Can I use a regular RCA cable for digital coaxial audio connection

Theoretically there is nothing about any given RCA cable (no matter how its made) that is acceptable for a 75ohm connection. In practice, do whatever you want unless the wire run is more than about 10feet. Honeybadger dont care and neither does your digital signal You should use a 75-ohm cable for digital audio. A composite video cable should also work. However, over short runs, a normal audio cable will probably be ok. hmm.. well maybe I will get a coaxil cable thats specifically for digital audio Coaxial-digital specifies a 75 ohm coaxial cable. Translation: a Video cable (usually with yellow bands on the RCA plugs). Audio cables can be made with 50/75/110/300 ohm coax. And people have used audio cables by mistake and it appears to work Coaxial Connections. A digital coaxial connector looks like an RCA connector, but it transmits digital data instead of analog signals. The digital coaxial cable is thicker than a typical audio cable, however, because it uses the same type of shielded coaxial cable you use to connect your television to your cable box. Click to see full answe

One advantage of using digital coaxial cables over optical audio is that these cables are quite common. You are more likely to have a coaxial RCA cable to hand than an optical one. It is also likely to be more robust than the thin optical cable. Apart from that, the differences between the two methods are quite small But as others have noted here, a plain old 6 foot or less RCA audio cable will work fine in most applications. If not, you will hear clicks and pops. Digital audio does not degrade gradually like analog audio signals. For example a poor digital audio cable will not cause higher distortion or a higher noise floor So digital coax is SPECIAL. Regular RCA plugs mounted on audio coax is very often 50 Ohms or not specified at all in some cases. The 50 Ohm standard can handle a lot more power than 75 can In theory, digital coax is a 75ohm connector specified for digital interfaces while standard RCA cables are of undefined impedance. In practice, plain RCAs will work for short digital connections and, of course, digital cables will work for analog Yes, you can use it and no, the difference cannot be heard but it can be measured. The closest you can get with an RCA to what a digital COAX interface needs is a 75ohm cable like Belden 1694A combined with a Canare RCAP connector (http://www.canare.com/ProductItemDisplay.aspx?productItemID=40)

As long as the cable works well enough for the receiver to detect a 1 as a 1 and a 0 as a 0, you can use whatever you like, and a bog-standard giveaway analogue audio cable will do this perfectly well in most cases RCA cables are just the variety of baccy utilized on the end (commonly known as a phono plug) and analogue video, component video, stereo audio, subwoofer and coaxial digital cables are all same

Can any RCA cable be used as a digital coax or does it

  1. You may pay $10 or more for a six-foot digital coaxial cable, as compared to a buck or two for an RCA cable of similar length. Because of the cost, you might be tempted to use a standard analog RCA audio cable to make a digital connection. Not a good idea
  2. Coaxial still provides a multitude of advantages in cost, range, and shielding for RF installations to continue using it. Summary: 1.RCA is the connector standard while coaxial is the type of cable 2.RCA uses coaxial cables 3.Coaxial cables have other uses aside from RCA 4.RCA is already obsolete while coaxial is still commonly use
  3. You cannot use an RCA cable for an S/PDIF connection. They look very similar, though they are not the same by any means. S/PDIF uses a stereo digital connection while RCA uses an analog mono connection. What Type of output does an S/PDIF port provide
  4. RCA cables are coaxial (i.e., single, usually multistrand, center conductor with an outer braided screen), so yes. If you're asking whether they can pass digital audio (e.g., SPDIF), it depends on the cable since they are usually designed for anal..
  5. Digital coaxial cables have RCA connectors by the way. However, they shouldn't be confused with RCA cables on the old analog RCA format because that format has the aforementioned degradation problems when listening to digital recordings that you won't hear when using either optical or digital cables

Dear friends, I would like to know the difference between a digital coaxial cable and a regular interconnect terminated with RCA connectors. Physically and aesthetically the two cables are the same (of course the analog one comes in pairs for stereo while the digital doesn't need that since it passes 0s and 1s) The term RCA comes from the name of the developer, Radio Corporation of America, and is used to identify any coaxial cable with RCA push-in connectors. A subwoofer identifies a cable that connects an audio amplifier to a speaker and reproduces low-frequency sound signals You can use any analog (RCA or XLR) cable in the place of any digital (RCA or XLR) cable and vice versa. Digital cables are usually just one cable, so you would need two of them for an analog connection. XLR connectors would need to be the correct pinout, (most are the same). I have done this many times Optical cables tend to be more fragile than their coax counterparts; optical cables can't be pinched or bent tightly, for example. The ends of an optical cable use an odd-shaped connector that must be inserted correctly, and the connection is usually not as tight or secure as a coaxial cable's RCA jack

EASY QUESTION:Can I use a regular old RCA cable as my

I've used the same coaxial digital cable for composite video, coaxial digital audio and as a subwoofer cable, so I know this to be true. TVs generally do not have coaxial digital outputs, so using a coaxial digital cable from an analog output will not change it to a digital signal as MDS said Digital to Analog Audio Converter-192kHz Techole Aluminum Optical to RCA with Optical &Coaxial Cable. Digital SPDIF TOSLINK to Stereo L/R and 3.5mm Jack DAC Converter for PS4 Xbox HDTV DVD Headphone 4.4 out of 5 stars 7,56 Since coax cable is used, Coaxial Digital Audio cables feel and look more substantial than RCA cables, plus the connector is frequently plated with a fine metal to improve the connection. Optical Digital Cables use fiber optics to transmit digital audio signals as pulses of light Complete answer to this is here.Similarly one may ask, is digital coaxial better than optical? But don't be tempted to try and use a standard RCA phono cable in place of a dedicated coaxial digital cable. And, in our experience, compared to optical, a coaxial connection does tend to sound better.That's because it has greater bandwidth available, meaning it can support higher quality audio up.

A digital coax cable is a type of cable that can transmit pretty much any digital or electrical signal, but are most commonly used for transmitting audio and video signals. A digital coaxial interconnector is similar to that of an RCA cable, but the digital cable carries and electrical instead of an analog signal Stereo/home theater cable question(s): Can you use a regular RCA cable as a Coaxial digital interconnect for digital audio from, say, a DVD player to a receiver? The plug seems the same size, but don't know if it carries the same signal. Similar question: can you use a standard AUDIO RCA cable (red or white) to carry a standard VIDEO RCA. Hello, Can I use Bluerigger Subwoofer Audio RCA cable as a digital coaxial audio cable to connect my LCD tv to Sony HT-M55 (Mu-te-ki) home theatre system to get 5.1 channel audio. Here's the link to the cable.. Coaxial digital connection But don't be tempted to try and use a standard RCA phono cable in place of a dedicated coaxial digital cable. They look similar and can work, but an analogue interconnect has different impedance values from a digital one (50 ohm versus 75 ohm), so won't work as well Large selection of coaxial digital audio cables and accessories. A digital coaxial cable can be used for digital audio transmission between a Media Player, settop box, DVD or CD player to an amplifier or soundbar. Unbalanced digital audio cables are either equiped with RCA- eller 3.5 mm. Jack connector

Quick question? Can you use any rca cable for digital coax

But don't be tempted to try and use a standard RCA phono cable in place of a dedicated coaxial digital cable. They look similar and can work, but an analogue interconnect has different impedance values from a digital one (50 ohm versus 75 ohm), so won't work as well. An entry-level cable like the QED Performance Coaxial will do a fine job. Using regular fiberoptic lines (glass based) you will be able to go hundreds of meters for a digital audio connection due to very small signal attenuation per unit length. More specific to your situation, I believe a digital coaxial connection is also only spec'd to 10m, but I'd imagine it would go much farther than the optical Toslink link There really isn't any difference from a performance perspective. I prefer coax for cost and reliability reasons. Fiber has the theoretical advantage over extremely long distances because it is inherently immune to noise, however getting good fiber that long can be pricey. And SPDIF is a rather low-bandwidth digital signal, and any decent 75ohm coax should be plenty good for that up to really. >Can you use a 'regular' left or right composite cable to make a coaxial >connection or do you have to get an actual coaxial cable? I wasn't >sure if the coaxial cable was wired or made differently inside then the >audio composite cables were. You should use a 75 ohm coaxial cable, that is designed to have a constant impedance. Any video cable. No. You must have a very specific SPDIF digital cable. While a SPDIF coaxial connection looks like an RCA analog type connection, it is not the same. SPDIF is a stereo digital connection. RCA is a mono analog connection

assuming that: the connection type is RCA and the cable type is coax. there is no inherent difference. however, 75ohm impedance is recommended on the cable. if you get an rg56 cable, slap on RCA plugs and do a decent job, you have yourself a cable capable of the digital transmission Yes, the S/PDIF standard can also be used with TOSLink optical audio technology. In the digital coaxial cable, the S/PDIF connection is made using an RCA connector. Problems with Digital Coaxial Cables. There are several problems that can come up when using a coaxial system

To get 5.1 digital sound use the toslink optical port directly above the s-video plug and set audio to rf. There is a coaxial digital connection that looks like a regular rca but my r15 doesn't have it. The HR20-700 doesn't have it either but the HR20-100 does. Both digital audio connections are a 1 cable connection well the coaxial cable would be the best for digital sound, but wou could use a rca cable. make sure if it's a 2.1 or 5.1 channel system as an rca may not give you surround sound as a digital coxial may give and the rca should be OF meaning oxygen free for a better quality If you set it up this way, only the Roku media will be playing through the Streambar. If you also have a cable tv box inputting to the tv, that media has no path to the stream bar and will not use the stream bar. I believe there are coaxial to optical converters but I have zero experience with those and cannot comment if that will work

you can use a standard RCA cable, but a subwoofer cable is suggested as it has more shield in it and provides more clarity and resolution. a subwoofer cable comes with a standard RCA connector but is thicker than the standard RCA cable RCA is just the type of plug used on the end (more commonly known as a phono plug) and analogue video, component video, stereo audio, subwoofer and coaxial digital cables are all (usually) RCA > RCA type cables. The type of construction used for an RCA > RCA cable can largely depend on th 75-ohm coaxial cable. 75-ohm coaxial cable is used for high-speed data and audio/video signal transmission. The most widely used type is called RG-6. Common uses for coax cable include TV antennas, cable boxes, modems, and satellite receivers. Bulk coax cable can be terminated with RCA, F-type, or BNC connections using a compression tool

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s there any difference between a regular RCA connection audio cable (like the stereo red/white ones) and the ones you use for digital coaxial audio connections? Yes. Video cables and coaxial-digital cables must be made with 75 ohm coax. Audio RCA cables can be made with any of the popular coax like 50, 75, 110, 300 I've read that one can make RCA Cable out of RG6 cable. I was able to get a box of 500ft (2 coax + 1 ground line) RG6 cable for free, and would like to run audio cable throughout my apartment and hook up some (around 10) RCA speakers around my apartment. Would RG6 cable be the best bet, or could someone recommend a better way to do this? I'm familiar with making my own Cat5E and coax cable, so. Generally, thicker than regular RCA cables, digital coaxial cables are made of shielded single copper wires, which are similar to the ones that you use to connect your television sets to the cable box. These cables theoretically assure superior sounds and great bandwidth. Digital coaxial cables only transmit audio signals. Optical Cables The connection is slightly loose when compared to coaxial cable; Using long cables may not be a good idea because crimps become a real problem; Digital Audio Coaxial Cable. Also known as coax, the digital audio coaxial cable uses shielded copper wire. The functioning, in this case, is simple: Both the coaxial ends have RCA jacks. Thus, they are.

Coaxial Digital Audio: Do You Need This Cable & Connection

There are cables with RCA (otherwise known as phono) plugs. Common variants have either coax or shielded cable in between. Coax won't do a darn bit better than good shielded single audio cable for a subwoofer. FWIW some of the folks that frequent these forums might consider the single audio cable normal and the stero cable new fashioned Another thing that differentiates Coaxial digital from a traditional RCA cable that you use with television sets is its cost. Since these wires use thicker insulation and shielding, they tend to be a bit more expensive. They can cost more than $10 for a size cable for which you would probably pay less than $5 in case of an RCA cable

I know that a XLR microphone cable lacks the proper impedance for digital use. AES when balanced is 110ohms as I understand it. I believe with my new DAC I would be using a cable in unbalanced mode at 75ohms. I guess I need to verify this with Audio Mirror. If one has an 75ohm RCA cable can one fit a male RCA to male XLR adapter for my needs Yes, most of the time. Analog composite video fundamentally contains two different signals added together: a higher-resolution luminance (B&W) signal and low-resolution colour. Because they are mixed, there is some inherent ambiguity about signals.. The digital audio bit stream is transmitted using pulses of light through this optical cable. A Digital Coaxial connection uses a cable that has RCA-type connectors. This digital coaxial cable is different from the standard RCA cable in that it is designed to handle the wider frequency bandwidth of the digital audio bit stream Experience superb sonic clarity, accurate musical reproduction, and premium cable construction with the Monolith™ Digital Coax Cable from Monoprice. Advanced cable construc Monolith by Monoprice Digital Audio Coaxial Cable, 1m - Monoprice.co Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at AskSandV@gmail.com Q I have a new Sony UBP-X1100ES Ultra HD Blu-ray player and Denon receiver. I know I can use a coaxial digital connection between the player and receiver for playback of regular CDs. Can I use the same connection to pass high-res audio formats like SACD and DVD-Audio to the receiver, or do I need an HDMI cable for that

Step 4 Using Your. The digital coaxial cable is thicker than a typical audio cable, however, because it uses the same type of shielded coaxial cable you use to connect your television to your cable box. Visibly, a digital coaxial cable looks like a coaxial cable with RCA connectors on each end (see Figure 1). Figure 1 Digital coaxial cables Optical Connections. The other primary type of digital audio connection is the optical connection. Unlike the digital coaxial connection, which transmits the digital signal electrically through copper wire, the digital optical connection (also called a S/PDIF connection, for Sony/Philips Digital Interface) transmits the digital signal across a fiber optic cable (see Figure 2) However, if you are connecting a CD player, then yes, the RCA cable will suffice. Still, even in this case a digital connection would be a wise choice. In order to take advantage of the (presumably) multi-channel digital source material you cannot use simple RCA audio interconnects. Component cables are for video only, they do not carry audio. Coaxial Digital Audio Cable, RCA Male to Male HiFi 5.1 SPDIF Stereo Coaxial Audio Cable for Subwoofer, Home Theater, HDTV, Amplifier Speaker Soundbar-VIOY. 4.4 out of 5 stars 34. $9.99 $ 9. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, May 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon There are sometimes connections to speakers located outside on a patio as well. All of these can act as a large antenna. The audio coax connection provides a metallic link to the HR20. However, the optical audio (officially called TOSLINK) has one advantage. By using it, the connection between the HR20/21 and the amplifier are electronically.

Any equipment using RCA connectors for a digital cable should be modified by installing 75 ohm connectors, such as the type F used for TV cable connections. TV cables normally use 75 ohm RG-6 cable, so these can be used as digital cables once the type F connector has replaced the RCA connectors on the equipment at both ends Audio Orange coaxial audio to RCA red and white you'll need something to convert that digital signal to an analog one if you plan to use red/white. The digital coax signal is a vastly superior. Convert Home Audio Devices With a Coaxial to RCA Cable. Its not too late to use your analogue devices. Just find a coaxial to RCA cable that helps you connect to your digital home theatre systems. Browse available analogue to digital converters on eBay, and upgrade your entire sound experience in as little time as a few minutes This Digital Coax Cable is made from premium quality RG59U coaxial cable with double shielding to prevent signal degradation caused by EMI and RFI interference. The conductor is made of 99.999% pure

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Hi, The coaxial digital audio, sends compressed 5.1 digital audio, uncompressed stereo audio. I suspect the problem is the unit you are connecting the audio output to, is not decoding the compressed audio. Many TVs have a capability to set the audio output to PCM, which is stereo digital audio. It does not appear your TV has that capability Well, if you remember, then that cables are technically called RCA cable. Apart from CDs or VCRs, there are thousands of other applications of it as long as a safe connection between an input and output set is required. In here, we will be talking about speaker wires and how to convert bare wires into RCA cables. Keep reading

For various reasons I've decided to test digital cables using both standards: RCA at the DAC's end and BNC at transport's side. The cables I've tested, indeed, are the very same, independently from the connector which has been used. So, perhaps, an RCA-RCA cable sounds worse than the same cable with BNC's at both ends A balun can be used to extend composite RCA using ethernet, but it only works for the audio (red and white) cables. It is unavailable for the video (yellow) cable. Component RCA - 100 feet. Component RCA (usually just called component) is the type of RCA with five cables: red & white for audio and red, blue, and green for video

RCA and LFE cables are one in the same. Some use Coax design for the benefits of long run shielding. Some use Twisted pair for this very same reason. RCA design cables can be Pairs or Coax design. For Video it's always 75ohm Coax design in RG59sd or RG6. For audio you will see more Twisted pair or Pair design cable A popular standard for the transmission of digital audio between audio devices has been the AES3 standard (also known as S/PDIF). The standard sends stereo PCM audio and of often found in consumer electronics. The standard specifies multiple interconnection types with RCA coaxial cables and optical TOSLINK being two most popular If your unit lacks the RCA audio output, you can use this digital optic connection instead. Check if your TV can use this connection. Locate a port labeled optical out or TOSLINK out. Confirm if your soundbar can also support an optical connection. Look for a port labeled optical in or TOSLINK in. Get an optical cable.

Is a Digital Coaxial Cable the same as an RCA Interconnect

For digital audio, as long as a connection is successfully made using the cables the sound will remain faithful to the original signal because a digital signal can only be fully received or not received at all. Cables should meet the S/PDIF specification as defined by the international standard IEC 60958-3 for assured performance Shop online for digital audio cables and connectors from the top brands at Best Buy. Find an optical or RCA audio cable to deliver amazing home theater sound. Skip 6' Digital Coaxial Audio Cable - Black. Model: NS-HZ5192. SKU: 6412632. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 50 reviews These better DIY RCA interconnects are unbalanced and made using shielded instrument cable and high quality RCA plugs. This is a fairly easy DIY cable project and one stereo pair of DIY interconnects can be put together in about one hour. You will not need any fancy materials or special tools to build this cable. Just some meters of good. Optical is a digital signal and besides being able to carry multiple channel surround, it is far superior to RCA connections, which are 2-channel analog. The Connect can only output stereo. Using digital will use the DAC in the amp, using analog will use the DAC in the Connect. I very much doubt you will hear any difference

Dedicated digital COAX cable vs

The most straightforward and easiest way to convert a coax cable to adapt to an RCA audio/visual component is by using a VCR. Most VCRs after the early 1980s will have the capability to connect to both coaxial cables and RCA cables. If you don't have a VCR you can acquire one pretty easily and cheaply at your local thrift store, pawnshop, or. See image below. On the Input side it has a Toslink digital audio connector with a hinged door. This connector is square in shape with two beveled corners. The other connector is used if you're using the digital coax cable with a round RCA connector. The Output side has two RCA audio jacks and a plug for the AC power cord. Optical Toslink. Maybe you want to connect an optical-audio-only TV to a soundbar that does not have an optical input or the other way around. Either way, we have some fixes you can try out. Keep in mind, another term for optical cable is TOSLINK digital audio. There are two cables you might confuse with optical cable; TOSLINK and Coaxial I have a digital cable box with Coax Out and a DVD with Optical out and I had the same problem with some channels not getting sound. The fix is easier than assigning different video modes to watch different channels. From the cable box, make sure to connect BOTH the Coax and the regular RCA cables for sound

In a plethora of scenarios, if you intended to send multichannel audio to an amplifier or AV receiver, you would make use of a digital audio connection like an optical digital audio, HDMI connector, or coaxial digital audio. However, the case may be that your Blu-ray or DVD Player or your amp is not equipped with any connections for digital audio I would not call optical audio cables as having higher quality, on the contrary, due to jitter issues on optical, many audiophiles claim that digital coax is far better then optical, although to agree that both are the same would be a good call Note-2: If you are using an older television set or device which only has the coaxial input resource for the audio and the cable input is in the form of RCA, then don't worry. You can use the RCA to coax adapter which will change the input type of the signal from your RCA cable box to the coaxial television set No-Compromise Coax Cable with 6% Silver Plated Cardas Copper Conductor and Premium Prime 750 RCAs. Pangea Audio's Premier XL coaxial digital cable takes a no-compromise approach to digital audio, featuring precision-wound 18-gauge conductors using a Cardas Grade One Copper signal conductor with a 6% silver coating Okay, this was revealing (the part where the coax output is only audio was particularly helpful . . . ). I'm still a little hazy on the connections, although I understand that I want to run RCA-type connectors from the DVD player through the cable converter box, so that I output analog signal to the TV

Might be a stupid question but digital coax vs rca

Digital Coaxial cable? Can I just use a standard phono

How To Use Digital Coax Cable For Subwoofer KeepTheTec

With the release of the Chord Electronics Blu Mk.2 and recently announced Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler, I've gotten many inquiries about the best digital BNC cables to use.These digital products still sound great with stock cables but, as you'll see, there are huge gains with a better digital cable. With a more affordable M Scaler on the horizon, I hope this survey will help those. Digital audio cables (or, as they're often called, SPDIF cables) provide a handy way to route multi-channel audio from one device to another with minimal to no signal loss. The specs for a coaxial digital audio cable are the same as for a typical video cable: 75 ohm impedance, coaxial construction The TAISHAN-D03K from FiiO is a simple device that converts coaxial or optical S/PDIF digital audio into a stereo analog output, perfect for multimedia components such as TVs or CD/DVD/Blu-ray players that do not feature analog output. Dual RCA phono outputs can be connected to an amplifier, while a 3.5mm mini stereo output can be used to supply signal to a WLAN wireless headphone system

Coaxial Connections How Digital Audio Connections Work

You can connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, or use a 3.5 mm AUX cable, RCA cables, or even an auxiliary device that converts coaxial cable to another kind of connection. Sometimes it may take a little creativity, but there is almost always a way to connect your TV to your soundbar without HDMI or optical Optical cables can carry multiple channels of digital audio through a single cable by transferring information using a series of light flashes. Digital connections are occasionally found on some audio interfaces, and notably on newer Pioneer CDJs and some high-end club mixers Digital Audio Coaxial Cable with RCA type plugs on each end. Application: Plug-and-play, high definition audio connection for all brands with RCA-type coax digital audio jack-typically orange coaxial jack. Instructions: This digital audio cable has simple, convenient push-on RCA-type connections. Ready to use. No tools required My iPhone (primary source) will reside on the Coax connection and my Mac (primary source) will use the USB connection. The Toslink which I'm using here is all off-the-shelf standard plastic/MM Toslink. I haven't noticed any sound quality difference whether the Toslink is very thin or thicker or has more or less expensive looking connects

Difference Between RCA and Coaxial Difference Betwee

Converts coaxial or toslink digital audio signals to analog L/R audio andconnects to and external device such as an amplifier via standard RCA jacks. Supports uncompressed 2-channel LPCM digital audio signal output. Supports sampling rate at 32 , 44.1 , 48 , and 96KHz. 24-bit S/PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels This male-to-male coaxial cable for a subwoofer is also a good pick if you want a durable cable for your audio system. The cable comes in at 10ft long, which is a great length for a digital coaxial cable. You can use the cable on any audio system that comes with a digital coaxial audio port The Coax: Belden 1694A. Our favorite cable for digital audio use (many others are available; see below) is Belden 1694A Brilliance precision digital video coaxial cable, a 75 ohm coax engineered for low signal loss over long runs.These cables are exceptionally well shielded to keep outside electromagnetic interference from entering and polluting the signal; the shielding consists of three.

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