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Pretty bummed about my teeth after braces

The problem with that was that my teeth at the bottom were still crowded while I got the grafts (which I don't understand why I got them at that time). Now that I have taken the braces off 3 years later, I have 4 black triangles on the bottom. I went to my periodontist and asked if I can re graft on the same grafting I did I just started my braces journey in January (ceramics), and I am loving the progress so far, but when I take photos of my teeth to compare, I just feel like my actual teeth are ugly. Not the direction they are in or crookedness - I mean the actual shape of the tooth Teeth whitening after braces. Braces are off!!! Close. 10. Posted by 1 month ago. Teeth whitening after braces. Braces are off!!! Wasn't sure which sub to post this. I just got my braces off a few days ago, and wondering if anyone has gotten teeth whitening post debond The braces themselves are fine, cute even, and I like their appearance a lot but i've fought braces for a while and my parents finally forced me into them. I loved my old teeth, I had a snaggletooth and none of my teeth were perfectly straight (some crowding for definite, but no over/underbite and they never gave me any trouble or pain)

before and after pics. I had braces from about 13 yrs to 17rs old. After my braces were removed, I had perfectly straight and aligned teeth. To this day I wear my retainers (top and bottom) every night and have permanent retainers behind my top and bottom front teeth. About a year after the removal of my braces, my teeth slowly started to shift I'm over 2 years in where they look now like normal teeth that require braces. But I understand it and accept it. With your picture, to understand it, slice down that irregular tooth in a picture programe, to make it a straight(ly) shaped tooth and then move / positon it to be flush/against the next tooth The last thing you want to come out of braces with is straight teeth, but lots of cavities. 6. You will have to make your own adjustments. If you have an expander or headgear,Dr. Gemmi and Dr. Middleberg will expect you to be more involved in your treatment than patients that don't have these additional appliances. If you have an expander. I kept my teeth cleaned the best way I could. The dental clinic that put braces on me neglected and abused me. Afterwards trying to save the rest of my teeth from being extracted the braces killed all of my teeth roots I gotten fillings root canals scalings but all my teeth had to get extracted I'm getting my braces off in 2 days but I've been using a really expensive teeth whitener for the last week and I'm concerned if the part around the brackets are whiter then I don't want it to be in even and I have the one tooth were my gum is really swollen for months now and won't go down and I've been brushing regularly would you no any home remedies I should try to hel

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Normally, braces should never make your tooth weak, loose, and fallout, as long as proper orthodontic treatment is followed. Your teeth may feel slightly loose for 2-3 days after braces are tightened, which is temporary. However, braces may weaken your tooth or cause permanent loosening rarely if you have weak periodontal health Every time you get your braces adjusted, your teeth will be tender for a couple of days. People say to eat soft food during this time If your teeth are straight but there are other issues upsetting you, your ortho might recommend you see a cosmetic dentist. Some people realize when their teeth are finally straight it's the size, shape, or even size of their gums they don't like. Some people realize their teeth just aren't very white. Other people want more options

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Before braces, my teeth were completely straight except for my front two teeth. Now that they are removed I feel like they are still sticking out. I feel like I just wasted a bunch of money on braces and I talked to my Ortho about it and he says my teeth look great. I still don't want to smile, because my front teeth stick out from the rest Flared teeth after having had braces is not necessarily normal, but can be more common as the treatment pendulum has swung more towards non-extraction treatment. If you your teeth are crowded before treatment, then aligning them with braces will cause them to procline unless you have teeth removed to create space After wearing orthodontics for so long, some patients suffer from uneven staining on their teeth. You can schedule a tooth whitening appointment with a cosmetic dentistry office to lighten your teeth and remove stains. When your smile is sparkling and white, you might realize that your teeth do not actually need to be straighter

One main reason for yellow tooth discoloration after braces is lack of flossing with braces. Floss at least daily with braces. Your orthodontist will show you how to usespecial flossers to pass under your ortho wire to clean in between the teeth. This will help prevent cavities and buildup which can both discolor teeth And I'm annoyed and not happy as the dentist said after he repaired it that as I wasn't a patient at the dental practice they didn't know what my teeth looked like before. Which is really annoying as over the last few weeks all I've been doing is looking at old pics of my teeth and I should have listened to myself and shown him before. I felt really weird after my braces were taken off. My teeth were yellow! P. puffpio May 26, 2001 #4 I know someone who has had braces for close to 7 years now and looks like no end in sight!!! I bet the spots under the braces will be deathly white in comparison to the rest of his teeth (plus cuz he smokes LOL!) In short, don't worry.

I liked my teeth better before braces; I still have them

They may seem rough and even irritating after getting your braces off, but they will subside after a few days. Your Teeth May Look Yellow, But Straight. Maybe you have brushed and flossed your teeth regularly to get the result you want. But, you may still deal with staining from having braces on your teeth. This is not abnormal Share this item on Reddit reddit; Copy Permanent retainers are typically given to patients after they've had braces — including clear aligners like If we don't retain the teeth. However, it doesn't allow your top and bottom teeth to touch in a natural way. Because of this, some orthodontists don't like this type of retainer. Essix retainers also have a shorter lifespan than Hawley retainers. On average, they begin to wear out after a few years, and then need to be replaced Hi, my braces were removed as of October 2019, and since then, my front teeth have been quite loose, which is affecting my eating and my retainer fit. This is getting quite worrying since my teeth are converting into an overbite, and I've run out of ideas, as I can't go to the orthodontist due to coronavirus Even after braces, my teeth have never been flawless. I'm plagued with an open bite. This means 20 out of 24 of my teeth have significant space between them, even when I bite down

My braces journey — Day 76

In my last thread I was worried that my orthodontist hadn't really paid enough attention to my top teeth as I would have liked him to, and one of my lateral incisors was still pushed back a bit. Well I have now had my top braces on about 8 weeks longer than I should have (bottom braces came off a while ago and am happy with bottom teeth) I feel the same way. My teeth are straight but I don't really like the shape of my teeth. I kinda look like a bunny! And I don't have a big and wide smile so my natural smile looks uneven because I only show the bottom half of my top teeth which aren't perfectly aligned. They're straight but not aligned Hi, I've had braces for three years and I got them removed yesterday. My teeth were quite bad before, but I expected them to be perfect when I got my braces out, like a celebrity smile or something, but they really aren't. I have kind of buck teeth and I don't know how to explain it, but it makes me look like a rabbit or some sort of rodent when I smile Part of wearing braces is brushing your teeth regularly and maintaining proper oral hygiene. Brush at least twice per day and try to rinse your mouth with water after every snack. Use floss and small interdental brushes to clean around each bracket and between the teeth and wires

Now I stand to lose two to three of my bottom teeth and two to three of my front teeth, Harwood said. Every day I wake up — it feels like I'm being punched. It's just an all day. Damaged Gums and Bone Also Side Effect of Braces. We have till now seen that the teeth move within the bone they are lodged in. This bone is covered by gums. While oral hygiene needs to be maintained in individuals without braces, the need for oral hygiene maintenance needs to increase in a patient with braces.This is because braces tend to accumulate more dirt and plaque on them I agree, I wouldn't be happy with that result either, but there may be reasons for it. The left lateral incisor, in particular, seems to be angled out too far at the incisal edge. (We would say it has too much torque.) But to de-torque it, imagine.. After examining my teeth to determine which procedures to prioritise, I noticed something that had been brought to my attention as a child but never corrected : I have a misaligned bite. When I was 10/11, the dentist said they would need to break and reset my jaw or something along those lines

Sure, getting braces on in not a very pleasurable experience and there is some measure of pain involved, but the resulting perfect teeth are more than an excellent reward. Bored Panda has compiled a list of before-and-after comparison shots of these incredible transformations achieved through wearing orthodontic braces and in some cases even. Hello, I just had my braces taken off and i am verry unhappy with the result. I don't know, how i could not see this before but as you can see in the photos, my upper teeth are sticking out. This was not the problem before i put braces on. The main problem were crowded lower teeth, which are now.. Spacers are just the first step on the road to straighter, more evenly aligned teeth. You won't have them for very long, since they're designed to prepare your back teeth for braces I had braces in middle school and Invisalign as an adult. My top teeth still don't show unless I smile wide but it looks bad. Braces corrected an underbite and Invisalign just aligned the teeth since they often shift. When I had braces, 4 teeth were pulled out (2 top and 2 bottom)

What Should My Teeth Look Like After Invisalign Treatment Completed? Generally speaking, after your aligners are removed, your teeth should look straight. Gaps should appear minimal and there should not be any crowding between your teeth. If you noticed any crooked or twisted teeth before treatment, you should only see straight teeth when you. After wearing braces for so long, it is only natural that your teeth and gums will be tender. It is suggested that you don't immediately eat foods that can get stuck between your teeth or any food or sweets that are soft and chewy How long will my braces hurt is a common question kids, teens and adult have prior to getting orthodontic treatment. Keep reading and you'll have the answer to that and more below. If you're new to wearing braces, the first few days or weeks in them can be quite the adjustment It's not perfect, since I am not perfect, and my teeth had a fair amount of uneven wear and tear, but I have absolutely no regrets about the 4 years in train tracks. My face is prettier (subtle, but still), my smile is lovely. I have some composite on two of my teeth to make them bigger (not a veneer, since I don't like that look Removing your braces after a couple or more years is certainly a reason to smile, but to retain that smile, your retainer needs to be your best friend. A retainer is a custom-made dental appliance designed to keep teeth in place after braces finally come off. It allows your newly aligned teeth time to settle into the soft tissue and jawbone.

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Hi, I guess I'm just looking for some professional opinions. I recently got my braces off. The main concern I had when I went to get them on was that my two front teeth looked huge compared to all the others, like bunny teeth. I was advised by my orthodontist that I wouldn't have this problem once the braces were off Avoid the following foods, which can get caught in or break your braces, and contribute to plaque buildup and tooth decay: sugary and starchy foods and drinks like candy and soda sticky foods like.. Although my ortho says their perfect ,My Left front tooth isn't straight and the one next to it hasn't fully come out yet and isn't facing the right way. There is also a gap in between my two front teeth at the top. At My last appointment they tightened my braces will this straitened them up in time ? Don't let teeth grinding get in the way of your (and everyone else's) sleep and health. Check out our selection of teeth grinding guards now so you can keep your biters protected at night! We also have bite guards specifically made for people who need to wear retainers I had braces in the 70's. I have before and after pictures. My teeth were white before and discolored after the braces came off. I remember my parents talking about it, my father wasn't happy. The dentists kept saying, the teeth will be find after cleaning and polishing. Then the dentists blamed the discoloration on tetracycline

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In December, at the age of 64, I had braces placed on my teeth for the first time. I'd like to think I'm unique, but I'm not. Braces are becoming more common for adults, and it's not just. In the quick video below, an orthodontist shows some great teeth filing before and after photos of how the shape of one patient's smile and teeth changed after braces and filing. We used metal braces to broaden the smile and fill out the buccal corridors (dark areas) in the corners of the smile Teeth Movement. Braces are meant to reposition teeth in the jaw. This process is supposed to occur over months. It is normal to have shaky teeth while they get pushed into position. In the early days, some teeth may actually get pushed to a worse position. This shouldn't be a cause of panic. The teeth are simply moved gradually without.

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  1. No, never. My teeth aren't perfect by any means, but they've never needed to be straightened by braces. The only surgery I've ever had on my teeth is fillings and I got my teeth professionally whitened once at the airport for £100
  2. Will My Teeth Shift Without Retainer. El Cajon, CA - You're probably looking forward to celebrating on the day your braces come off. It's an exciting moment, but it doesn't mean your orthodontic treatment has ended. When your braces are removed, you enter what is known as the retention phase, where you'll need to wear a retainer to ensure your smile stays as beautiful as the day your.
  3. A quick search on the internet and posts like this on reddit show lots of threads where people are wondering what would happen if they only wore their Invisalign retainers at night. Tooth movement to straighten teeth with braces is surprisingly complex. Some of the movements are very simple like tipping a tooth forward or backward
  4. Retainers are used for the retention phase of treatment: they keep the results of your treatment in place, so they teeth don't shift back. For the first 6 months to a year after treatment, you'll wear them full-time, and then you can switch to wearing them a few nights a week
  5. As I mentioned in my post my orthodontist used metal braces on a few of my teeth when she said Invisalign would take a much longer time to move them. Above all else, thank you for sharing your experience, so others will understand the importance of asking orthodontists about their bites and making sure to speak up when things don't feel right
  6. While teeth straightening applications like Invisalign and metal brackets will move your teeth into their correct position, whether you're suffering from an overbite or crowding of the teeth, your teeth can still shift back towards their original position, which is an issue that retainers are designed to keep from happening. Directly after.

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  1. While this problem is actually quite common for molar teeth, which are the last ones to appear, it can occur in other teeth, like the incisors, as well. Children with oral health issues like missing teeth, jaw pain, infected or swollen gums, bad breath, and even consistent headaches, may actually have impacted teeth. An evaluation performed by.
  2. Lingual braces can be a good option if you need braces but don't want them to be obvious. Because they're attached to the back sides of your teeth, they aren't as visible as conventional braces
  3. my front teeth are hitting each other, and my back teeth are not touching. I have recently noticed that my front teeth also also a bit loose from this bad bite? I assume that I need braces to correct this. Will the teeth stop being loose after the braces and my bite is corrected
  4. Orthodontics, like braces, are adjusting the position of your teeth; with the buildup of tartar and plaque, cavities and tooth decay may occur. Conclusion As you can see, what happens if you don't brush your teeth can carry tremendous amounts of problems not only for your oral health but your total health
  5. Dentists/ortodontists like to put braces on teeth when children are young teenagers. That is because the jaw is not fully formed and it is easy to move the teeth around. Unfortunately, because the jaw will grow until a person is approximately 25 years old, it is difficult to stop teeth from shifting if braces are put on too young

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Invisalign is a great option for those who don't want to go with the traditional metal bracket and wire braces. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen is less painful and more convenient, making it easy to take out your treatment, in order to eat and brush your teeth, something that is absolutely impossible with traditional braces. It is still an orthodontic treatment, however, and to get the most. What if I don't wear a retainer after my braces come off? In the past, once your dental braces were removed, that was it. Your treatment was over. We now know, however, that you still need to wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment. What is a retainer? Retainers are designed to hold teeth in place after braces are removed Here are the steps I followed to achieve my results. How to Whiten Teeth at Home After Braces. Brush with a Whitening Toothpaste (Colgate Optic White Platinum Express White Tooth Paste)-I brushed my teeth 2x a day using this toothpaste for 5 minutes each time. The Platinum Express White toothpaste contains 2x more hydrogen peroxide than the.

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Things I Paid for During My Braces Journey - During #1 - Painkillers. The first few months of wearing braces are no joke. It's so painful, I'm not even going to lie about that. Especially the first few weeks, with all the teeth extraction and when you first get the braces installed, oh my God. (Don't let this deter you! Think of the. Noticing a slight overbite after braces. One thing to note is that a healthy bite actually has a slight overbite component to it. This usually is between 1-2 mm where the top and bottom teeth don't match exactly. Sometimes when you get the braces off, you still have a slight overbite because the alternative is invasive and expensive jaw surgery Finally got my damon braces recently on my teeth. Any tips and trick? Btw is it wrong if i dont feel any severe pain? I cannot chew normally because it hurts currently but other than that i dont feel any pain that most people are talking about that they experience 24 hours after activation.. How to defeat slanted teeth. Slanted teeth can be embarrassing, and they can cause challenges for your confidence and self-esteem. They may occur because of mouth crowding, accidents, tooth extractions, tooth disorders and the like. In this post, we'll show you how to defeat slanted teeth like a boss. Let's get cracking

Will My Teeth Shift If I Don't Wear My Retainer for a Week? If you try and put in your retainer after not wearing it for a week, you may notice it might feel a little tight. After a few hours of wear, it will feel less tight as your teeth will begin to move into position When I was 12 I had to wear braces for over a year and the orthodontist I saw went on and on and on about brushing my teeth while I had the braces in place. That might be why I rebelled I've been counting down getting my braces off for months & now that they're finally off I just want to run and hide. I got them off this morning and I'm too ashamed to go to school. I was so excited and now I feel like my smile is hideous. It's like those candy teeth that you put on for fun before you eat them that makes your grin look wide and toothy It seemed like a no-brainer to go with the preferred option by people who had experienced both braces and Invisalign, so I organised a few consultations, and here I am in February 2019 in my last.

Definitely ask about permanent retainers. My ortho doesn't do them for the top teeth for some reason but I have had one on my bottom teeth for 15+ years. I wore a top retainer at night for a long time too. Also after I had my braces off my ortho did something where he cut the fibers of my gums to keep my teeth from snapping into place Ok so I've had my braces on for about a year now, and my orb to says my teeth are completely straight and that I'm getting them off my next appointment. I'm wearing rubber bands and doing everything I should. but I don't think I'm gonna be happy with the results because of my lateral incisors. They are TOO SMALL. They're so small that there's gaps in between and my dentist recommended Veneers.

Reddit, I'm a 22 yo college student who just got dental

Can you have a beautiful smile without removing some of your teeth? Honestly? Get a second opinion with Kanata ON dentist Dr. Andrea Stevens 18 Reasons Braces Are The Worst Thing That Will Ever Happen To You You soon realize that any colors but silver are futile and don't actually make braces more fun. Which is why you have to. Forgetting to (or just not flossing) while wearing braces can mean serious problems both while you are wearing your braces and after you get them off. Food particles get stuck between your teeth and mix with bacteria, creating plaque that eats away at your enamel and damages the structural integrity of your teeth 2. My fees are negotiable . . . Getting orthodontic work done isn't cheap. Minor adjustments, which might require treatment for three to six months, can cost between $600 and $1,500, but the.

Shifting and what we call relapse or teeth trying to return toward their original position is common in orthodontic treatment( braces). Most often if worn for night only, retainers can retain teeth in there new positions after wearing the retainers for almost 24 hours per day for an initial length of time Mine moved back in about a week. Let me explain: After getting the braces off, I had two removable retainers, but soon lost the lower one. (Lost the usual way at school during lunch.) I waited a week before telling dad, a dentist.(An ortho friend. Breathe. This happened to me before too. I had braces for 4 years, I had my retainer for a few months before I lost it. I immediately freaked out because I thought that my teeth would move right back to the way they were before! They WILL NOT move..

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