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When you press the 'click' button on the camera, in a fraction of a second, the shutter opens, and the light-sensitive film is exposed to the incoming light, to the scene you wish to capture. The incident light energy disturbs the molecules of silver halide covering the film The camera briefly exposes the film to the light coming from a scene (typically for a small fraction of a second), and where the light hits the film, it starts off a chemical reaction. Normal film consists of a plastic base that is coated with particles of a silver compound When you take a photo on a Polaroid camera the shot is captured on to the film and then the photo is pushed out the front of the camera with the bottom coming out first. Inside the camera where the film is ejected are two rollers

Normally, after you peel apart the film, you're supposed to throw away the negative, which presents an environmental hazard since it contains caustic chemicals, and admire the print, or try to determine what went wrong using the troubleshooting guide in your Polaroid manual.But I thought it would be interesting to reverse the above procedure to figure out what really happens when you pull. New Polaroid cameras have a built-in rechargeable battery, so they don't need a battery to power the camera. However, if you want to use 600 film with your Polaroid camera, such as a special edition film pack, it will still work. Shop Polaroid i-Type Film here 600 Typ The large bottom border of a Polaroid doesn't just give it its iconic shape. It also contains pouches of chemicals. When the photo is ejected from the camera it is squeezed between two rollers..

The Polaroid Spectra System uses a type of Polaroid film that's slightly wider than the classic 600/SX-70 square frame. This film is interchangeably called Spectra, Type 1200, and Image. Polaroid discontinued Spectra/1200/Image film way back in 2008, but a company called the Impossible Project rose up and started making new film for the camera Polaroid is a 2019 American supernatural horror film directed by Lars Klevberg, and is based on his 2015 short film of the same name. In the film, high schooler Bird Fitcher finds a vintage Polaroid camera that holds dark and mysterious secrets. She soon realizes that those who get their picture taken by it meet a tragic death How does a linear polarizer work? A linear polarizer transmits light uniformly vibrating in a single plane while absorbing the orthaganol plane. We usually describe a single plane or beam of polarized light in terms of what we call the pattern of vibration. If the vibrations are in one direction, the light is linearly polarized (See Figure 1)

Zink Polaroid 3.5 x 4.25 inch Premium Zink Border Print Photo Paper (10 Sheets) Compatible with Polaroid POP Instant Camera & Polaroid 3x4 Printer Polaroid $9.9 Load your film into the camera. Pull the switch to open the bottom flap of your camera. This will reveal the slot where you should insert your film cartridge. Put the cartridge in the slot with the dark side facing up and the metal contacts facing down, then close the flap This is a video I've wanted to do for a while. Polaroids are special piece of technology and have changed the way people take photographs. This is how they w..

Does Polaroid film work with Fujifilm Instax? The only kind of Polaroid film that works with Instax is the Polaroid 300 film. It has been specifically designed for use with Polaroid 300 and Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras. Other types of Polaroid film are not compatible The old Polaroid process utilized a chemically impregnated paper that included color dyes plus a developer layer. When the film was exposed, the chemical coating on the paper captured the image, and when the film was pulled from the camera, it was squeezed between rollers that activated the developer. The result was an Instant print

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  1. Consisting of a roll of positive paper and developing chemicals, the camera worked by bringing the exposed negative and the positive paper together through rollers. In the click of a button, the camera's shutter opened, allowing light to enter. This hit the extremely photosensitive film, and the light recreated the scene before the camera
  2. The Polaroid Lab works together with your smartphone and the Polaroid app. When the smartphone is placed on the Lab, your digital image is projected onto the instant film by a high-quality 3-lens system. The app controls the exposure time. Read more about device compatibility with the Polaroid Lab
  3. How Polaroid Instant Film Works. May 18, 2011. Michael Zhang. Share. Tweet. 1. Ever wonder how photographs magically appear on Polaroid pictures? Photojojo offers a simple explanation of how the.
  4. The thing that I love most about shooting expired film is the way that it enhances my already considerable natural talent. No other medium, be it new film, be it digital imaging, be it paint brushes or Zen garden, be it Spirograph or Bedazzler, allows me to truly express myself the way that expired film does.And yesterday I experienced the ultimate expression of expired film - Polaroid
  5. Be aware of different companies using the Polaroid brand name. The Polaroid Corporation stopped producing instant film products in 2008. At that time, an independent company called the Impossible Project started to produce materials for Polaroid cameras, including 8x10 film, but not 4x5

i‑Type film. For the Polaroid Now, Lab, and OneStep. 600 film. For your vintage Polaroid 600 camera. SX‑70 film. For your Polaroid SX-70 camera. 8x10 film. For your large format 8x10 camera. Digital Products Bring creativity and connection home with the best in televisions, printers, and speakers The Seller did advertise that the film packs were technically expired, but provided a guarantee that it will work through a certain date. My friend was ecstatic about the present and said she liked how the older film gave unique exposure effects to each Polaroid So knowing the size of film is enough to make a decision. Does polaroid film work in fuji instax mini 9 ? Yes you can use Polaroid 300 film in the Instax mini 9 film. Polaroid 300 film size is 46mm x 62mm or ( 1.8 in x 2.4 in ) as for Picture Size but the film size is 54(W) x 86(H) which is exact same as mini 9 film It really, really does. Film stored cold—especially frozen—tends to degrade much more slowly. This is especially useful with color films for keeping the dyes from deteriorating. Frozen film is often just as good, or almost as good, as fresh film. Heat is film's worst enemy and can cause increased grain, color shifts, and in some cases. As opposed to it, a pack of 5 (5 x 10) film for the Instax Mini cameras costs around $34.99. This gives you a cost per print at around $0.70. The price goes higher for square prints as they are.

[] your instant camera ejects the picture in between two metal rollers. The rollers pinch the chemical packets on the bottom of your film, break them open, and spread the developer chemicals all.. Black and white film works differently. Here's an explanation I found in a book on Polaroid black and white films: As the reagent is spread by the rollers, several processing reactions begin concurrently. The negative develops with extreme rapidity I ask as I used to do emulsion lifts all the time with impossible project film but since using the 600 film by Polaroid Original after the take over I find that it breaks so easily now. I have also noticed the image is breaking away leaving a transparent layer on top of it The idea of film is to capture light with certain chemicals light is exposed to the film for a second and a chemical reaction occurs. When the silver bromide is exposed to photons it forms silver atoms which makes a black and white picture. The most important chemical is silver bromide (AgBr) because it captures the photons

The film of traditional cameras has to be processed separately, meaning outside the camera. Here is where the secret of polaroid cameras comes to light. The instant film that is being used in polaroid cameras already provides all the necessary chemicals for developing a photograph Check the film specs on the back of the box to make sure that you're using a compatible product. SX-70 Polaroid film will not work with a 600-series camera, nor will Image/Spectra film. The Impossible Project is the only company currently manufacturing film for classic Polaroid cameras. Look for new 600 film under this brand How does instax film work? Question. Ok, so I have searched around the internet for quite a while, but I failed to find out the answer to this one, so please someone educate me. I own a polaroid supercolor 645 and instax mini 8, and while I understand how the film in my 600 gets exposed and developed, I can't figure out why does instax film. The Polaroid 600 film, offered here in a three pack, is a general-purpose, high-speed, medium-contrast integral film for high-definition instant color prints. This film is balanced for daylight and electronic flash exposure People have been using camera and film for more than ­100 years, both for still phot­ography and movies. There is something magical about the process -- humans are visual creatures, and a picture really does paint a thousand words for us

X-ray film, also known as radiographic film, consists of a transparent base with a blue tint on both sides and an emulsion of gelatin that contains silver bromide, silver chloride or other radiation sensitive crystals. X-rays strike the crystals and create a latent image that is sensitive enough to the developer to. Back in the film days, there were several types of polaroid pack film, but commercial shoots primarily used a 100-speed color to match the ubiquitous EPP Ektachrome and other 100-ish roll films. There was also an excellent 64T polaroid film in pack and 4x5. The color and speed was remarkably accurate, even coming through the fiber optic Unlike the company's more recent cameras, the Polaroid Now doesn't fuss with multiple lenses or superfluous connectivity features. Instead, it has an autofocus system that detects the subject, then..

The X-ray may penetrate and expose the film. How exactly does it affect undeveloped film? You will see random fog stripes or light patterns appearing on the photos. The fog will become more severe if it goes through a high energy X-ray scanner. Precautions when travelling with Polaroid film: #1 Don't pack undeveloped film in your checked baggage I'm trying to rig the whole camera up to a dslr body (essentially replace the film capture with digital) and fire the shutter on the 600 camera. Apparently, you can't fire the shutter without juice, and from what I understand, the 600 film battery only holds enough juice to fire 10 frames, the length of one film pack

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A polaroid camera is an instant camera that uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture. Polaroid is the name of the brand that created consumer-friendly cameras that could be used by the public. However, most people call any instant camera a polaroid regardless of its manufacturer Polaroid instant film works with chemicals inside the picture. When you take a picture, the camera ejects the picture and it goes through rollers on the camera, which pops a packet inside and.. Fuji's pack film will work in any Polaroid camera that takes pack film. These cameras are widely available on eBay and elsewhere. Post Reply Preview. MO&A Posted 13 years ago. Edited by MO&A (member) 13 years ago Yes they do make 4x5 polaroid material. It's called Fuji 100c45. I just bought 20 boxes of it on Ebay.. Polaroid's instant film required a camera to use it, and as a result, the Polaroid Land Camera Model 95 was born. There is a rumor that the number 95 was chosen because that was the price the camera was said to sell for, but period advertisements show the camera often selling for right around $100, so I am not sure if that's just a. The Polaroid camera uses the same basic process for developing film as you would if you were developing film in a dark room. Rather than putting the film in the chemicals to develop them, the chemicals are kept inside one of the many layers of the film. These chemicals are activated by the taking of a picture

The original Polaroid film came as a roll, and the emulsion was very soft, so prints could scratch easily. Polaroid supplied a stick of a waxy gel that you would spread on the print as a surface hardener. That gel took time to dry, which was why people originally would wave/shake the picture Experience the original Polaroid format with our photoflyers for Polaroid pictures which are added to Polaroid´s trademarked white frame. Photoflyers, to create branded Polaroid photo frames, work with Polaroid's i-Type Film and the Polaroid Now camera. The Polaroid trademarked white frame is: 107mm x 88mm (picture size is 79m x 79mm) This Polaroid 300 instant camera film can be easily tucked away in a carry bag for a vacation, school trips, sporting events, graduations and much more. Polaroid 300 Instant Color Film: Polaroid 300 instant camera film pack of 20 sheets; Features a brilliant, glossy finish; ISO 800 business card size integral color film have was not cold stored, just kept in cool dry place

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Product Title Polaroid Originals 600 Film Set 1 Color and 1 Black Average rating: 3 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings Current Price $44.99 $ 44 . 99 List Price $79.95 $ 79 . 9 The SX-70 is a folding single lens reflex Land Camera first produced by the Polaroid Corporation in 1972. It was the first instant SLR in history, and the first camera to use Polaroid's new integral print film, which developed automatically without the need for intervention from the photographer. This was revolutionary at the time, and a precursor to today's 600 and Spectra films. The SX-70. Does Fujifilm Work in Polaroid? The Fujifilm Instax Mini can work in the Polaroid 300, which is still available for purchase. Is a Polaroid Worth It? It is enjoyable to handle and shoot with the camera, and the cost is reasonable

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  1. In the instant film camera market, Polaroid partnered with a licensee C&A Marketing, an expert in the photo industry, owner of Ritz Camera stores and Calumet photography, to manufacture Polaroid.
  2. I remember, my Mother had once a Polaroid Kamera, and Teens, Kids back into the Day loved that tech, to have instant-ly a complete, developed Picture on Paper. I meant, one could shoot via Film Medium Format into #1 Place, if IQ is really important, right? ;-) But from a technical PoV it seems cool, one could create a Color Negative from that
  3. Just because they don't make film for a particular analogue camera anymore, doesn't mean you should pass up the opportunity to own one. This is exactly what I thought when I recently had the opportunity to take home a Polaroid 360 Land Camera (for free!). At the very least I thought it would make
  4. utes for instant keepsakes
  5. The big benefit here is that no ink is used and compared to real Polaroid film, no complex chemical reactions need to take place. There are cons to using thermal paper as well
  6. The latter is available at very affordable prices on eBay and does nearly always still work perfectly. Also, Polaroid film loves a lot of light, so you get the best results when shooting outdoors in bright light. Considering the relatively high price for the film, you might want to think carefully about your subject
  7. The big benefit here is that no ink is used and compared to real Polaroid film, no complex chemical reactions need to take place. There are cons to using thermal paper as well. Obviously, you only get to work in black and white, there is no color

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Polaroid film isn't the only way I can do this and I have experimented with disposable cameras, Xerox machines and flatbed scanners, but the immediacy and characteristics of the Polaroid film is unique and seductive. CL: Polaroid film does not seem readily available. How does this affect your work Besides color temperature that affects the picture, sunlight or strong light in the first few seconds of development also affects the film. That is why some Polaroid cameras have a built-in film shield. Tip #1: Shield your Polaroid films. Remember to shield your Polaroid film as soon as it comes out and avoid sunlight for the first few minutes You probably can't, but it should be possible to scan the photo into a computer and do some adjustment with one of the programs written to do this. Photoshop is the name everyone knows, but there are plenty of others and most are cheaper. The Gimp..

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  1. Color i-Type Instant Film from Polaroid Originals. i-Type film is a new generation of instant film, optimized for i-Type cameras like the OneStep 2. That means you get the best photos possible with your OneStep 2, as crisp, clear and colorful as every photo should be. Each pack contains two cartridges of 8 shots - 16 shots of film total
  2. As for the new i-Type Go film, it's a smaller version of the original iconic Polaroid instant film. Whereas the original Polaroid instant measured 3.5 across, the new Polaroid Go instant film measures 2.1 across, with the iconic square print centered at the top with room beneath it for writing the date, a note or other details
  3. Chances are, that your Polaroid film is pretty tiny. The film that I have is only 62 x 44 mm.. and that includes the frame around the actual image. Make sure to use this small space to its full potential! Get your subject to fill the frame as much as possible so that you can actually see it in the small space
  4. I found your article while looking for film for a Polaroid 210 camera. I'm unfamiliar with picking out the correct film, and the only film I've been able to find on your website that can work with this camera is the 3000 b&w film. Do you have a link for the 75 speed color. Thank you
  5. Polaroid is an American company best known for its instant film and cameras. The company was founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land, to exploit the use of its Polaroid polarizing polymer.: 3 Land ran the company until 1981. Its peak employment was 21,000 in 1978, and its peak revenue was $3 billion in 1991. When the original Polaroid Corporation was declared bankrupt in 2001, its brand and assets.

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Get the Right Film. If you're going to shoot the Fuji Instax Mini 11, you're going to need film. Specifically, you're going to need Fuji Instax Mini film. Instax Square, Wide, and any Polaroid format film will not work in this camera, as it is a different shape and size than Instax Mini You can also check out more of Samantha's work on her website, business Instagram, or personal Instagram. Leave your questions about scanning your Polaroid or Instax film photos below in the comments! And if you need some Polaroid or Instax film, you can pick it up on Amazon here: Polaroid Originals Film, Fujifi l m Instax Film

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  1. Polaroid filed for bankruptcy several times in the past. In 2008, Polaroid had to stop its production of analogue cameras and film. However, a few years later, it returned with a variety of new instant cameras. Today, it's a successful company that sells cameras, creative film, sunglasses, and other products. How do you emulsion lift a Polaroid
  2. The film itself integrates all the necessary layers and functionality into the film pack itself. The SX-70 camera was the first camera to use this type of film. Polaroid camera. A brief timeline of Polaroid Photography. 1926 Edwin H. Land leaves Harvard after his freshman year to pursue his own work on light polarization
  3. Don't Shake the film while it develops. another big mistake that people make especially if they are easily influenced by pop songs is shaking that Polaroid picture. but this is not a Polaroid picture this is a Instax film and you should not shake it. I have tested this you can visit another article link
  4. Peel-Apart Pack-Film (rectangular, about 3x4 inches, the stuff you need) Peel-Apart Sheet-Film (comes in various size for large format cameras) Prices vary from store to store, brand to brand, and specific film type to film type. Like I said, check Polaroid.com and B&H online and compare prices, B&H has much better prices

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  1. d when.
  2. how does the camera usually operate; what parts do what and go where. ready the camera taking off useless vintage roll-film parts. hack to pieces measure & cut the back. the pack back make the back fit. the ugly edge glue, cover, re-leather. the back side attaching the back; making a door. reset infinity setting the focus stop. completed admire.
  3. i 10/20 for the U.S. market. The mio product was discontinued after a few years. Polaroid retires Now that Polaroid stopped producing instant movies in 2008, the Instax system was the only integral instan
  4. How Polarized Lenses Work for You In addition to reducing glare, polarized lenses ease eye strain from long hours in the sun. And if you experience headaches due to light sensitivity, polarized lenses may help you experience fewer occurrences and less intense headaches
  5. All you have to do is lay it face-down on a flat surface out of the sun, or inside a flat coat pocket, and let it work its magic.Does Polaroid film work with Fujifilm Instax?The only kind of Polaroid film that works with Instax is the Polaroid 300 film
  6. ant market was in polarized sunglasses, an outgrowth of Land's self-guided research in polarization after leaving Harvard University at the age of 17 (he later.

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Go film. Iconic Polaroid square frames, but smaller. For the Polaroid Go camera. i‑Type film. For the Polaroid Now, Lab, and OneStep. 600 film. The Polaroid Originals app guides you through each step to make your one photograph a work of art. Relive it again and again Polaroid Service Center. 3. Do not disassemble the camera. To reduce the risk of an electronic shock, service or repair work must be done only by an authorized Polaroid Service Center. Incorrect reassembly can cause electrical shock when the camera is used again. Page 3: Table Of Content The Polaroid Type 600 cameras use film from the Impossible Project, which are more artistic in their renditions, while the Instax film the Mini uses is more photographic. Go to Flickr and do a search for Impossible Project and Fuji Instax Mini images, to see the difference in the quality of images

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On February 21, 1947, American inventor Edwin H. Land, founder of Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, demonstrated an instant camera and associated film, called the Land Camera, Polaroid originally manufactured sixty units of this first camera, named the Polaroid Land Camera Model 95. It produced prints in about 1 minute. Fifty-seven were offered for sale at the Jordan Marsh. Thin-film polarizers (for example, Polaroid film used for camera filters, sunglasses, etc) use aligned long-chain polymers decorated with iodine to absorb one component and transmit the other, similar to wire-grid polarizers used in infrared/THz/microwave applications This is the standard go-to size photoflyer for Polaroid pictures. The photoflyer is just large enough to cover the original instant photo, only difference, you now have the ability to communicate your message on both sides of the picture frame. works with: Polaroid i-Type film Before digital cameras, you needed instant film to get instant pictures. With instant-film photography, you can watch the image slowly come together in a matter of minutes. While it seems like magic, the process relies on elements of science This camera work best with the Color /B&W. 600 film from Polaroid, but many other stocks will be able to produce similar quality images. Along with the well-made, durable film itself, when you purchase Polaroid film, you are also receiving all of the chemicals needed to process your photo. However, rather than developing/processing the photo.

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1) The film is a completely different size, and will not fit into a Polaroid camera. 2) Instax cameras actually take batteries, Polaroid cameras had a battery integrated into the film pack. Without the integrated battery, the Polaroid camera will not function Integral Film Camera; This is perhaps the Polaroid that the majority of people are most familiar with. Instant photo development, the picture will appear from the camera within moments of being taken. 2. Does the Camera Work? So much of a Polaroid's appeal is the way it looks The Polaroid camera bypassed the entire process of film development, thus providing photographers an immediate look at their work. Released for sale in 1948, the first version was an instant. In theory, the Polaroids should have look similar to the digital shots. In practice, I usually had to adjust the strobes a fair bit. At $2 per photo for polaroid film, I wanted to use my regular camera to get the lights dialed in properly, rather than having to do all the experimentation when every exposure costs money The more you pay, the better they will be. If they do not polarise (for instance) red light very well then two such polarisers will always let through some red light, whatever orientation. Polaroid material consists of many small dipole elements, embedded in the plastic which are aligned in one particular direction

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In 2007, a Polaroid spin-off company called Zink unveiled its ink-free printing technology. Then the company teamed up with Polaroid to develop a pocket-sized printer that won't leak ink into your pants. Let's take a look at the PoGo instant mobile printer (the first device of its kind on the market) to get the idea of how the technology works Page 1 USER GUIDE Instant Print Digital Camera...; Page 2 ™ Via USB Cable Turning On Via SD Card Turning Off Taking Photos Battery & Charging Auto Sleep Hello and welcome to the Polaroid Snap ™ Printing Self-Timer Inserting Photo Paper Refilling Photo Paper Adding Effects Paper Do's & Don'ts...; Page 3: Components View What's in the Box Get to Know Your Polaroid Snap ™ Camera Strap 1 The Polaroid Sun 600 LMS can be identified by the labeling on the front face. Note: This troubleshooting guide covers the Polaroid Sun 600 LMS. Any other Polaroid Camera will be covered in a separate troubleshooting guide. The battery is either dead or there is no film pack in the camera. The film. She is also in a Polaroid photo, so we can assumed she also gets killed by the entity. 3. Tyler Killed fall to death Roland Joseph Sable/The entity No Later Mina mentioned 4. Avery Neck snapped Roland Joseph Sable/The entity Partially 5. Mina Hanged to death with wire Roland Joseph Sable/The entity No 6. Devin Stabbed to death with cla Some of the Polaroids, such as the Polaroid Land Camera SX-70, do include film, though, as well as the cameras carrying bag and strap. If the camera does not come with film, remember to pay attention to which kind of film your specific model requires, because not all Polaroid film type is compatible with every Polaroid Land camera

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The Polaroid 600 was the first camera I ever picked up, even before a digital camera (a surprising fact, considering that I'm quite young). Because of this I understood early on just how expensive film photography can be. I joined the film community around the time that Impossible Project was attempting to revive instant film The Polaroid 210 Automatic Land Camera was the lower end model of the 200 line. According to the Land List, a fine resource for Polaroid information So how does a roll film Polaroid work? We'll start from the inside and work our way out. First we see where the rolls of film go in. Unlike pack film, where the positive and negative are packed together, roll film has two separate rolls. The negative roll sits on the right spool and the print/developer roll sits in the left side The Polaroid Go will be out on April 27 for $100, with compatible 16-photo film packs that run $20 apiece. My dream is it will encourage people to go outside more as we open up and the pandemic. Instantly recognizable. Instantly reassuring. The Polaroid Classic Border and Polaroid Color Spectrum logos let you know you've purchased a product that exemplifies the best qualities of our brand and that contributes to our rich heritage of quality and innovation

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Polaroid Camera Film Instax On May 1st, 2021 , we found 0 deals for Polaroid Camera Film Instax from 0 stores. 2 of the products have an additional discount on top of the deal price Unlike the 2017 OneStep 2, which also doesn't have internal memory, the newer OneStep+ does offer advanced features that work with the official Polaroid Originals app for iOS and Android. One of those tools is the ability to scan your analog Polaroid shots for digital use

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