots. The rest of this wall hanging is made using just one type of macrame knot - the square knot. To make a square knot, you need four strands. The two outside strands will be used to tie the knot around the two middle strands. To make a square knot: Cross the left hand strand over the two middle strands
  2. An easy video tutorial that teaches the 8 strand Alternating Square Knot. This knot can be used to create lacy hemp bracelets, necklaces, and chokers. Video: . How To : Easy Square Knot Bracelet Tutorial. DIY Easy Square Knot Bracelet with Beads and Button clasp. Easy to make and fun to wear :) a good bracelet for beginners in macrame
  3. Index 4 strand round sennit 50 8 strand globe knot 24 8 strand square sennit 25 alternate crown sennit 19 back splice 97 baggywrinkle 89 bellrope, with 6 ends 20 with 8 ends 23 simple 18, 22 belts.

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  1. Slip a crimp bead onto one strand, and then tie a square knot (a double knot) to finish the bracelet. After you finish the knot, slide the crimp bead over the knot, and crimp it gently but firmly. You want it to hold the knot in place, but you don't want to crimp it SO tightly that the bead cuts into the cord
  2. Next, add three square knots underneath the previous ones using lengths 1, 2, 3 and 4, then 5, 6, 7 and 8, then 9, 10, 11 and 12. Step 8 Repeat Steps 5-7 with the remaining 12 yarn lengths on your right
  3. Bring the now inner right working strand straight down across the outer right core strand, then behind the right core strands, and up out through the loop of the outer right core strand. 7. Pull the working strands tight. 8. Repeat the process in reverse with the same strands. This completes the first right square knot
  4. Weave: Three-strand flat braid. Each strand averages 1/4 (.7 cm.) in width, and contains about 116 fibers. A small piece is added on near one end of the rope with a square knot. The piece was folded and the two ends tied together, also by a square knot. (Cf. BAEB 65, p. 50; possibly a loom loop.
  5. Step 8. Skip two strands of rope and work a square knot like so . Step 9. Continue working down the side using two strands from the previous square knot, until you have 3 on each side. Step 10. criss cross the rope cord from the Half-Hitch knot and square knot each side. This will bring the piece together. Finish off with one square knot in the.
  6. Square Knots and Alternating Square Knots - How Did You

How to Tie an Alternating Square Knot for Hemp Macrame

  1. Eye Splice How to tie a Eye Splice - Animated Knot
  2. 3 Ways to Tie a Square Knot - wikiHo
  3. 3 Ways to Make a 4 or 8 Part Round Braid - wikiHo
  4. Four Strand Square Sinnet - Animated Knot
  5. Rope Construction - 8 Strand - CBKNO
  6. Paracord Cross (Square Braid) : 10 Steps - Instructable
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