Why does curley, the boss’ son, automatically hate lennie? cite a piece of textual evidence.

Why does Curley, the boss' son, automatically hate Lennie? Curley hates Lennie because of his size. Curley is a small man and like other small men, he hate big guys. Why do you suppose Curley chose his wife to marry Curly has a major case of small guy complex. He goes after Lennie because he is a big guy and Curly does not expect him to fight back. Curley sees Lennie's vulnerability and abuses it right away Curley is a little person (kind of suffers from a Napoleon syndrome), while Lennie is a big individual. When they shake hands, Curley's hands literally is swallowed and crushed by the grip of.. Curley dislikes Lennie because of his stature. Curley is a small man and therefore feels weak towards himself on account of that. On the other hand, Lennie has an enormous stature and powerful..

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Curley, the son of the ranch's boss, is a mean and power-hungry individual obsessed with securing the respect and submission of the individuals beneath him.Short in stature, nervous, and yet obsessed with proving his strength and masculinity, Curley is constantly being undermined by his flirtatious wife even as he tries harder and harder over the course of the novel to make himself seem. Curley. Curley is a very aggressive and violent character. He is the Boss's son and takes advantage of the power that he has over the other men on the ranch to treat them cruelly and pick fights The Boss. Tags: Question 6 . SURVEY . 300 seconds . Q. Why does Lennie throw the dead puppy? answer choices . He is sad. He wants a new puppy. He is mad at the puppy. What does Curley's Wife reveal to Lennie during their conversation? answer choices . She is happy. She is angry Curley is the boss's son, and because his father only appears once, Curley is the main representative in the novella of the land-owning class. Like his father, Curley wears high-heeled boots to mark his wealth and status, and most likely to lessen the smallness of his stature. Curley's primary character trait is insecurity

In the book, Of Mice and Men, Curley is the antagonist who creates problems for George and Lennie. He is a pugnacious man who is small in stature. Curley has a Napoleonic complex and tries to compensate for his small size by fighting with people who are larger than him. This makes him feel bigger George fears that Lennie will tell the boss that they are wanted for crimes in Wichita. George knows that the boss won't like Lennie because he's bigger. George wants the boss to see Lennie work before he hears him talk The men on the ranch fear Curley's wife. She is a temptress of sorts and she is a possession of Curly's (hence her name). She projects undertones of sexuality in almost everything she says. The men are lonely which only highlights her danger. They do not want the bosses son, Curley, to get angry

And now back to the question of how Steinbeck conveys Curley in the fight scene, Lennie is large and is unable to protect himself which makes him the potential candidate of Curley's bullying, we know Curley has a bone to pick with big guys but the writer doesn't give us much background information on Curley The book didn't necessarily state that Curley hated Lennie; however, as slim said in the beginning, Curley is like a bunch of small people piled up. Since Lennie is known as the big (size. 29. About what does Curley think Lennie smiling about? He thinks Lennie's laughing at him because of Carlson saying he would kick Curley's head in. 30. What happens between Curley and Lennie? They fight; Curley starts out by punching Lennie's face, but then Lennie crushes every bone in Curley's hand Curley tries to taunt Lennie into taking the first hit, by using coarse language such as, son-of-a-bitch, and, ya big bastard. The latter insult is a product of his insecurity about his height. After all, we are told elsewhere in the novel that, Curley's like a lot of little guys. He hates big guys the boss's arrogant son Curley, and Curley's flirtatious wife. Conversations reveal that the short-tempered Curley is always looking to pick fights, that his wife is a flirt, that Slim's dog has just had a litter of pups, and that Carlson dislikes Candy's aged dog and is eager to have him put down

Curley the Antagonist. Curley is the antagonist, or the character who stands in opposition to the protagonist (usually the main character), in Of Mice and Men.He is the son of the boss of the. The two central characters in Of Mice and Men are George Milton and Lennie Small, two migrant field workers searching for farm work in southern California during the 1930s.When the book begins, George and Lennie have just arrived at a new ranch; there, George and Lennie—and, through them, the readers—meet a fascinating cast of characters When Lennie kills the wife of the boss 's son, Curley, however, George is forced to admit that his dream of a free, plentiful life on his own farm was never going to be a reality. And, moreover, he must kill Lennie in order to save his companion from an undignified, torturous death (and himself from suspicion of having aided Lennie in the. 10. For what does Curley's wife yell at Lennie? Curley's wife yells at Lennie because Lennie wouldn't let go of her hair when she let him touch it. 11. What did Lennie do to Curley's wife? Lennie got scared when Curley's wife started screaming so he started to shake her, and ended up breaking her neck and killing her. 12 Curley picks a fight with Lennie. Lennie does not fight back until George tells him to. Upon George's order Lennie fights back. Lennie crushes all the bones in Curley's hand with his fist. George and Lennie are afraid they will be fired because Lennie has crushed Curley's hand and Curley is the boss' son. Slim threatens Curley

It is a simile which is used to describe Curley when he gets hurt by Lennie, and when Lennie kills Curley's wife she flopped like a fish. Not only does this link the way the two characters get injured, but as they are couple, it shows that they are linked all the time, even if it is just slightly In Of Mice and Men, character symbolism lets the reader see what life was like in the 1930's. Curley;s wife symbolized the level of equality that women had in the time period that took place in the story. Women were property and objects. Steinbeck does a great job of symbolism of women through Curley's wife

boss to fire them. 6. What excuse does George give for Lennie's slowness? Include a quote. George tells the boss he is awright but he got kicked in the head as a kid by a horse and that is why he is slow now. 7. How does Curley react to Lennie's Silence? Curley is angered because Lennie doesn't answer him. He tells him, Well, nex. Lennie is a simpleminded Hercules. George, wiser, watches over him, snatches Lennie from the disasters into which he blunders, keeps his dear dream alive. The dream seems ready to come true when simple Lennie runs afoul of shrewd, bullying Curley, the boss's son, and Curley's man-chasing, painted, voluptuous, tantalizing wife The novella asks if dreamers die when the dream does. Of Mice and Men is the story of George Milton and Lennie Small, two itinerant farm workers in Depression-era California. These two try to find. So this makes us read on to find out why we find these two opposing characters together in the story. Throughout the passage, Lennie is referred to as a bear, and a huge companion with dragging feet. This creates an image in the readers mind of a man who is giant-like in size and is supposedly clumsy and uncoordinated The action is simple: two poor and vagrant workers, big, dumb Lennie and small, clever George, take jobs at a large ranch. Lennie has trouble with the Boss's son, Curley. Lennie accidentally — more or less — kills Curley's wife. George kills Lennie to save him from the horrors of a lynch mob led by Curley, bent on revenge

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  1. When Curley wrongly accuses Slim for talking to his wife, Slim gets very angry. Curley apologizes to him in the bunkhouse in front of everybody, but his apology is rejected. Curley vents his frustration on Lennie, trying to pick a fight. Lennie does not hit back initially, but when George asks him to, Lennie obeys and crushes Curley's hand
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  5. Curley's wife plays an important role in much of the action in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. The only woman on the ranch and married to the boss's son, she is presented mainly through the eyes of the men. We first see her when she comes into the bunkhouse where Lennie and George are talking

One reason why he is working is because his dad is the boss (Stork 45). There is things that i can not do even if i wanted to (Stork 23). They care about people emotions (Stork 75). Jasmines is starting to see what he see (Stork 81). He works very fast, he try to make jokes but jasmine does not smile (Stork 83) Get homework help from novelguide.com. Get free study guide answers, book notes including complete summary analysis, chapter analysis from all authors Phdessay is a group of experienced scholarly experts who can help you with writting your essay ☝ We have more than 1.000.000 free essay examples online for yo Lennie unwittingly soothes Crooks into feeling at ease, and Candy even gets the man excited about the dream farm, to the point where Crooks could fancy himself worthy and equal enough to be in on the plan with the guys. Crooks's little dream of the farm is shattered by Curley's wife's nasty comments, slotting the black man right back into his.

Introduce and cite relevant evidence from the book to support the thesis. Curley - Curley is the boss's evil son and a small, vicious bully. He wears high-heeled boots and spurs to prove he isn't a laboring man. Some examples: he doesn't understand why he shouldn't enter Crooks' room or why Curly does not like men looking at his. After being hired at a farm, the pair are confronted by Curley— the Boss's small, aggressive son with a Napoleon complex who dislikes larger men. Curley starts to target Lennie. Curley's flirtatious and provocative wife, to whom Lennie is instantly attracted, poses a problem as well Along with her son, she tells part of the Fentry-Thorpe saga, helping Chick and Gavin solve the mystery of why Fentry voted to convict Bookwright in the killing of Buck Thorpe. Mrs. Pruitt Ten of the jurors who serve with Mr. Fentry in the Bookwright trial are unnamed, but they are described as farmers and store-keepers (91) - and unanimous.

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  2. George, Lennie, Candy, Curley's wife, Crooks Why do I believe this? (It's important to have at least three reasons here!) 1. EXAMPLE - GEORGE: Because George has had to alter his life style and make many sacrifices due to Lennie's unpredictible and child like behavior. 2. 3
  3. The novel's setting, the wheat ranch, is lovely and idyllic. Likewise, the little place George and Lennie dream of buying is nothing less than Edenic. But this is a fallen world, by definition an imperfect place, and Edens are not available. By killing Curley's wife, however accidentally, Lennie also kills the pair's hope for a home
  4. Lennie gets into a fight with Curley and beats him, is given a pet cat but breaks its neck when he tries to stroke it, and finally, in attempting to make love to Curley's wife, breaks her neck. This micro/macro theme is echoes in other ways, most notably in Candy's dog, which is old and in pain, and has to be shot
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